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Chapter 252 Liu Yi is not simple as well

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As Liu Yi speaks, he grabs his stomach and stands up.

Wang Yuzheng nods her head and obediently sits there and say: “En, come back fast.”

“Understood. Wait for me ah.” As Liu Yi speaks he turns around and rushes into the crowd.

After taking two steps he suddenly remembers that he should pass Wang Yuzheng some money just in case if she wants to buy any food.

That lass definitely doesn’t have money on her and I’m somewhat concerned about leaving her on her own.

Liu Yi pushes through the crowd and walks back.

When he returns to the food stall, Liu Yi notices three men surrounding Wang Yuzheng with colourful dyed hair and bothering her.

“Little lass, eating alone is pointless. Come, let us brothers bring you to have some fun?”

“Hehe this temple fair is boring, come let us brothers bring you to some fun !”

“That’s right, that’s right, we guarantee that it is much more fun then here hehehe…”

The few men keep bothering Wang Yuzheng while she keeps shaking her head.

“Sorry I came here with someone else.”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, her eyes keep dodging their gaze like she is very afraid of them.

“Don’t be such a party pooper ah!”

One of the men laugh, “If you make us disappointed than us brothers will be unhappy. Furthermore who did you come with, isn’t there only you here? You should just let us brothers bring you somewhere fun!”

As he speaks, that man stretches out his hand and grabs at Wang Yuzheng’s arm.

Wang Yuzheng is so frightened that her face turns white.

That man’s mouth smiles even wider as his eyes **.

He is very moved that he is very lucky today, to think that I am able to find such a straight lass in this year’s temple fair.

Such a bashful and easily shy beautiful girl, is really rare to find currently.

No matter what, today I must push down this girl!

Just when his hand is about to touch Wang Yuzheng’s arm, a hand suddenly press downs on his wrist.

“Apologize, she is my girl.”

Liu Yi suddenly jumps out shocking the men.

While Wang Yuzheng becomes joyful when she sees Liu Yi, like a stone has fallen off her heart.

She does not know why but Liu Yi is like her core.

In Wang Yuzheng’s heart as long as Liu Yi is around, even if the heavens collapse there are no worries.

“Bastard who the hell are you? Are you looking for death?”

That man instantly starts to scold.

Liu Yi holds tightly on to that ruffian’s hand as he says coldly: “Count to three and if you do not leave by then do not blame me for being rude.”

“Are you looking to die?”

The ruffians glance at each other and smiles, one of them even retorted: “Being rude? With just you? Hahaha have you not heard from the people within ten miles and eight streets about us brothers! How is it possible that this little fellow is worthy of such a beautiful lass? Bastard if you do not wish to die then scram off obediently and leave behind the girl!”

Wang Yuzheng looks at Liu Yi nervously.

What kind of decision will he make…

But the Liu Yi that I know will not sacrifice other people for his own safety…

Especially me…will he sacrifice me?


Liu Yi did not leave nor loosen his hand, instead he starts counting.

“Foolish idiot!”

The men start to scolds, “Looks like you are looking for death!”

Liu Yi did not continue counting, instead he picked up a chopstick and pierced it into that man’s palm.


A clear wood piercing through flesh sound followed by that man’s scream.

“Ah ah ah ah!”

That man kneels on the ground and holds his pierced hand crying out his lungs.

Fresh blood drips onto the ground scaring the surrounding people.

The other two ruffians were stunned and before they are able to react, Liu Yi kicks one of them flying and crashes into a table.

The stall owner is heartbroken, “My table ah!”

“Look for him for compensation!”

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Liu Yi points at the guy lying on top of the broken table.

At this time the last ruffian wakes up and turns around running off.

But Liu Yi did not wish to let him off so easily.

This bastard how dare he dare to take liberties from Wang Yuzheng!

Even I did not take liberties from her yet!

Liu Yi instantly chases after the ruffian, if I do not knock him down I shall not rest!

These bastards who bully the weak and fear the strong as well as disregarding the law, if I do not teach them a lesson, they will not know what is the meaning of wrong!

Liu Yi’s chasing speed is very fast but that fellow escapes like a rabbit.

[TL: lols why don’t you use more power to chase after him]

[KG: Trying to stay inconspicuous probably?]

In front of them the pedestrians are continuously knocked back and all kind of curses and scoldings ring out.

“Who the hell ah, do you have eyes or not!”

“Bastard, do you not have brains?!”

The crowd scolds in all directions and finally the ruffian knocks into a girl.


That girl instantly flies forward and grabs the girl in front of her.

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“Lele! Your chest knocked into me!”


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