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Chapter 1077 - Great Hand of Formlessness!

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Chapter 1077 Great Hand of Formlessness!

“If the people of the Truth Division had told this news earlier, wouldn’t we have worked together to block John Doe when we fought for the holy fruit?”

“The Truth Division is so stupid.”

“When they had a chance, they didn’t say it. Now that the chance has been lost, what’s the use of saying it?”

In Zhongdong, all the forces that came here were madly complaining.

In their opinion, this was totally Truth Division’s fault, but they couldn’t do anything about it. After all, they did it for their own interests. There was no problem with Truth Division’s action.

There was nothing they could do.

They could only look around for John Doe.

Without a doubt, John Doe had become a hotcake in Zhongdong.

If they found John Doe, not only would they be able to get the bounty given by the two forces, but they would also have a chance to take back the holy fruit from John Doe. They might even be able to get the plutonium material map.

At present, the most precious things in the entire Zhongdong were both in John Doe’s hands, which was really enviable.

The underground forces all over the world were talking about it.

All the underground forces in Zhongdong were searching for John Doe.

Suddenly, a small team of the Truth Division came to the border of Zhongdong, in a jungle.

The body of the L’hexagone Special Envoy Abel, who was buried here by Fang Qiu, was dug out by a small team from the Truth Division.

“Why is it so dry?”

Walking in the ruins tunnel in Zhongdong, Fang Qiu could clearly feel that the whole underground pa.s.sage was particularly dry. There was no moisture at all.

Logically speaking, there should be some undercurrents in this kind of underground s.p.a.ce that was developed in the middle of the mountain, causing the air in the underground tunnel to become moist.

After all, this was a mountain.

Even if there was a barren relic on the top of the mountain, there were a lot of flowers, plants, and trees on both sides of the relic.

If there was no water in the mountain, how could these flowers and trees survive?

Full of curiosity, Fang Qiu walked all the way forward quickly.

“Wu, wu...”

While walking, Fang Qiu suddenly heard a low howl in his ears.


Slightly stunned, Fang Qiu murmured, “That is to say, this tunnel leads directly to another exit instead of an underground s.p.a.ce or a secret chamber?”

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu immediately sped up and flew quickly in the pa.s.sage.

“This tunnel is really long!”

Ten minutes later, Fang Qiu slowed down his speed. After ten whole minutes, if he were outside, he could fly hundreds of kilometers, but in this tunnel, Fang Qiu always felt that he seemed to be constantly changing directions.

Originally, he could remember the terrain outside very clearly, but the continuous turns had made him dizzy, so he didn’t know where he was at all.

Fortunately, the sound of the wind was getting louder and louder.

The exit of the pa.s.sageway was clearly just up ahead!

As expected, as soon as he slowed down, Fang Qiu saw the light in the distance ahead.

He walked forward quickly.

After walking about a hundred meters, Fang Qiu finally saw the exit.

It was a very large cave.

Of course, the pa.s.sage where Fang Qiu was in was not large, and the cave connected to the exit of the pa.s.sage was really large.

“Is this deep in the mountain?”

Walking out of the tunnel and coming to the cave that was connected to the tunnel, Fang Qiu looked around and found that the cave was completely natural. There were no birds, beasts, or insects in it. The ground was full of pebbles.

These pebbles looked like they had been washed clean, which proved that there must have been a current of water flowing through the cave.

The entrance to the cave was very large and also very round.

There were clear traces of being washed by the current.

He flew to the entrance of the cave.

Looking out, Fang Qiu found that there was a huge gully of the mountain. Just like the cave, at the bottom of this very wide gully, there were also many pebbles of different sizes, just like a riverbed!

He looked up again.

On all four sides were mountain peaks that were over a hundred meters tall. In the distance were continuous and lush mountain ranges.

“It seems that I really came to the depths of a mountain in Zhongdong.”

Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile.

He had thought that there would be some secrets hidden under this tunnel, but he did not expect it to be just a secret pa.s.sage to the depths of the mountain.

“However, this tunnel does not seem to be prepared for escape. If it was prepared for escape, it would definitely not be so winding. Moreover, the s.p.a.ce in the tunnel is not very large.

“If it is not for escape, what is the point of this tunnel’s existence?”

With a stir of his mind, Fang Qiu began to look around the cave and began to search.


Soon, Fang Qiu suddenly stopped in his tracks.

In the cave, on the only rock wall that could reflect the light, Fang Qiu found a few rusted words.

Because it had been too long, these characters were like rusty iron, difficult to be distinguished.

“Is this an ancient Huaxia language?”

He wiped the things on the rock wall with his hand. Then, he clearly saw that the characters on the rock wall were ancient Huaxia characters.

Although the handwriting was a little worn, it could still be seen clearly.

“Everything is tangible, and Qi is intangible!”

Seeing the first sentence, Fang Qiu was stunned.

He vaguely remembered seeing similar words from somewhere. After thinking about it for a long moment, he realized that back in the cave where he acquired the Great Hand of Destruction, he had also heard similar words.

While he was thinking of this, the memory in Fang Qiu’s head was immediately refreshed.

He could still clearly remember what was written on the wall of the cave in Mount Taishan: Tao!

The Grand Tao was shapeless, emotionless, and nameless!

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It was in that record that Fang Qiu learned the Great Hand of Destruction.

This Great Hand of Formlessness sought to transform into nothing!

That meant the two were completely different.

Filled with excitement, Fang Qiu continued to read the few words. As he read, he was completely immersed in it.

He didn’t hesitate.

While watching, Fang Qiu immediately began to learn.

Soon, Fang Qiu unconsciously closed his eyes and immersed himself in cultivation.

The words he saw lingered in his mind over and over again, constantly breaking down, dispersing, and gathering together again, as if they were expressing something vaguely.

Just like this, time ticked by.

Immersed in it, Fang Qiu completely forgot everything outside.


After an unknown period of time, all of a sudden, Fang Qiu sitting cross-legged on the pebbles moved and directly flew up.

“Sure enough.

“Great Hand of Formlessness!”

He lifted his right hand and flew straight out of the cave. Under the suns.h.i.+ne, Fang Qiu’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly.


His palm moved.

A low buzzing sound immediately came to Fang Qiu’s ears.

“Great Hand of Formlessness, what a nice move!”

Seeing the current situation, Fang Qiu couldn’t help exclaiming.

While controlling it, he could clearly feel that the Great Hand of Formlessness could instantly gather a large amount of Qi of Heaven and Earth within a 500-meter radius. Moreover, under his control, the land of heaven and earth within this 500-meter radius could easily become violent.

If he wanted to, he could hit the violent Qi of Heaven and Earth out in an instant and directly on the opponent.

Not only could this move cause great harm to the enemy, but it also had a very strange and powerful effect that even Fang Qiu himself was amazed at.

That was, it could directly disperse more than half of the internal Qi of the victim.

To put it simply, this move could not only hurt the enemy but also consume the enemy’s energy!

“This move is too vicious.

“Even a guru would not be able to stand such a blow!”

Fang Qiu sighed with emotion.

Thinking about it carefully, he found that if a guru at his peak was directly left with only half of his internal Qi after a palm, then how could he still fight?

Clenching his fist, Fang Qiu immediately stopped the Great Hand of Formlessness that he had just learned.

Then he immediately closed his eyes.

“Now that I’ve comprehended dispersing, can I take this opportunity to disperse the Divine Consciousness that I haven’t improved for a long time out faster and wider than before?”

While thinking, Fang Qiu began to try.

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