Master of the End Times

Little Word Qin

Chapter 656 - Instant Purchase

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Chapter 656: Instant Purchase

Although only the powerful ones would earn their respect during the end times, everyone was still seeking for justice in everything.

Qin Feng was only equipped with a C-tier aptitude user badge, but he was already provided with the Ocean Phantom to ensure his safety in the ocean. It would certainly raise the sense of injustice among the others.

Also, younger generations that were born into wealthy and resourceful families would definitely draw jealousy and hatred from the others.

Despite facing a B-tier aptitude user, Qin Feng felt agitated in facing those little tricks, but he did not intend to explain himself.

“Whether it is a yes or no, how would that relate to you?”

“Why not? This vessel is available for rent by everyone, why does it have to be you who takes it?! If you are capable, why not just purchase it?”

Bai Wei was obviously trying to give Qin Feng a hard time.

However, Qin Feng was instantly struck by the idea and answered, “Alright!”

“Hmph, I knew that you could not afford it…wait, what did you just say?”

At that moment, not only Bai Wei, everyone else was also struck dumb and looked at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng turned toward He Jia who had yet to recover from the shock and asked, “This vessel, can I buy it?”

He Jia immediately tried to signal Qin Feng with her eyes as she whispered via her internal strength, “Governor Qin, don’t fall for the provocation, the deep-sea vessel is different from other items, one of it would cost approximately one trillion, even the B-tiers find it difficult to purchase it!”

Although He Jia had mastered her internal strength very well, the others were also proficient in theirs as well. They had sensed the hidden message that He Jia had sent to Qin Feng, without knowing the content of it, they were still able to guess it easily.

Meanwhile, Qin Feng was frowning.

Bai Wei began to mock and laugh, “What’s the matter? Did you just make a promise you can’t keep, and you can’t afford it?!”

Qin Feng was unbothered by Bai Wei as he answered, “Although I am a little surprised by the price, but for the sake of not having other problems, I’ll purchase it. This deep-sea vessel is way below my requirement, it still requires modifications, and it is not worth the price!”

He Jia’s jaw dropped and she was slightly agitated by the statement.

Actually, the Ocean Phantom was the most advanced deep-sea vessel available, and it was a show of appreciation from East Sea city in welcoming Qin Feng with it. However, it was unexpectedly dismissed by Qin Feng, how disrespectful was that toward East Sea City?

“Governor Qin, are you kidding?! This vessel has yet to meet your requirement?”

At that moment, He Jia was no longer using her internal strength to convey herself.

Obviously, Qin Feng did not care about being overheard by the others.

Qin Feng nodded. “How should I proceed with the purchase? Let’s move on with it!”

He Jia was caught in between anger and laughter, she explained, “Governor Qin, if that is what you want, you may transfer the funds to me, and I will convey it to the higher management!”


Without any hesitation, Qin Feng immediately transferred one trillion over to He Jia.

For Qin Feng, that amount of money actually meant nothing to him.

The amount of Qin Feng’s wealth and assets had most probably surpassed Shang Han’s by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, when He Jia received the notification of funds received in her account, she was rendered speechless and words could not describe the level of shock she was in.

“Governor Qin, are you serious?”

“Why not?” Qin Feng glanced at He Jia as he took out his communicator and reached out to the Fengli Organization.

However, to Bai Wei, the interaction between the both of them was only seen as an act, and he even put on a mocking face!

“Are the both of you singing a duet? Would it be that easy to transfer a trillion? He Jia, are you really trying to sell the Ocean Phantom, just because of this little pretty boy?” Bai Wei warned.

The only reason for Bai Wei to unravel himself in the scene was actually straightforward, he was only aiming for the permission to use the Ocean Phantom, and everything else was pretentious.

He Jia did wish to continue the conversation with Bai Wei, and she merely answered, “If you have any doubts, clarify with the regent, Governor Qin has already transferred a trillion to me!”

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Then, He Jia looked at Qin Feng in confusion. She was lost. What sort of power did the young aptitude user have? What amount of wealth and assets did he have to allow him to just simply spend a trillion in such a luxurious way, just to buy a deep-sea vessel for modifications?

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