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Chapter 773 - [Going to use ult]

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Chapter 773 [Going to use ult]

“Ice God!”

Old Man Ice Fog stretches out his right hand and taps between his brows.

Instantly a silver star emerges from between his brows.

Below Gu Yu transmitted over, {Liu Yi be careful!}

{This is the unique secret technique that my Immortal Snow Peak’s Heaven Realm experts possess! Ice God! Usually, my Immortal Snow Peak’s disciples would seal up a portion of our cultivation in our body. Only when it is absolutely essential would we release out this portion of strength. After unsealing, it will allow our cultivation to increase by a layer! Right now, Old Man Ice Fog’s cultivation is 19th starjades! After unsealing…he should be at the beginning of 20th starjade! Liu Yi…you must be careful.}

Beginning stage of 20th starjade?

Liu Yi is relieved in his heart, it is not like I cannot fight against him.

There is no need for the current me to use God Transformation and I would still be able to fight against a 20th starjade expert.

Other than the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation, I also have my Fog technique!

In other words, that portion of qi is where Liu Yi’s real body is, just like Han Yuxin!

Only when he condenses all of the fog would he be in his strongest state!

The fog technique greatly compressed my qi! The strength that I am displaying is nothing but a small portion!

Liu Yi calculated slightly. If I completely release all of my strength, not to mention 20 starjades. It will also not be a problem if I fight against a 21 starjade expert!

Fog Technique compression of qi is over 100 times! More like 1000 times!

This is how heaven-defying this technique is!


Old Man Ice Fog instantly completes the release of Ice God. Every single strand of his white hair flies up as a pair of blue-white wings spread out behind his back. Each of them is three meters long which is very ice-catching, like crystals.

“Pray that you suffer less pain.”

Old Man Ice Fog’s voice carries a kind of chilliness like he is the controller of this snow, “Your death date has arrived. No one can save you.”

Old Man Ice Fog had taken out his full strength startling all of the experts in the surrounding.

So Old Man Ice Fog was hiding this kind of strength! Bullshit! Luckily Liu Yi had forced him to use his full strength otherwise, later, when it is time for us to snatch for the god weapon, every one of us will definitely suffer!

Even Liu Shuyun is also secretly clenching her teeth. This old ghost from Immortal Snow Peak really had set a great plan!

Luckily, Liu Yi, this wild card appeared! Otherwise, this old man would have gotten his way!

“I must admit. As a senior of Immortal Snow Peak, you are indeed not bad.”

Liu Yi says sincerely, “It is only that you are too condescending and do not place the young heroes of the world in your eyes. Thus today you are destined to suffer in my hands.”

“Speaking nonsense!”

Old Man Ice Fog snarl before opening his mouth and breathes out ice towards Liu Yi!

Wherever the place the ice passes, everything was frozen into ice sculptures before disintegrating.

Yet Liu Yi stands there and did not dodge. Instead, he grabs hold of his Scorpion Tail Lance.

Liu Yi is a close combat expert. He decided to further strengthen his close combat capability. He prepares to assimilate those long-range techniques that he had learned into his close combat moves and walks a dao path that belongs to himself!

Scarlet Blood Sutra keeps revolving in his body causing the Scorpion Tail Lance in Liu Yi’s hand to turn red and hot as countless Scarlet Blood Devil Flame was condensed in it!

Liu Yi raises the speak with one hand and stabs towards the incoming ice fog.


Instantly, the scarlet spear pierces into the ice fog. The spearhead continuously consumes the strength from the ice fog causing that heaven-defying ice fog to halt in front of the Scorpion Tail Lance, unable to advance!

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“This is martial cultivation?”

Old Man Ice Fog snorts, “To be so skillful in your merger of strength and technique. You are indeed a thorny fellow. But I had only taken out a tiny bit of my strength. Your cultivation road shall end here!”

He spreads his hand as a violent ice storm rises behind him.

Inside the ice storm, a fierce dragon that is completely condensed from ice flies out. It waves its claws around malevolently.

“Kill him!”

Along with Old Man Ice Fog shout, that ice dragon immediately slaps out with its claw at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi snorts. Golden mist sprays out from his nose which then coagulates on his body.

In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi’s body grew into a nearly 2m tall man. With a naked upper body, his muscles are like a stone that is suffused with faint golden light.

He combines with Sky Supporting Pillar before facing the incoming ice dragon claw with his right hand.

He did not use Glorious Sun Palm as he relies on his own flesh body, fog empowerment as well as Sky Supporting Pillar to receive this move!


The enormous ice dragon claw lands on Liu Yi’s palm and turns sluggish!

Following which, starting from the ice claw, the ice dragon’s body continuously scatters and was broken by an ordinary palm from Liu Yi!


Old Man Ice Fog is astonished. Right now, my cultivation base is at the beginning stage of 20 starjades! But I am still unable to shake up this junior in front of me!

Fucking hell! This junior is too heaven-defying!

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I had cultivated bitterly for over a thousand years! Don’t tell me that this junior started cultivating in the womb?


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