Long Live Summons

Xia Fei Shuang Jia, 霞飞双颊

Chapter 791.2 - For Your Own Good

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Chapter 791.2 [For Your Own Good]

In the Tong Tian Tower.

On the tenth floor.

Endless Sea, Falling Star Islands.

Yue Yang returned here, and besides coming to fetch the Ocean Empress, Hai Ying Wu to go to the Heaven Staircase, he also made an appointment to meet with Tian Zhu, Dragon Emperor, the Emperor of the Underworld and Elder Nan Gong who were undergoing harsh training at the Heaven Realm Gate.

“Could it be that there has been another disturbance in the Heaven Realm?” Tian Zhu was a typical warmonger, and fighting and killing were the things closest to his heart.

“Is there something good for us?” What the Dragon Emperor thought of was what Yue Yang had researched something new again and wanted everyone to test it out.

“We are late!” The Great Demon King Baruth, Ha Xin and the others did not receive Yue Yang’s invitation, but they knew that it was better to be thick-skinned and not need Yue Yang to open his mouth, and directly chose to arrive uninvited. Anyway, as long as they were able to make some real contribution, Yue Yang this brat did not like to owe people, and would not shortchange them, and will more or less reward them in return.

“Good, you’re just in time.” Yue Yang hadn’t wanted to call on them, but this next thing he was planning to do would require a lot of people, the more the merrier.

Yue Yang didn’t say anything, he just opened a teleportation gate to the first floor of the Heaven Staircase.

Tian Zhu and the others were puzzled. What’s the point of going to the Heaven Staircase?

In the Water World at the first floor of the Heaven Staircase, a ‘Yong Hui Chief’ was sealed, some time ago, everyone had taken turns to abuse it. However, it wasn’t a good cultivation method to keep abusing Yong Hui, besides that guy also chose to surrender, it was just that without Yue Yang’s final nod, he would still have to continue to sit there in a water prison.

As for Yuehang, who had hidden in the grimoire after being severely injured, he had recently been chased and beaten up by Tian Zhu and the others so much that he could only flee every time he saw them.

It’s just that this guy wasn’t as headstrong as Yong Hui, after being chased for a few days he had then given up all resistance.

And announced his surrender.

He was now recuperating.

Could it be that this excursion to the Heaven Staircase was because some new ancient powerhouse had broken the seal?

All of them were a little surprised when they thought about it this way, who was this expert that even Third Young Master Yue had to gather all the experts in Tong Tian Tower to go against?

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“Don’t overthink it, no one is breaking the seal for the time being.” Yue Yang was able to see through the thoughts of the people and waved his hands, not mentioning the real Heaven Staircase, but instead talking about the Training Grounds in the Heaven Realm: “In the Heaven Realm, there is a place where both Empress Fei Wen Li and Prison Emperor had gone in to train, and there are ten stages in total.

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