Ma’am You Have Been Uncovered

Road of Flowers, Yīlù Fán Huā, 一路烦花

Chapter 633 - Web Comic Volume (33): Revealing the Secret, Master Juan's Wrath

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Chapter 633: Web Comic Volume (33): Revealing the Secret, Master Juan’s Wrath

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A minute later, Butler Mu entered.

Beside him, Mo Zhihuai still greeted him politely, but Butler Mu was too shocked to even dare to speak freely. He only greeted Mo Zhihuai cautiously.

Needless to say, the Mo and Liu families of Shanghai were too iconic. Although their reign hadn’t been as long, their position in Shanghai was equivalent to the four major families in Beijing.

The Mu family’s roots were shallow and couldn’t be compared to the Mo family no matter which aspect it was. The Mu family only floated in the upper-middle tier of Shanghai and was incomparable to top giants like the Mo family.

The reason why Mu Zining had such a good reputation in Shanghai and in the Mu family wasn’t just because she was a comics author, but also because she was familiar with the Third Young Master of the Mo family.

Thus, he had greeted Mo Zhihuai very politely upon seeing him at Qin Ran’s place.

Butler Mu couldn’t help but remember how on the first day he came to Shanghai, Qin Ran had rejected his offer to send her off, saying that she had friends in Shanghai…

Could it have been Third Young Master Mo?

Butler Mu was still thinking about this when Cheng Mu handed him a cup of tea.

“Please sit down for a while. Madam is still talking to Mr. Ma.” Cheng Mu handed two cups of tea to Butler Mu and Mo Zhihuai respectively, then picked up the phone that he had put down and continued playing his game.

Mr. Ma?

Neither Mo Zhihuai nor Butler Mu had heard of Mr. Ma, and they followed Cheng Mu’s gaze to look at the balcony.

Qin Ran had her back to them and was speaking on her mobile phone, her expression and voice unclear.

The two of them curbed their curiosity and just sat cautiously with their teacups. Butler Mu didn’t dare to sit next to Mo Zhihuai and settled down beside Cheng Mu on the opposite side.

Sitting not far from Cheng Mu, Mo Zhihuai chatted idly with him. He was good at socializing and also knew that the people following Qin Ran weren’t simple characters.

Butler Mu didn’t attempt to join the conversation, but his eyes were attracted by the fancy game on Cheng Mu’s phone. “This game seems quite interesting. What game is it?”

The game had a villain that crashed through barriers and slowly cultivated skills. This type of game was rather peculiar and really attracted Butler Mu. “What is it called? I want to let my granddaughter play too.”

Butler Mu pushed his reading glasses.

Cheng Mu shook his head and explained to him, “This is a game that Madam’s younger brother designed. It won a special prize in the international youth group, but he didn’t sell the copyright, so it’s not available on the market. If you like it, you can add my WeChat, and I’ll send it to you.”

Holding his mobile phone, Butler Mu froze and was speechless.

Mo Zhihuai didn’t seem surprised and just laughed. “How old is Miss Qin’s brother?” he asked curiously.

Based on Qin Ran’s superb IT performance, it was only normal for her brother to be able to develop games.

“He’s 12 this year,” Cheng Mu said casually.

Qin Ling had been studying abroad with Tang Jun and rarely returned to China in the past two years. Because he followed Qin Ran, Qin Ling had contacted him more often. However, he rarely contacted him recently, presumably because he was busy with Tang Jun’s training.

Cheng Mu wasn’t clear about the specific details.

He was thinking about something when he was suddenly surprised to feel two pairs of eyes staring at him.

Looking up, he saw that both Butler Mu and Mo Zhihuai were staring at him.

“What’s the matter?” He scratched his head.

Butler Mu and Mo Zhihuai were both speechless.

After a long while, Cheng Mu realized in hindsight that they were probably marveling at Qin Ling’s age…

He added Butler Mu on WeChat and sent him the game.

Butler Mu stayed at Qin Ran’s place for nearly an hour and left after convincing her to go to the Mu family.

On the way back, he sat in the car thinking about life, and he was so solemn that his chauffeur glanced at him curiously.

When he returned home, he happened to bump into Mu Zining, who was talking to Old Master Mu.

After the incident about the convenient reading, Mu Zining had become less arrogant than before and had started to contact other people actively. After all, she was the screenwriter of “The Realm of Gods” and had enough authority for people to give her face.

“You’ll have to apologize sincerely to Third Young Master Mo. He’ll probably forgive you,” Old Master Mu coughed and said solemnly to her. “Businessmen always place their interests first. You should just lay low for now in the media and wait for this wave to blow over. We still have the big pharmaceutical project in our hands. Even if we ignore the Mo family, there’ll still be others.”

“Young Master Mo doesn’t want to see me now.” Mu Zining sighed. She saw Butler Mu out of the corner of her eye and asked, “Butler Mu, where have you been?”

“He went to invite Xiao Nan’s cousin to our house.” Old Master Mu also turned to him. “Butler Mu, has she agreed?”

Butler Mu looked up at them. “She…”

“Grandpa, I still have an appointment with Mr. Xu. You guys can talk first.” Upon hearing them mention Mu Nan and his cousin, Mu Zining took her bag, nodded slightly towards Old Master Mu, and left.

She was now busy repairing her relationship with the Mo family and building connections like a spinning top.

She really wasn’t interested in Mu Nan and his cousin.

Butler Mu naturally paused and stopped talking.

Once Mu Zining had left, he turned back to Old Master Mu.

“His cousin didn’t agree?” Old Master Mu looked at his expression and was worried.

“That’s not it, she said she’ll come.” Butler Mu shook his head and looked quietly at Old Master Mu. “I just wanted to say that I saw Young Master Mo at his cousin’s place…”

“Cough, cough…” Upon hearing this, Old Master Mu choked on the warm water that he was drinking.

Butler Mu explained it from beginning to end.

Standing at the side, Project Director Mu was extremely surprised. “I don’t know who Mu Nan’s cousin is, but… Didn’t Miss Zining want to contact Young Master Mo…”

“Enough.” Old Master Mu shook his head and put down the cup onto the table. “Let’s stop discussing Xiao Nan’s cousin.”

He wanted to repair his relationship with Mu Nan, not make him and his cousin feel like their Mu family were trying to take advantage of them.

Butler Mu and Project Director Mu both knew what Old Master Mu was thinking. They exchanged glances and both remained silent.

Two more days passed.

This year, Old Master Mu didn’t hold a big birthday celebration. He didn’t make a big deal of his birthday and only planned to bring a few close people to the Mu family’s house.

At 8 am, all the Mu family juniors had come to brush up on their favorable impressions.

Even Mu Zining and Mu Zongxi, who had always been busy, didn’t go out.

Old Master Mu got dressed and received a wave of blessings from the juniors. Then, he sat down in the garden downstairs and asked the butler, “Why hasn’t Xiao Nan come yet?”

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Standing beside him and making ginseng tea, Butler Mu said, “Young Master seems to be rather busy these days. I haven’t received any news from his cousin, either.”

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