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Chapter 1112 – Defeating the Green Dragon Prince

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Chapter 1112 - Defeating the Green Dragon Prince

Translator: Xaiomoge

A large amount of blood ejected from the wounds on the Green Dragon Prince’s body and entered the black hole.

True dragon qi diffused from the Green Dragon Prince, surrounded him, and formed a true dragon domain that forcibly blocked the erosion of the black hole.

There was a cold flash in Yang Feng’s eyes. The Xi Shen Armor s.h.i.+mmered with countless runes, and black rays ejected from the Xi Shen Armor, entered the black hole, and drastically magnified its power.

Terrifying devour force enveloped the Green Dragon Prince and forcibly pulled away and devoured the true dragon qi.


The True Dragon Prince’s eyes flashed coldly, and the true dragon blood inside him surged. His figure fluttered, and he turned into a 100,000-meter-long green true dragon and clawed at the black hole with his dragon claw.

Boundless true dragon qi gushed out of the dragon claw, smashed all laws, and extended towards the power source of the black hole.

Countless runes shone and formed 36 nets.

The Green Dragon Prince unleashed a full force strike against the nets. Every time he ran through a net, part of the power would be devoured. After running through 28 nets, all of the power of the attack was devoured.


With a flash of decisiveness in his eyes, the Green Dragon Prince opened his mouth, and a dragon bead emanating immortal Empyrean might suddenly flew out.

After the dragon bead, which is the crystallization of the Green Dragon Emperor’s power, flew out, a tyrannical green dragon flew out the dragon bead and extended a claw towards the power source of the black hole.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure? Let me witness how strong the Green Dragon Emperor was!”

Yang Feng’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered coldly. The Xi Shen Armor surged with countless runes, and his fist turned into a star, tore the firmament, and barreled towards the tyrannical green dragon.


Two powerful forces exploded in the void, the black hole that can devour stars and Holy Spirit Warlocks alike suddenly collapsed, and a frightening force spread in all directions.

Yang Feng was blown hundreds of kilometers away. He spewed out a mouthful of blood, and his right hand distorted. True dragon qi is trying to erode his right hand.

The Green Dragon Prince was also blown hundreds of kilometers away. He spewed out a mouthful of blood and stared at Yang Feng. The Green Dragon Bead above him pumped a tremendous amount of dragon qi into him, healing his body.

Thanks to the nourishment of the true dragon qi, the wounds covering the body of the Green Dragon Prince healed completely within a breath of time.

The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes and completely devoured the true dragon qi wrapped around Yang Feng’s right hand. Then, miniature black holes emerge around him and frantically devoured all the forces around him.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure the Green Dragon Bead. For him to use this secret treasure, it seems that the Green Dragon Prince is really angry.”

“Empyrean grade secret treasures, Yang Feng also has them. Now let’s see who of the two peerless geniuses is better at manipulating their Empyrean grade secret treasures.”

“The Green Dragon Bead is the crystallization of the Green Dragon Emperor’s power. Since the Green Dragon Prince is his only son, the Empyrean grade secret treasure fits him quite well. Yang Feng is doomed!”


Eyes flickering with enigmatic light focused on the Green Dragon Bead above the Green Dragon Prince. No one is optimistic about Yang Feng’s chances.

“To push me to this degree, Yang Feng, you can already be proud of yourself! Now, die!”

The eyes of the Green Dragon Prince glimmered ferociously. With the Green Dragon Bead above his head, he tore the firmament, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and extended a claw towards Yang Feng. In a flash, dragon qi sealed the void, and his power increases ten-fold.

“You want to defeat me by yourself? Wishful thinking! If it was the Green Dragon Emperor instead, then perhaps it would be possible!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed coldly, and he smiled frigidly and sent a fist flying. A river of time suddenly emerged, and then a spatial portal appeared in the river of time. In the center of the spatial portal, there floats q black star containing devour force.

The river of time enveloped the Green Dragon Prince, and the time around him became chaotic, trying to divide his power into different times.

True dragon qi surged on the Green Dragon Prince, intertwined with the river of time, and forcibly blocked the erosion of the river of time.

When the spatial portal slammed into the true dragon claw, it ripped the true dragon qi on the true dragon claw and sent part of it to an alternate s.p.a.ce.

When the black star slammed into the dragon claw, it shattered the dragon claw and devoured its flesh and essence.

After crus.h.i.+ng the Green Dragon Prince’s right claw, Yang Feng took a step forward, and a river of time, a spatial portal, and a star appeared once more. He launched one attack after another against the Green Dragon Prince.

Looking like a terrifying deity unleas.h.i.+ng carnage on a true dragon, Yang Feng shaved off chunks of flesh from the green true dragon the Green Dragon Prince, who transformed into a green true dragon, and the black hole devoured the flesh and blood.

A black hole emerged above Yang Feng and swallowed the drifting energies within hundreds of millions of kilometers, forming a vacuum in this area.

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“So strong!! How can Firmament Holy Yang Feng be so strong?”

If Yang Feng had not joined the Human Supreme Council, which is a terrifying force with at least six Great Holies, then the other race Holy Spirit Warlocks would have joined forces to kill him.

The black hole absorbed the universe energies within hundreds of millions of kilometers and channeled them into Yang Feng.

“Who dares to fight me?”

Standing proudly in the void with black holes springing up around him, Yang Feng issued a challenge to the nine powerful races.

Silence pervaded within the nine powerful races as their powerhouses gazed at Yang Feng with apprehension in their eyes.

“I’ll fight you!”

With a flash of light, the White Tiger Prince flew to this starfield.

The eyes of the White Tiger Prince glimmered fiercely, countless runes appeared all over his body and shone, and he transformed into a 10,000-meter-long true spirit white tiger with a cruel air about him.

Radiating tyrannical Empyrean might, the Empyrean grade secret treasure the White Tiger Sword is suspended above the White Tiger Prince’s head.


A peculiar glint streaked across the White Tiger Prince’s eyes, and he roared, shaking the heaven and earth.

The White Tiger Sword shone and slashed out, and a projection of the White Tiger Emperor suddenly appeared and shot towards Yang Feng.

Overall, white tigers cannot compare to green dragons. But in terms of destructive power, white tigers are far above green dragons. The offensive power of the White Tiger Sword is far above that of the Green Dragon Bead.

When the White Tiger Sword unleashed the sword ray, it appeared to split the starfield in two. If a Great Holy Step powerhouse is. .h.i.t by this strike, they would be seriously wounded or even killed.

“Interesting! The White Dragon Sword’s sword ray is invincible! Let me crush this myth!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed coldly. The Xi Shen Armor shone brightly and pumped endless power into him, and Yang Feng unleashed a punch. A river of time, a spatial portal, and a star suddenly appeared and barreled towards the White Tiger Sword’s sword ray.

The river of time shrouded the sword ray in an attempt to reverse and disorder its time.

The sword ray, which is full of endless destructive power, easily cut the river of time, sliced the spatial portal in two, and then landed on the star.

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