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Chapter 1023 - Let’s gamble this once]

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Chapter 1023 [Let’s gamble this once]


Wu Meiniang instantly got a huge shock when she was raised up.

She did not expect that Liu Yi could escape from her control. How is this possible?

While Liu Yi is holding Wu Meiniang in his hand and says, “Wu Meiniang, I respect that you are a masculine woman but don’t be too much!”

“What is a masculine woman?”

When Wu Meiniang heard this, she feels very uncomfortable, “Why does it sound weird?”

Liu Yi gave a simple explanation, “Masculine woman is…a woman who is like a man!”

“Oh, so that is the case.”

Wu Meiniang nods her head, “I also feel the same. Women should be the same as men. Who says that women are weaker than men. Since ancient times, men and women are the same! What men can do, women can also do it!”

“Cough…what you say is right.”

Liu Yi nods his head while Wu Meiniang exerts strength and break free from Liu Yi’s hand and lands on the ground.

She looks at Liu Yi with some anger and says, “What technique did you use. Why have I not seen it before?”

This is Fog True Body, which is a technique from ancient times. Naturally, you will not know it.

Although Liu Yi thought of this in his mind, he did not say it out. Instead, he says, “China’s techniques are wide-ranging and profound. Naturally, there are lots that you do not know!”

“What you say is true.” Wu Meiniang nods her head, “This technique is rather mystical. This is the first time I have seen it. You are very impressive, but if you wish to deal with me, you are still too inexperienced.”

With that said, Liu Yi’s surroundings were immediately enveloped by smoke.

The surrounding changes into that extravagant palace as numerous beautiful palace maids start surrounding Liu Yi as they dance.

Wu Meiniang is standing at the centermost. She is wearing very few articles of clothes, revealing her shoulders and stomach.

She waves her long cloud gauze sleeves as she dances an erotic dance.

This dance is graceful, like all living beings will be mesmerized by it.

This kind of grace is most likely only possessed by Wu Meiniang. Liu Yi stands there, clapping his hands, encouraging Wu Meiniang.

“Not bad, your dance is really great! Dance again!”


Wu Meiniang tears off her cloud gauze sleeves angrily and toss them on the ground, and says with anger, “This concubine is the high and above empresses! Not a dancer!”

“How about this dancing at an evening show, it will be worth quite a sum of money!”

Although she does not know what is the meaning of what he said, Wu Meiniang feels that it is not something good.

“That’s enough already, Wu Meiniang. I am here not to watch your show. I am here to bring Luo Jun away.”

“As I had said before, no one can bring away my prey!”

Wu Meiniang smiles, “I am a demon. If I want to become stronger, I must consume the essence of humans. Although that fellow is slightly old, he still has some essence.”

“Come on, big sister. Your taste is too heavy!”

Liu Yi nearly cried out, “What is there anything good about that old man? Just let him go!”

Wu Meiniang asked sweetly, “If I let him go, who will accompany me?”

“Let me.” Liu Yi says, “Let me accompany you.”

“You are a very young man and seem to be rather nourishing.”

Wu Meiniang gives Liu Yi a charming look, “Just that…you are too hard to consume.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Could it be that you want to take off everything and wash up before lying down in front of you?”

“That sounds good.” Wu Meiniang nods her head, “We can give it a try.”

“Isn’t that lacking moral integrity?”

Liu Yi says, “Why don’t we change to another more elegant method?”

Wu Meiniang seems to be a bit curious, “What method?”

“Very simple.” Liu Yi says, “I’ll bring Luo Jun away from here, and you come out to find us. If you find us, I will have sex with you any time you want and allow you to suck my essence as you wish. What do you think?”

“Stop playing tricks with me!”

Wu Meiniang shouts, “After you exit, how can I find you all! I was sealed inside this painting by a senior monk! I cannot leave this place!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “I can help you leave, but you must return Luo Jun to me. What do you think?”

“You, you can release me?”

Wu Meiniang got a shock, “Can, you really do it?”

“Of course.”

Liu Yi crosses his arm and smiles, “Isn’t it just a senior monk’s seal? I can help you release it and help you leave.”

“Do you think that I am that easy to trick?”

Wu Meiniang sneers, “I, Wu Meiniang, entered the palace at the age of 14. What kind of person have I not seen before. What kind of records have I not seen before? It is impossible for you to use a few sentences to trick me into letting you out!”

“Why don’t you gamble.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “After all, I have given you the opportunity. Don’t force me to destroy your painting.”

“Based on you?”

Wu Meiniang sneers, “Although your techniques are a bit strange, your strength is far from enough!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi secretly mutters in his heart, {Immortal Fox sister, lend me your strength to use for a moment.}

{Okay.} Resounds Lin Tong’s voice in his body.

At this moment, a surge of boundless strength flows through Liu Yi’s body.

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His strength had dropped due to the injury caused by Little Black temporarily recover. Although it did not recover back to the peak, at the very least, it already surpassed Heaven Realm!

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