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Chapter 692 Wang Yuzheng’s song

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The two bodyguards step forward and stretch out their hands to grab Liu Yi’s arm.

The two of them had trained for a long time, dealing with a skinny looking young man, it will not be a problem.

Especially since this person is also a Chinese person, to them even if they beat him up, it is not a problem.

While Liu Yi is not a pushover. Seeing the two bodyguards walking in front of him. He immediately snorts before swiftly stretching out his hand and grabs hold of their faces. He exerts strength on his arms and presses down their head. With a stoop, he smashes their heads onto the ground.


The two bodyguard sights turn dark. Following which they instantly faint without making any sound!

Liu Yi dust off his hand before standing up. He glances at the old man whose legs are trembling.

“What do you wish to say, come say it.”

Liu Yi licks his lips as he looks at those old men and says, “Otherwise in a while, you guys will not be able to speak anymore.”

“Impudent! Too presumptuous already!”

The old men instantly start scolding, “To actually let a china person being so impudent here who let him in!”

As their side makes a din, it instantly attracted the attention of those by the side.

The mayor of Tokyo frowns while holding a wine cup and says unhappily, “What is going over there?”

“Mayor, I have some matters and need to leave first.”

Seeing Liu Yi’s figure, Choshunior Susukino immediately greets that mayor before leaving.

Different from China officials, China is a country built upon officials. In China, officials are higher than merchants. Even if you are an even richer merchant, in front of officials you are pitifully weak. For example not long ago, that Huang Guangyu’s incident, such a rich and large capitalist got directly pulled down by the government. As for Japan and USA these kind of capitalist countries, are the gold standard. So much so that you can say that they are an economics country. These places are where businessmen control the government. Although those officials appear to be well-off, actually they need to fawn over these capitalists.

[TL: err in case if anyone knows of a better phrasing for the above sentence please let me know thanks.]

Tokyo’s mayor is also the same. Although he appears to be the highest chief official in Tokyo, he still has to see Choshunior Susukino face to act.

“You china man are too arrogant! I want to expel you out from this wine reception!”

“That’s right. If you are here, I, Tenge Mura shall leave here!”

“That’s right, protest! Make this china person roll out from this wine reception!”

The old men unite together relying on their age to show off, as well as using their identity as well!

They can be said to be an influential businessmen in Japan. They do not believe that they are unable to deal with a single Shina pig!

“I am the Tokyo Business Federation President. I represent the entire chamber of commerce and do not welcome you.”

An old man with white hair walks over and says haughtily, “Some more the entire Tokyo companies do not welcome you. You will lose your job!”

The president thought that this china man would be frightened into peeing in his pants. After all, the ability of the chamber of commerce to shut out is rather impressive. These china people who came from far away to Japan, which one of them is not to make money?


Unexpectedly, not only is Liu Yi not afraid, he starts clapping happily, “Really is able to make me lose my position?”

This guy…turned crazy from fear?

The president scowls slightly and as before says, “That’s right. The moment my shut out order is given out, no company in Tokyo will dare to hire you! From then on, you will lose your job and obediently scram back to your country!”

“Who dares to deport my person.”

At this moment Choshunior Susukino splits apart the group of people and walks in.

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She is wearing purple qipao as she strides forward with her long legs, carrying a queen’s temperament which causes the surrounding people to shudder.

This woman…has a powerful aura…

“President Choshunior…..”

“President Choshunior why did you come?”

As the current in charge of Glorious Sun Conglomerate, Choshunior Susukino can be said is the economic head decider of Japan.

Her position is very influential and is not something that a so-called President of the Chamber of Commerce is able to be compared to!

What President and the likes only sound nice, that’s all.

Currently seeing Choshunior Susukino, the president and those old men both turn soft.

Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s strength is too powerful. The companies behind them, which one of them more or less is not related to Glorious Sun Conglomerate.

You can even say that Glorious Sun Conglomerate is a shareholder of their companies!

Choshunior Susukino looks at the group of old men, relying on their seniority, in front of her as she sneers and asks, “I do want to see who dares to touch my person.”

Choshunior Susukino’s sentence instantly makes them not daring to speak.

Who dares to go against this woman ah, isn’t that just seeking death?

Damn it…why did we not know that this china person is actually a subordinate of Choshunior Susukino?

Just now those people who were rushing forward to prepare to teach Liu Yi a lesson, currently they are retreating faster than anyone else and instantly disappears.

“President Gohon, from the look of it, you have an opinion about my people?”

Choshunior Susukino’s gaze lands on that president.

“Not at all. Not at all…misunderstanding. It is all a misunderstanding, hehehe…”

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That white hair old man wipes away his sweat as he hurriedly says, “I did not know that this Mr is one of President Choshunior’s people…if I had known, how would I dare to! Coughs, this…President Choshunior this time around this matter is the responsibility of those old men. Later on, I will teach them a proper lesson!”


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