Medical Princess

Lian Shuang, 帘霜

Chapter 628 - Make Concessions in Order to Gain Advantages, Leave Her No Chance to Defend Herself

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Chapter 628 Make Concessions in Order to Gain Advantages, Leave Her No Chance to Defend Herself

“Are they made of… the Colorful Yarn?” One of the officers from the Ministry of Justice touched the collar and said uncertainly.

“Let me have a look!” The other officer from the Ministry of Justice took the clothes, and said hesitantly after pinching them carefully, “It seems to be true!”

Because the Colorful Yarn was precious, very few people had the opportunity to see and touch it.

“How about presenting them to Lord Wen?”

“Okay, I’m taking them there now!” After the two officers from the Ministry of Justice had a discussion, one of them took the clothes and went inside to find Wen Xichi, who was in the corridor. Wen Xichi took the clothes and pinched them carefully, and then nodded to indicate that it was the Colorful Yarn. After talking with Wen Xichi in a low voice for a while, the officer from the Ministry of Justice returned to the door of the courtyard.

He raised the collar of the clothes in his hand and said with certainty, “Part of the clothes are made of a piece of cloth named Colorful Yarn, which is not available to ordinary people. It used to be a tribute, and only some aristocratic families in the capital could get it from the imperial palace!”

Plenty of people had never seen the Colorful Yarn, but they had heard of it. Hearing that the two officers from the Ministry of Justice were so sure that the collar of the clothes was made of the Colorful Yarn, they looked at the two old maids from Duke Xing’s Mansion in confusion. Could it be possible that Duke Xing’s Mansion set up such a trap in an attempt to ruin the Fifth Miss Shao’s reputation?

If these traces didn’t point to Duke Xing’s Mansion at the same time, it wouldn’t arouse suspicion!

A lock prevailing three years ago, the rust on the lock, and the Colorful Yarn which was only available to noble families, all of these indicated that there might be someone behind the scene pushing it forward on purpose.

“It… could also be Great Elder Princess…” Noticing the bad situation, an old maid hesitated in explaining.

“Nanny, please watch your mouth. Rui’an Great Elder Princess is a senior member of the royal family. You can’t accuse her like that as an old maid. If you have no solid evidence, I’m afraid you will get killed even without knowing why!”

Yujie interrupted the old maid with a sneer.

Hearing her words, the old maid shut her mouth tightly and no longer dared to talk nonsense.

What Yujie said was true. If the old maid dared to accuse Great Elder Princess with no solid evidence, Great Elder Princess had the right to punish her. A humble old maid was not enough to make Old Madam go against Great Elder Princess.

“You delivered a chest up the mountain in such a big way and even brought the nuns from the Yuhui Nunnery. The two of you could do this job, but you brought the nuns from the Yuhui Nunnery, which was supposed to be eye-catching. What’s more, you came up the mountain with the officers from the Ministry of Justice. It’s impossible not to attract people’s attention!”

Yujie scared an old maid off by shouting at her, looked up at the crowd around her, and said in a sarcastic tone with a faint smile.

Connecting everything together, people found it impossible not to suspect Duke Xing’s Mansion!

Some people even recalled that Yujie had mentioned that the First Miss of Duke Xing’s Mansion seemed to be on bad terms with the Fifth Miss Shao, and thought of the rumor that the accident happening to the Fifth Miss before seemed to have something to do with the First Miss and be targeted at killing the Fifth Miss. Could it be possible that the First Miss intended to ruin the Fifth Miss’s reputation after the failure last time?

“No, it… it’s just a coincidence. The reason why we brought the nuns here is that we wanted them to testify that the chest was discovered in the Fifth Miss’s silence room for fear that the Fifth Miss might not know about it!” The other old maid hesitated in explaining.

“It’s just a chest. Could it be possible that you know that the stuff in the chest is harmful to reputation, so you deliberately brought the nuns from the Yuhui Nunnery to bear witness and thus to make my master admit it?” Yujie asked with a sneer, took a few steps forward, and approached the old maid with cold eyes.

The old maid was scared, stepped back in a hurry, and looked towards the other old maid beside her. The other old maid compressed her lips in fear and did not dare to say anything. Seeing the old maid’s pleading eyes, the other old maid thought for a while and lowered her head. She, who had been threatened by Yujie a moment ago, did not dare to talk nonsense at this moment.

“How… how could we know it…” The old maid could only explain for herself.

“Since you don’t know it, why do you try to make my master admit that the chest belongs to her? We have never seen this chest before. Even if it was indeed discovered in the silence room, didn’t the First Miss leave anything there? We didn’t check the corners of the silence room. My master just borrowed the silence room, so it’s impossible for her to remove everything left by the First Miss as a guest!”

Yujie said without showing any mercy to the old maid.

The old maid became increasingly flustered with her head covered with sweat, no longer as aggressive and domineering as before, and felt a chill on her back.

“I… I…”

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“My master told you to take the stuff back and said that sisters should be on friendly terms with each other. What happened before was an accident, and what happened just now was also an accident. Please tell the First Miss that my master now lives in the Huaguang Temple in seclusion and just wants to pray for the heir and infanta quietly.”

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