Master of the End Times

Little Word Qin

Chapter 654 - Heading Toward East Sea City

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Chapter 654: Heading Toward East Sea City

The North Sea Desert turned into an oasis?

The Far Woodland had turned into a fortress sanctuary.

Since Qin Feng’s annihilation at the Dusan Basin, even the borders were expanded for approximately twenty kilometres, and it was highly possible that there would not be any occurrence of major beast waves in the next ten years.

Would such an incident also transform the Abyssal Ocean?

Malan’s expectation was diminished by the wide ocean that came into her mind, and she only hoped that it would be a peaceful and safe year ahead!

With a hopeful mind, Malan reached out to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng did not expect Malan to be in such a hurry, and it made him curious. “How bad is the situation at the Abyssal Ocean now?”

“The Abyssal Ocean is now facing constant threats, and delaying it is no longer an option anymore! The borders have already experienced massive tsunamis twice, and eruptions of waterspouts thrice!”

Malan did not even wish to talk about the death counts, it was no longer necessary to look back into it.

Qin Feng was aware of the severity of the situation at the Abyssal Ocean, but he did not expect so many eruptions to have already occurred during the early spring season.

Also, such a disaster was not a natural phenomenon, but it was due to the havoc incitement of horrifying ocean creatures.

The affected ones would always be those unfortunate cities nearby.

Hence, it seemed like Qin Feng had no excuse to turn a blind eye anymore!

“Alright then, I will depart for the East Sea City in an hour!”

Malan was instantly delighted and immediately answered, “I will send someone there to wait for your arrival!”


Both of them ended the call, Malan immediately began with the preparation, while Qin Feng also initiated an emergency announcement.

Even before Qin Feng had agreed to the request, he had already obtained the spatial waymark of the East Sea City. Therefore, he just needed to activate it and he would be able to immediately arrive at the city.

However, it was obvious that he was planning to act alone.

“Bai Li, I am planning to go into the ocean by myself, I will count on you to take care of Cindeclast City temporarily!” Qin Feng told Bai Li.

“You can be assured that this is my territory, I doubt that anybody would dare to look for trouble here!”

Certainly, Qin Feng believed in Bai Li, however, he still reminded her, “You can go into the Cinderclast Dimension to hunt for the Cinderclast Golems and trade the cores with B-tier beast emperor cores, it will allow you to gradually increase your capability, and it is unfortunate that we did not seize the opportunity that we had with the Cinder Pine!”

The most valuable part of the pine was taken by Z, and during the dying moment of the pine, its energy had allowed Qin Feng to experience physical transformation again. Therefore, one could imagine the horrifying amount of essence that the Cinder Pine had.

With Bai Li’s capability and her beast emperor form, she might be able to shake and influence the Cinder Pine.

Hence, it was the reason for Qin Feng to have Bai Li go there and not restrict her growth potential.

“If that is what you want, I will go and get it!”

“Be careful, it is not a must to get it! It would be better to not clash with the others!” Qin Feng became worried again and said, “If the clash is unavoidable, kill everyone, and leave nobody alive!”

Bai Li had certainly taken every command from Qin Feng seriously, and she immediately nodded.

Qin Feng did not bother if he had educated a slaughter demon by himself, as he just did not want Bai Li to be bullied!

However, in order to keep the other B-tiers at bay, the best option was to have Bai Li stay behind.

Qin Feng went ahead to instruct the others, and after everything else was in place, the spatial waymark was then activated.

Spatial conversion took place immediately, and as soon as Qin Feng regained his vision, the surrounding sceneries, weather, and atmosphere had already changed.

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The surrounding temperature was at least twenty degrees warmer than the North Sea state.

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