Martial Peak

Momo, 莫默

Chapter 2165 - My Name Is Xiao Bai Yi

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Chapter 2165, My Name Is Xiao Bai Yi

“You, kill me?” Xiao Bai Yi sneered fiercely, “Shameless boasting!”

“Brother Xiao Bai…” Yang Kai spoke earnestly and eloquently, “I believe it best to calm down and carefully search for another way out of this damned place…”

“No need, before you came, I searched this place thoroughly. Between you and I… there can only be battle!” Before Yang Kai could finish speaking, Xiao Bai Yi interrupted him coldly, “To be honest, with your strength, being able to defeat Xue Yi and snatch his spot was already quite surprising. You do have the qualifications to enter the Four Seasons Realm… But this Xiao is a disciple of Azure Sun Temple, and Xue Yi’s Senior Brother, so I cannot stand back and watch him be bullied. Junior Brother Xue’s grievance from that day will be avenged today by this Xiao. However, you may rest assured, given the difference in cultivation between you and I, this Xiao will not use his full strength. Sixty percent will be enough, and… if possible, I won’t kill you!”

As soon as these words fell, Xiao Bai Yi slashed his sword towards Yang Kai’s head, sending out a dazzling blast of Ice Attribute Sword Qi.

Yang Kai grinned in response and said, “Since this battle is inevitable, I ask Brother Xiao Bai to not take offence for what happens next!”

Saying so, the place where Yang Kai stood was covered in sword light and his body was pierced through, but oddly, no blood flowed out and the faint smile on his lips remained.

Xiao Bai Yi’s expression changed drastically as he pushed his Source Qi madly, creating a swirling snowstorm around himself while quickly lifting up his sword and condensing a giant sword light onto it, which he slashed out violently.

In the direction he slashed, Yang Kai’s figure appeared strangely, but instantly disappeared once more.


The giant sword wave stirred up the surrounding aura as Xiao Bai Yi stood in place, his eyes darting around, tracing Yang Kai’s flickering figure.

“As I thought, you’re a little strange, it was no fluke that you beat Xue Yi!” Xiao Bai Yi quickly said.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Brother Xiao Bai, was that sixty percent of your power just now? If so, I advise you to use your full strength as soon as possible, otherwise…”

“Don’t worry, that was only thirty percent just now!” Xiao Bai Yi said proudly.

“Thirty percent…” Yang Kai murmured before nodding lightly and saying with some admiration, “As expected of an elite from Azure Sun Temple, you’re vastly different from the Dao Source Realm cultivators I’ve faced before!”

“It’s not too late to admit defeat now!” Xiao Bai Yi exhaled lightly as he lifted his sword once more, gathering sword light onto its blade before stabbing it out towards Yang Kai’s chest.

This thrust was fast, accurate, and ruthless, inspiring Ice Principles around it as it flew forward, causing a thin layer of frost to cover the stage. At the same time, any icy chill filled the air, once that caused all within its range to shiver slightly.

“Ice Principles!” Yang Kai commented as he felt these Principles began to affect his movements. The space around him became solidified, forcing him to release his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi to restore his freedom while also summoning the Myriads Sword into his hands.

With a wave of this broadsword, Yang Kai shouted, “Myriad Sword Arts, One Man As A Mountain!”

A thousand blades of Sword Qi fell from the sky like a waterfall, blocking Xiao Bai Yi’s incoming attack.

“That Emperor Artifact again!”

Amidst the clash of sword lights, Xiao Bai Yi coldly snorted as he did not try to dodge the incoming wave and instead pushed his own Sword Qi harder, attempting to smash through this curtain-like defence.

*Chi chi chi chi…*

The wall of sword light from the Myriads Sword was pierced through, leaving Yang Kai exposed.


Xiao Bai Yi’s figure reappeared suddenly, his eyes flashing a sharp light as an astonishing aura burst from his body and he swung his sword towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grinned fiercely and moved his own sword to parry this blow.

With a clang, a fierce shockwave burst out and the space above the battle stage collapsed as tiny blades of Sword Qi splashed out and disappeared in a flash.

Xiao Bai Yi’s figure froze up for a moment, but he quickly escaped from the suppression of the Emperor Artifact, leaving behind an afterimage as he swiftly cut towards Yang Kai’s from a dead angle.

Even now, he had the spare capacity to shout, “Although an Emperor Artifact is strong, just how much of its power can you exert with your cultivation? Xue Yi’s defeat at your hands was due to his own carelessness!”

Yang Kai responded like a fierce dragon, wielding his Myriads to block all assaults as he smiled and said, “Brother Xiao Bai seems to have a lot of opinions about this sword!”

Even as the two talked, their movements did not slow down, the clashing of metal adding a kind of grating music to their conversation…

“Hmph, is relying on the power of an artifact something impressive?”

“If that’s what you think… I can change swords!” As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, the Myriads Sword in his hand suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a Dao Source Grade Mid-Rank sword.

Xiao Bai Yi frowned as he withdrew from the engagement, speaking in a cold tone, “Changing your weapon mid-battle, what are you trying to say…”

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“It’s nothing really,” Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at him. “I just don’t want you to complain after I win that you only lost because I used my Emperor Artifact!”

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