Lady Su’s Revenge

Xian Xian, 鲜仙

Chapter 507 - The Retribution Was Coming

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Chapter 507 The Retribution Was Coming

Just then, Su Li saw a handsome young man, who exuded the Ling Qinglan’s traits, opened his hands. Then the spiritual fire behind him rose much higher suddenly. Although there was no wind, the flames twisted crazily like a huge and ferocious monster that was roaring wantonly.

At the same time, the cold woman, who had exuded the Yin Xue’s pneuma beside the handsome young man, stepped forward and mumbled some words. The mysterious pneuma around her fluttered continuously, and turned into a grotesque dark purple portal gradually, through which a faint light of blood shone, like a big bloody mouth that hadn’t opened yet.

The hard eyes of the cold woman glanced at the disciples in the back three rows on the square. She stretched out her slender fingertips to point countless spiritual lights scattering.

The next moment—

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

On the square, beams of spiritual lights rose into the sky from futons, illuminating their sacred faces.

A weird smile appeared on the cold woman’s face. Her voice was gently and showed a strong bewitching power, “Come on, plunge into the flames. You will live forever and become a part of the Mirage Immortal. It is a supreme honor…”


Su Li suddenly felt scorching heat around her, and then saw another pillar of spiritual lights rising into the sky. With his cheeks tightened, the pale young man looked paler. He stood up from the futon just like everyone else.

“I was…chosen? Why… I don’t want to be integrated with the Old Ancestor of the Mirage Immortal. Disgusting!!!”

Deep resentment burnt his internal organs. But his body couldn’t be controlled to step towards the flames. The voice of the cold woman still echoed in his ears, like a magic sound.

Finally, the first group of disciples of the tribe who walked in front stepped into the flames. The high temperature of the flame evaporated their tears instantly, only leaving the extremely suppressed screams and the sound of burning bones.



The spiritual fire was so powerful that all the disciples with low level of cultivation were burned into ashes as soon as they entered.

Su Li stared at the giant portal behind the cold woman. In her eyes, she clearly saw that the disciples of the Tianyin Tribe were burned to death, turning into special energy and pouring in the portal. The purple black around the portal became thicker, and the crack of the door became larger. The blood-red liquid seemed to flow out in the next instant, which was extremely strange and evil.

Su Li touched her ring finger subconsciously, while she did not touch the Black Lotus Ring. Her lips curled up.

“Massacring the people in the same tribe. Such a cold-blooded tribe shouldn’t survive in the world. Today I will enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, and help you liberate…”

Her cold voice swept across the square like a breeze. In an instant, the instruction on all sacrifices were broken.

At this moment, the entire square fell into silence. The sacrifices’ eyes widened, and they even forgot to escape just then.

Someone dared to make trouble at the sacrificial activity?!

The handsome young man and the cold woman were frightened and angry because they never expected such an accident. Their faces became gloomy immediately.

The cold woman waved her hands. Then the purple-black portal spread and covered the entire square instantly to prevent anyone from escaping. With stern beautiful eyes sweeping across the square, she said in a gloomy, “Where is the sneaker? Stand out and go to hell!”

Facing many shocked faces, Su Li stood up with a smile and patted her costume of ordinary disciples. Her lips did not move, but her voice came to everyone’s ears clearly.

“Do only eighty percent of young disciples come here? Well, it’s better than no one is killed…”

As soon as she finished her words, Su Li suddenly disappeared in situ.

The cold woman’s and the handsome young man’s pupils constricted. A death threat enveloped them. Without another word, each of them took out a rune to smash it. The cyan light on the altar rose sharply. As countless blades reflecting cyan light flied in the air wildly, more than half of disciples were injured accidentally in the blink of an eye.

Amidst the cyan light, the handsome young man’s expression relaxed slightly. A cold look appeared on his face, “Father and the elders must have discovered, so as long as I hold on for a moment, I will get out of…”

Without warning, a pitch-black claw cut through his body from his back.

The handsome young man felt a sharp pain in his chest. Then he had a blackout and didn’t know anything.

Su Li’s eyes were calm. Although countless blades reflecting cyan light pierced her pitch-dark body, she, carrying the young man’s head, was not injured at all. The black of the edge of the bloody hole in the young man’s chest quickly spread, and turned his corpse into black completely in the blink of an eye. Then the corpse turned into black powder, floated and disappeared, only leaving unconscious soul light group shining in the air.

“Eighty percent of Ling Qinglan’s soul is concentrated on this person. I am in luck.”

Su Li smiled slightly, and threw the soul light group into the nightmare’s mouth calmly. Then she killed the cold woman in the same way and obtained sixty percent of Yin Xue’s soul.

After finishing it, Su Li waved away the flying blades reflecting cyan light. The purple-black portal on the square was still in motion and not affected by the cold woman.

“Sure enough, the portal is an evil treasure.”

Su Li didn’t even look at the talents of Tianyin Tribe on the square, and walked towards the giant purple-black portal. Every time she took a step, black water gushed from her feet. The entire square was flooded in the blink of an eye. No matter what method the disciples and talents of Tianyin Tribe used, they could not withstand the invasion of the black water, which eventually came into contact with their skin.

The seemingly cold black water turned into scorching fire toxin instantly and turned the square into a sea of fire like cooking oil fire, leaving a living hell-like square.

“What is that?!”

“Help me, help me…”

“Ahh, I am the future of the lineage. I can’t die!”

“Why! Ah—”

The pale young man trembled violently, and stared at the scene in front of him blankly. The black water around him seemed to have spirit, and automatically bypassed him without hurting him. But he was not happy at all.

Even if he survived from this demon woman as the only survivor in this disaster because of his words, would the Tribe let him go?

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Definitely not!

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