Master of the End Times

Little Word Qin

Chapter 877 - The Final Day

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Chapter 877: The Final Day

When Qin Feng was about to pursue it, shiny light glared in the Dark Armor robot’s eyes.

“Calculating attack pattern. Viable offensive measure verified.”

In the next second, the robot was enveloped in a layer of dark runes before stepping into darkness.

However, Qin Feng was able to see everything that the robot was doing. Any tricks that utilized dark runes were no use against him after all.

Yet, the Dark Armor robot did not know this. Its “offensive measure” was also probably just a protocol that was pre-programmed in its operating system.

When it hid in the darkness, the Dark Armor robot’s speed was greatly enhanced—even faster than it was before.

When it was retreating from Qin Feng earlier, it was an attempt to evade his attacks. It was more of a means of minimizing damage, not a total retreat.

Right now, the immense speed that it was displaying was rather stunning to witness.

In just a blink of an eye, it had emerged behind Qin Feng before shedding off a small piece of its dark armor, revealing a one-meter long blade that was glaring with rainbow-ish glare.


The blade stabbed straight into Qin Feng’s internal energy shield, instantly penetrating it.

This attack was almost as powerful as a strike from an S-tier.

However, Qin Feng was totally unharmed despite having his internal energy being penetrated.

The blade was stuck!

The Dark Armor robot’s eyes were glaring with yellow glow again, trying to calculate its next move.

Then, the blade radiated a blinding glare before exploding into pieces.


A massive explosion erupted, destroying every building within thousands of meters in the area. The explosion was so massive that even the robo-dog, who was ten kilometers away, was able to witness it from afar. All it was worried about at the moment was what would happen to itself if Qin Feng were to die from this.

It was then, another powerful energy burst out in the explosion’s ground-zero.

It was a wave of terrifying flame.

A fire dragon appeared on the Sacred Star and rammed straight downward to the ground, crashing the attack away.

This was Qin Feng’s counter-attack.

In that split second, Qin Feng almost got blown to pieces. Yet, he was able to unleash his fire dragon in the nick of time, negating the robot’s powerful attack.

After the fire dragon clashed its attack to nothingness, the Dark Armor robot slipped into darkness again.

The Dark Armor robot’s attack pattern seemed to be mimicking the styles of an assassin—always looking for an opening before delivering a swift, lightning strike.

Unfortunately, the robot was not able to take Qin Feng down at all.

Qin Feng, on the other hand, started to act more cautiously now.

If this robot was moving like an assassin, with its high-tech weaponry and inhuman speed, one sliver of mistake could result in his head being chopped off.

A robot assassin, geared with an A-tier super armor could very well murder an S-tier if given the chance. In a way, this robot was quite similar to Guan Jinhao.

And right now, the Dark Armor robot had only one objective—to kill Qin Feng, a B-tier whose only advantage was his immensely powerful internal energy. Thus, there was a possibility that the robot could indeed kill him.

Therefore, Qin Feng too hid in the darkness, intending to fight the robot head on.

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