Master of the End Times

Little Word Qin

Chapter 655 - Favouritism?

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Chapter 655: Favouritism?

Naturally, C-tier aptitude users were all around the area.

On some of the battlefields, with Longchuan as an example, C-tiers were regarded as powerful figures that would be the crucial support for a team. However, at the Abyssal Ocean, C-tiers were just sources for core energy output, and they would be spearheaded by B-tiers.

Unless they were lucky enough to not fall into any dangerous situations without the presence of B-tiers, it would definitely be a total annihilation for them.

However, those C-tiers that were recruited would have already prepared themselves to be sacrificed in the battles. After all, most of the B-tiers would have their own crew members and they would certainly favor and protect their own people.

Qin Feng walked up to the docks, soon he arrived next to the Ocean Phantom. The East Sea City affiliated deep-sea vessel had already been released, and it had a daily rental fee of one billion.

However, He Jia did not intend to have Qin Feng pay for the fees; it was part of the special treatment for him to be there.

In other words, Qin Feng was a support that was hired from external sources. Regardless of his battle scores in the battlefield, he was already allocated with a sum of secured salary pay-out!

It was at that moment, a mighty presence closed in and caught Qin Feng’s attention. He turned around and saw a B-tier that was dashing in his direction with strong momentum.

“Beauty He!”

The person that came spoke in an unusual tone and sounded like an evil villain; he was staring at He Jia’s chest like he could not wait to extend his hand and touch her chest.

He Jia was immediately alerted and hid her smiley expression, she then said, “Did not expect to see you here Mr. Bai Wei!”

Qin Feng looked at Bai Wei who had a B3-tier aptitude user badge on his chest, and judging from his aura, he was an aptitude user.

He Jia also had an interesting way of addressing different people, as aptitude users would generally address those from the higher tiers as masters, and it would differ according to changes in capabilities and statuses, as well as standpoints.

Being an officer from the Human Alliance in East Sea City, He Jia was also positioned as the general of military logistics.

He Jia would certainly address officers from the Human Alliance as masters, and only non-official personnel would be addressed as mister or misses.

“It has only been a while since we last met, what’s with that awkwardness? Let’s meet up next time.” Bai Wei let out an evil laugh.

He Jia’s expression had turned sour, and as she glanced at Qin Feng she noticed that Qin Feng’s expression had not changed at all. She was then struck by a mixed feeling of relief and despair.

She was very proud of her own looks and body features, however, it seemed like Qin Feng was not interested in her at all.

Needless to say, He Jia did not keep up with her polite facade anymore. Even if they were closely related, it was extremely rude to publicly talk to someone in such a way, and Bai Wei was definitely disrespectful toward her.

Was he not a B-tier aptitude user? Indeed, he had disrespected her as a human being.

“Excuse me Mr Bai Wei, I am a little busy recently, I need to go on a trip into the ocean!”

“Oh? With the Ocean Phantom? I have been requesting to rent this vessel, but I was rejected by all of your excuses. Yet it is now available for use again, wouldn’t this be a little inappropriate?!”

“It has already been booked for the usage of outsource external support, please accept our apology on that!”

He Jia responded with full respect, but it was obvious that Bai Wei was still dissatisfied. His actual intention there was not because he had seen He Jia, he was there to claim the Ocean Phantom.

It was a widely known fact that the Abyssal Ocean was extremely dangerous, and deep-sea vessels were the most crucial weapon for protection.

After all, even the most powerful aptitude user would not be able to resist the surrounding effects from the deep-sea environment.

“Outsource support?” Bai Wei frowned in confusion.

East Sea City was an extraordinary place that was similar to Beihua City of the Northern Region, even Tung Yang, the regent of the Eastern region was living in the city.

Under what sort of circumstances would an outsource support be required, could it be a famous powerful figure, or perhaps an A-tier?

It was possible for that to happen too.

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“May I ask, which master is being outsourced?” Bai Wei was also afraid of offending the wrong person, therefore, he had to ask to make sure.

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