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Chapter 496 - Your Reasoning Skills are very Impressive

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Chapter 496 Your Reasoning Skills are very Impressive

As he held the test, He An explained each question to Pei Qian.

“You answered a few questions well!

“For example, you referred to Ghost General’s artistic style as ‘epic ink oil painting style’ and Game Designer’s central idea as ‘a speaker’s fate was to be misunderstood’. They were both very accurate and appropriate descriptions, and they sounded very professional! “Some of your answers were quite misleading, but you’ve got the general idea.

“Take the last question, for example. You said that Repent and be Saved’s epitaph reflected the designer’s wish to dissuade gamers at all costs. I can’t say that that answer is wrong, but it’s not correct either.

“The correct answer is one level deeper. The designer wanted to dissuade gamers to play hard to get. You should have answered ‘it reflected the designer’s firm grip on the gamers’ hearts’.

“A few other questions were answered very ridiculously.

“For example, you said that the designer should give up his own requirements and allow the concept artist to express himself freely. Of course, you cannot do that! That is, unless your concept artist is a real artist.

“Yet, who can guarantee that the random artist that you engage for your game has the standards of a professional artist? Thus, you have to ensure that your list of art resources is accurate and detailed enough.

“You also answered that The Lonely Desert Road was meant to make gamers so bored that they would give up on the game altogether, that the main reason that the Red Kilin was priced at 888 yuan was to dissuade gamers from purchasing it, and that Game Designer’s sales technique was shoddy.

“All of those are ridiculously wrong!

“I’ve totaled up your score for all the questions. Although I still can’t tell what your real standard is, I have a rough guess.”

He An looked very confident as if he had everything under control. All of a sudden, Pei Qian felt curious about what he was going to say next.

Could this boss really see so deeply into Pei Qian with just a few simple questions? “Please go ahead.” Pei Qian was very sincere because he really wanted to know what kind of standard he was at and how much he really knew about games.

He An rubbed his chin, looking every bit like a detective.

“It is not like an outsider who’s focusing on the investment industry to be able to summarize the artistic style and central idea of games so accurately. That’s unless you heard of those phrases somewhere and took them down.

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“The misleading answers show that you don’t have a deep understanding of games; you only have half the required understanding, and you are lacking in the spirit of delving deeper. Of course, you’re not lacking in determination, but… you don’t prioritize delving deep into things. You don’t reap much benefit from doing so.

“As for the questions that you got ridiculously wrong… they’re worth ruminating over.

“Logically, even an outsider who knows nothing about the game industry would at least understand the relationship between the concept artist and the designer, right? Answers like ‘the game was meant to dissuade gamers’ would also seem very illogical. Those answers contain a lot of subjectivity.”

He An’s eyes were bright as he looked at Pei Qian craftily and confidently. “It looks like you’ve set a riddle for me as well, right?”

Pei Qian looked shocked.

Is he really that amazing?

Can he tell so much from my answers? Can he tell that I’m Boss Pei, the designer of the games?

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with countless questions. At that moment, he was at a loss for words.

He An could not help but laugh. “I knew it! I was right!

“Boss Ma, I guessed that you and Boss Pei are good friends in real life. Your relationship is not as simple as that between superior and subordinate. Instead, you’re more like friends or brothers, right?

“You probably heard the accurate summary of the games’ artistic style and central idea when you were chatting with Boss Pei, and that was when you made notes.

“Delving deep into the game industry is not your priority because you’re busy with the investment business. You can’t afford to spare time and energy to find out more, and that’s why your understanding is incomplete.

“As for your ridiculously wrong answers… perhaps he cracked a joke with you while both of you were talking and said that the game was meant to dissuade gamers; perhaps he was being modest and said that Game Designer’s sales technique was shoddy. Yet, because your understanding of game design isn’t deep enough, you were taken in!

“The fact that you and Boss Pei can chat nonchalantly and joke around shows that both of you are quite close.

“The fact that you were taken in by Boss Pei’s jokes shows that you’re excessively honest…

“Am I right? Boss Ma?”

Once He An finished, he looked at ‘Ma Yang’ confidently.

Without a doubt, Pei Qian knew that if He An had facial hair, he would be stroking his beard and looking pleased with himself by now. However, he did not have facial hair. Thus, he continued rubbing his chin. The look on his face said that he knew there was only one truth.

At that moment, Pei Qian had no idea how to respond.

There was one thing that He An did not know, and he had started on the wrong footing from the beginning. Yet, for some reason, he had arrived at an accurate conclusion…

He had guessed Ma Yang’s special habits and characteristics correctly. He had even managed to guess that Ma Yang and Pei Qian were as close as brothers.

The accuracy of his hypothesis was very strange.

What’s more, He An had started off on the wrong footing, and he had applied solid logic and reasoning

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That was even more amazing.

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