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Chapter 687 - 45 Million for One Second!

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Chapter 687 45 Million for One Second!

After putting a stop to all the arguments, the host said with a smile, “I declare that the auction for the business fair will now officially begin! The first item to be auctioned is an advertisement that will last for a second.”

The host suddenly stopped and looked at everyone under the stage.

At this moment, many people frowned.

Everyone was waiting for the reserve price!

“It seems that there are also many competitors for the first advertisement slot. An advertisement with a length of one second is the lowest among the ten advertising slots. It is also the easiest one for most of the companies and groups to get. I want to remind you that there are only four advertisements with a length of one second and each of them is very precious. I hope that after the auction is over, you will not regret that you failed to make a timely bid!”

Although he sounded emotionless, all the leaders from those companies became nervous when they heard that.

Although it was just a normal auction session, the host made it sound like a fierce battlefield, making everyone feel fidgety.

Besides, this was only the first one.

Seeing the faces of the leaders under the stage change slightly, the host smiled with satisfaction and said, “The reserve price for the one-second advertisement slot is 20 million and each increase in bid must not be less than 1 million!”

“21 million!” As soon as the host finished his speech, a manager immediately raised a bidding paddle with numbers on it and did not speak.

This was how major enterprises bid for their businesses.

Every company that participated in the auction would register before entering the hall. After they registered, the staff would give them bidding paddles to participate in the auction before the fair started.

“22 million.” As soon as the first person’s bidding paddle was lowered, several more paddles were immediately raised.

“23 million.”

“24 million!”

Each time the price was raised by one million yuan, yet it seemed to be very little compared to the reserve price. However, in this fierce auction, the accumulation of one million was raised quickly, which made many bidders a little frightened.

“40 million!”

When the bidding price reached 35 million, a paddle was suddenly raised with a sound.

As soon as people heard that, it immediately caused a slight uproar in the conference hall.

However, all the people present were representatives from large companies. They were not too surprised and did not even turn their heads to see who offered the price.

However, just when everyone thought that the first one-second advertising slot was about to be won by the person who offered 40 million, another voice was heard.

“45 million!” In the room, another person raised the paddle and increased the bidding price by 5 million!

The noise level instantly became louder.

On the stage, the host smiled with satisfaction. After asking three times in a row, he said, “Congratulations, guest No. 176, for winning the first one-second advertising slot at the bid of 45 million!”

There was no applause or noise.

The whole room quieted down in an instant. After the staff sent an agreement to No. 176, the host continued to speak.

“Distinguished leaders and guests, there are only three one-second slots left.”

“Next, let’s start the bidding for the second slot!”

“So high?” In the monitoring room, Fang Qiu was a little shocked. He did not expect that the first one-second slot would be sold at such a high price.

“In fact, this is the spot that you saved for our chairman.”

Yao Jie smiled slightly and said calmly, “Unfortunately, no one raised the price anymore. If someone continues to raise, the first slot would likely have been sold at a higher price of more than 50 million. But 45 million is not low. The most important thing is that with such a high price as the beginning, the price of the following one-second advertising slots would not be less than 45 million.”

“Why?” Fang Qiu asked.

Yao Jie replied, “If the price is less than 45 million, people are likely to offer a higher price. So basically, the price of the next slot will be higher than this one. The fewer one-second advertising slots we have, the more precious it will be.”

“27 million.” In the conference hall, the bidding for the second one-second slot was in full swing. The people who bid this time were obviously more and made quicker offers than the last time. It seemed that they wanted to seize the opportunity and even raised their paddles at the same time.

“40 million.” In the blink of an eye, the price rose all the way to 40 million yuan.

“45 million!” Right at this moment, the boss of an enterprise seemed to want to seize the critical moment when it reached 45 million and won the second advertising slot.

However, it was no longer the same as when they bid for the first slot.

“47 million!” A person offered the price.

At the next moment, the whole place was in an uproar.

Those who did not bother to see who won the slot before could not help turning their heads to have a look.

Then they found that the company who was No. 176, which had won the first slot, turned out to be a well-known mineral water group in the country.

The second company which got the one-second advertising slot with 47 million yuan, was also a very renowned brand in the country. Their business was related to biscuits and snacks.

Both of them were prominent figures.

They ranked among the top 100 companies in the country, which were even more well-known than the Zhiyuan Group.

No one had expected that these two large groups would make their move for the one-second advertisement slots. Were they going to compete for more advertising slots, or were they afraid that they would not be able to get the slots later?

The host said, “So far, there are still two one-second advertising slots left. Next, let’s start the bidding for the third one-second advertisement!”

With the decrease in the number of advertising slots, the representatives from the major companies in the room were a little anxious, especially when they saw that the two big shots had already started to compete for it. The other large companies were also starting to feel restless.

In the blink of an eye, everyone’s enthusiasm for the bidding increased greatly.

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The third one was won by a famous domestic drink company at a price of 47 million yuan. The main product of this company was pure milk.

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