Medical Sovereign

Chun Hei Se Ji Dian, 纯黑色祭奠

Chapter 324 - Shennong Nine-Dragon Cauldron

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Chapter 324 Shennong Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Cold sweat broke out on Ding Ning’s forehead as he stared dumbfounded at the mermaid tattoo on his arm. Only now did he believe Xuan Ji’s words. Each totem contained great powers. If not for the demon-sealing chain, the Tianshui totem would probably have killed Xuan Ji long ago.

But, what was he to do now that she had eaten Xuan Ji’s bones? He could not accept this.

But when he immersed his spiritual strength into the tattoo, he found that the mermaid was in a strange bubble-shaped space, carefully putting the ice coffin to the side. Seeing this, understanding appeared on his face.

Was this Tianshui totem’s mustard space? A sliver of delight rose in Ding Ning’s heart.

He wondered silently to himself whether he would be able to use the mermaid’s mustard space. If he could, he wondered if he could place Luoxue and the Air Force Wings into it. After all, who knew what dangers they would face in Wu Shen Palace? He would not rest easy bringing them with him.

The mermaid seemed to sense his thoughts as she appeared again and swallowed up Luoxue and the Air Force Wings.

With his earlier experience, Ding Ning did not panic this time. Using his spiritual strength, he carefully observed everything that happened within the tattoo. He saw that all of Luoxue’s signs of life remained normal, no different to when she was in the outside world. Seeing this, he finally felt at ease.

Abruptly, wild joy rose in his heart. He was now someone with portable space. Even though the space did not seem very big, he was very satisfied.

Furthermore, the mermaid could communicate with him using spiritual strength before but for some reason, she was no longer able to communicate directly with him. She could only act on his thoughts. This confused him greatly.

Was it because the demon-sealing chains had not been removed? Ding Ning’s focus landed on the demon-sealing chain on the mermaid’s tail and a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

However, the Tianshui totem was extraordinary. Presumably, the other eight totems would also not disappoint him. This filled his heart with eager anticipation.

Ding Ning let his imagination roam as he envisioned the future. Ding Ning took a step forward, now that he had nothing more to worry about, it was time to open the first level of Wu Shen Palace.

Following the ancient passageway all the way to the end, two enormous and closed bronze doors appeared in front of his eyes. They were over thirty meters tall and emanated a mottled atmosphere that reflected its age.

Ding Ning was as small as an ant in front of a dragon as he stood in front of the bronze doors. The sight of them struck him speechless. Putting aside the historical value of these bronze doors, just the price they would fetch if sold as scrap metal would bring fortune to a family.

To the left and right of the bronze doors, there were four rows of bronze raised bumps. Each raised bump had a strangely shaped image on it.

In the middle, where the doors join, there was also a large yellow bronze bump. On the bump, there was a constantly changing indented image. Above the indent, there was also a small human-shaped indent.

Ding Ning was clever and immediately understood that the two indentations were to verify the totem and stone man. He immediately took down the stone man and placed it in the small indentation. As expected, it fitted perfectly.

At the same time, he raised his left arm and aimed the mermaid tattoo at the slightly larger indentation. The indentation suddenly emanated a sea-blue light that enveloped Ding Ning.

Ding Ning felt a sudden pain in his heart and a drop of essential blood abruptly flew out of his chest. It hovered in mid-air and quickly dissolved into the sea-blue light.


The entire secret space seemed to tremble and the two large bronze doors slowly opened.

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Ding Ning squinted as he looked in. He discovered that all he could see was a sea-blue light in front of his eyes. Although it was not piercing, he could not see anything else.

As the doors opened, Ding Ning suddenly felt another sense of weightlessness. When his feet landed on solid ground again, he realized that he stood in the center of a majestic bronze hall.

All of the items in the hall were made of bronze and all around him was an atmosphere that made his entire body feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ding Ning took a deep and satisfying breath. He wondered to himself if this was the spiritual aura he heard of in legends.

When he calmed his mind and took in the situation in the hall, his pupils immediately contracted and his heart leaped wildly.

Eighteen strangely-shaped stone statues lined either side of the hall. They stood unmoving but their eyes were fixed on him.

Ding Ning felt his scalp itch and he cried bitterly in his heart. The one stone statue earlier had almost killed him. Now there were eighteen, and he was going to be ground into dust.

But since he was already here, he could only pray that these statues were not like the one previously and were not as capable in attacking.

He took a careful step forward and saw that the stone statues did not have any reaction, only then did he feel slightly more at ease. His gaze landed on a bronze cauldron guarded by the eighteen stone statues.

The bronze cauldron was in an old-style. Inky black, supported on three feet, with two handles rising from the mouth. All kinds of strange and mysterious creatures were carved onto the inky blackness of the cauldron’s walls. There were strange three-legged birds, ancient and ferocious vines wrapped around it, and mystical flowers blossoming strangely. The little cauldron was full of complicated images, all-inclusive, and endless. It carried the meaning of growing and multiplying without end.

Ding Ning’s eyes brightened, all of his attention was caught by the bronze cauldron. What drew his attention the most was the nine ferocious dragon heads rising out of the mouth of the cauldron. The dragons’ open mouths all faced the cauldron stove as if prepared to light the fire at any moment.

Shennong Nine-Dragon Cauldron. Ding Ning trembled all over. Even in his wildest dreams, he had not thought to see Shennong Nine-Dragon Cauldron here.

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In the “Compendium of Vegetation”, it was recorded that before Shennong became a god, he used Donghai bronze as the material, took the essence of the sun and moon as spirit, gathered the spiritual aura between heaven and earth as fuel, and refined the Dan of nine dragons as essence, and used a hundred years to create the first prototype of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron.


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