Medical Princess

Lian Shuang, 帘霜

Chapter 661 - Get Away

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Chapter 661 Get Away

“Miss, aren’t… we going back?” Yujie asked. In fact, Yujie and Shao Wanru didn’t go away but hid in the depths of the plum blossom forest. The thing happened in a flash and was so shocking that even Yujie, who had always been bold, hadn’t completely come to herself at this moment!

After the First Miss suddenly fell into the water, it was Commandery Prince Qing, the most useless prince, who saved her instead of Prince Yue or Prince Zhou. Although she knew that her master must have another plan when she got her master’s wet handkerchief, she did not expect that such an explosive thing would happen after her master left.

Who was Shao Yanru? The most favored lineal eldest daughter of Duke Xing’s Mansion prepared for the royal family or exactly prepared for the position of the “Empress”. In the current situation, her reputation was ruined. An exceedingly beautiful appearance was not a necessity for the future “Empress”, but a flawless reputation was.

Besides the Empress, a flawless reputation was also a necessity for the wife of any prince. Now if Shao Yanru could not marry Commandery Prince Qing, she could only spend the rest of her life in a Buddhist temple!

How could the ambitious Shao Yanru give in to it? She would go crazy! So She would never accept this result!

Shao Wanru looked at the lake opposite calmly and coldly. The plum blossom forest hid her figure, but she could clearly see the waterside pavilion in the lake. She asked, “Yujie, are you afraid?”

“Miss… I am not afraid of the First Miss, but I am afraid that if the First Miss finds out anything, she will hurt you at any cost!” Yujie said subconsciously.

She was really worried that Shao Yanru would take revenge on her master like crazy.

In Duke Xing’s Mansion, Shao Yanru was the only Miss they treasured like a pearl, as well as the hope of the entire Duke Xing’s Mansion. If Shao Yanru retaliated against her master like crazy, who could protect her master?

Shao Wanru’s voice was very soft and calm. She slightly raised her clear watery eyes, revealing a trace of the charm she had always hidden.

She had always been indifferent to people and things, and her indifference made her less charming and conspicuous. What had happened in the last life in her dream told her that if she appeared to be delicate, she would be conspicuously charming, which would result in criticism.

In this case, she would rather keep others thousands of miles away by acting indifferently.

Common people preferred delicate and graceful ladies and were more tolerant to them because they thought that this kind of ladies gentle and dignified enough to be the model of all ladies. Meanwhile, they more or less thought that charming ladies were not fair ladies and deserved to be despised.

However, she was this kind of charming lady despised by others. In the last life, she was kicked out of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Chambers after Wen Xichi’s death because her lips were too bright. Although she was mentally and physically exhausted in the mourning hall, she still looked more charming and delicate than ordinary ladies.

But it became the fabricated excuse the Wen’s Mansion used to kick her out.

“Even if I do nothing, Shao Yanru will still deal with me like crazy for the rest of her life!” Shao Wanru said indifferently with a trace of calmness in her low voice as if she were talking about someone else’s business.

In this life, she was clear-minded and cruel. She would not allow anyone to use her as a stepping stone to achieving high ambitions.

She had to defeat Shao Yanru. Since Shao Wanru knew that she was the daughter of the former Heir of Duke Xing, Shao Yanru and Madam of Duke Xing had never left her any chance to survive. They would not stop hurting her until she lost all standing and reputation and remained infamous after her death as they had done in the last life.

Thinking of this, she lifted the corners of her mouth to show a smile as bright as a blooming flower. Since that was the case, why should she show any mercy to them?

In the last life, she died as the first lady cut in half at the waist, and her disgraceful death left an indelible mark in history.

Her disgraceful life left a disgraceful mark in history.

As a girl, who didn’t even find her parents, was set up again and again and finally died inconspicuously like dust. No one cared about the life of a girl without parents, and no one protected her.

She clenched her fists tightly in her sleeves and felt her sharp nails stung her palms, and then unclenched her fists slowly. Since she harbored a hatred too deep to forget, she decided not to let it go.

After her rebirth, she knew what she was going to do. She would make them pay for what they had done, and she had nothing to fear!

In this life, she would take revenge on those who had hurt her and repay her debt to those who had helped her!

She, who had climbed up from hell, was not afraid of staining her hands with blood. Now that the royal family was involved in this matter, Duke Xing’s Mansion could not handle it by themselves. Even if she would also come to a sticky end in this life, she would not give in!

Yujie fell silent, bit her lip, and had a strange feeling. Based on her understanding of the First Miss Shao’s character, she could tell that the First Miss Shao would not stop hurting her master until the First Miss Shao died. Her master’s giving in was meaningless. Today the First Miss Shao had attempted to drug her master in the carriage. She had smelled the handkerchief later. Based on her good understanding of medicine, she naturally knew that the mixture of the drug and wine would result in something terrible.

The First Miss Shao was not the only one involved in this matter. Old Madam, Honored Consort Shu, and Madam of Duke Xing had also intervened in it. If her master did not see through the trick, her master would probably be the victim at this time.

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When the accident happened just now, she saw several guards and one of them help pull Shao Yanru ashore. If it were her master, they would even force her master to marry the guard.

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