Martial Peak

Momo, 莫默

Chapter 1615 - It’s Him

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Chapter 1615, It’s Him

Being able to observe the breakthrough of an Origin King was a one in ten thousand year event, something rarer than the Blood Prison Trial opening, so how could these people give up this opportunity just because of Yang Kai’s request?

All of them couldn’t wait to get even closer!

“If everyone could give this Yang a little face, this Yang would be extremely grateful!” Yang Kai was extremely annoyed and wanted to use force to deter these people, but out of concern for Qian Tong’s breakthrough, he had to suppress his anger and act politely.

“What the hell do you count for? Us standing here is not interfering with anything, much less making trouble. This isn’t your house, so you have no right to tell us what we can do,” Someone yelled in dissatisfaction.

“That is right, a trivial Second-Order Origin Returning Realm boy dares try to tell us what to do? You’d best hope this old master doesn’t come over there and waste you!”

“Young man, you should watch your tongue, this isn’t a place you can speak freely.”

Many people mocked him while the rest simply didn’t take him seriously.

Yang Kai’s face went ashen!

“Everyone, while another is trying to break through, isn’t it inappropriate for you to run over and disturb them? One day, when you are all trying to break through, how would you like it if this Xu ran over to bother you?” Xu Bin Bai grinned meaningfully, his voice not loud but still clearly reaching everyone’s ear.

“Little brat, who do you think you are?”

“Young people nowadays really don’t know how to respect their elders, mouthing off so unscrupulously will only cause you to suffer a big loss sooner or later!”

“You’re courting death, that guy is Senior Wu Dao’s disciple! Do you dare speak to him like that?”

Not everyone knew about Xu Bin Bai’s origins, but someone who had overheard the conversation between Xu Bin Bai and the Imperial Spirit Pavilion Elder outside the Blood Prison earlier and knew his identity quickly warned his companion in a low voice.

“What? Senior Wu Dao’s disciple? Are you sure?”

“It can’t be, it’s said that Senior Wu Dao hasn’t shown up for hundreds of years, when did he take a disciple?”

“Believe what you want, just don’t blame me for not warning you when you suffer the consequences later.”

“Ah… it’s true, look at that pattern on his chest. That’s clearly Senior Wu Dao’s three-petal emblem! Only those closest to Senior Wu Dao are eligible to wear it.”

“Heavens, Senior Wu Dao’s disciple! This young man’s achievements in the future will certainly be limitless.”

“Could it be fake?”

“Who would dare fake such an emblem? Wouldn’t that be asking for death?”

“So he really is Senior Wu Dao’s disciple…”

After learning the identity of Xu Bin Bai, the cultivators who had been acting so arrogantly before and weren’t taking Yang Kai seriously became gloomy, regretting that they had been rude just now and spoken up before confirming their opponent’s background first.

Xu Bin Bai just chuckled lightly, “What’s more, this friend will soon break through to the Origin King Realm. If you dare act presumptuously here, aren’t you worried he will try to find trouble with you after he succeeds?”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone paled greatly!

While Xu Bin Bai’s identity made these people cautious, this sentence truly frightened them.

They just wanted to watch the excitement out of curiosity and to reap some benefits, but they had failed to consider the ramifications until after Xu Bin Bai reminded them.

Someone here would soon break through to the Origin King Realm. If their breakthrough failed, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about as this would likely result in this person’s soul being extinguished under the violent World Energy baptism, but if this person succeeded and became a true Origin King, would he let them off after they caused trouble for him during such a critical moment?

Continuing to remain here to observe and emulate would lead them to a dead end in that case!

At this point, all the cultivators who were cursing Yang Kai earlier turned to Xu Bin Bai and cupped their fists, “Many thanks for this friend’s reminder!”

Saying so, they began to withdraw quickly while wearing awkward smiles and nodding to Yang Kai, “This little brother, this one was simply hot-blooded a moment ago and meant no offence, please don’t mind!”

Others also laughed and apologized.

Yang Kai’s complexion cleared up and he nodded gently, “Everyone is too polite. This Yang was also a bit presumptuous a moment ago. As long as everyone stands a little further away and does not affect the breakthrough of this Yang’s Senior, this Yang will naturally not interfere.”

“Good, good, good, many thanks, Little Brother.”

The tense scene relaxed invisibly as all the cultivators who were standing close backed off on their own initiative.

Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, and the others secretly wiped cold sweat from their brows.

Yang Kai landed and nodded lightly to Xu Bin Bai while saying gratefully, “Many thanks Brother Xu for your assistance, this Yang will not forget this favour.”

“It was nothing, Brother Yang doesn’t need to worry,” Xu Bin Bai smiled freely.

At this moment, an uproar suddenly occurred.

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“Heavens, Sir Luo Hai has come.”

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