Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成

Chapter 558 - Heading West to Find Old Friends and the Secret Revealed

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Chapter 558 Heading West to Find Old Friends and the Secret Revealed

Zhixiu has already decided to deal with the trouble on the Hasa Star. It is related to his accomplishment in Buddhism for several generations, so Lin Luoran cannot express her opinions casually. The strong perfume at the source of the Luoye River reminds them of the rat monster and its Hasa Mi Sect, which makes them disgusted. Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan have decided to leave through the interstellar transmission circle.

Thousands of demons, trapped on the top of the tree, are guardians who protect the interstellar transmission circle. Zhixiu opens a channel among the demons for Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan. He also checks the magic circle. Fortunately, it is still working.

Lin Luoran knows nothing about the second-rate spiritual world. Zhixiu was chased by the Yinshan School all the way and came to this Hasa Star by accident. They have no idea about the coordinates of teleportation destinations.

After entering the transmission circle, Mu Tiannan reminds Lin Luoran. She finally remembers she has the jade stairs “star atlas”.

Lin Luoran takes it out for a closer look. There is a shining star as a “red dot” on the back of the second step. Is it the Hasa Star where they are now?

Lin Luoran suddenly has an idea when she recalls Zhixiu saying that she may gain something if she heads west after she leaves the Hasa Star. She tries to use her spiritual mind to connect the Hasa Star with its nearest star to the west on the star atlas. Thin white lines connect the two stars together. The interstellar transmission circle with spirit stones shines, and moves automatically.

Before saying goodbye to Zhixiu, they disappear in the transmission circle light wall.

This time, the teleportation is between two adjacent stars. Therefore, it takes much less time than it was when Xin Yuanping plotted them to leave the Tiankui Star and come to the Hasa Star.

The transmission experience is uncomfortable, but it is soon over. Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan walk out of the transmission circle. They find that the transmission circle at this end is built in a quiet stone hall. They open the door and walk out, and they actually see a very busy fair.

People are the same as them in terms of race and skin color. There are continuous rows of houses. The ground is covered with blue bricks, and men, women and children dressed in Huaxia costumes walk on it. They totally ignore these two people who just walk out of the stone house.

There are people selling magic figures and Training Qi tricks. Restaurants smell extremely good. There are all kinds of stalls, making people feel that they are in a different era.

The only difference between this fair and the ordinary one is that pedestrians and street hawkers are all cultivators!

Cultivators of Training Qi period and Laying Foundation period are the most common. Occasionally, Bearing Essence cultivators walking in a hurry can also be seen. As for Gathering Vitality cultivators, there is no trace. Lin Luoran is very sensitive. These weak cultivators do not turn a blind eye to them. They are peeking at them secretly. A few people are eager, as if they are going to come up to talk to them the next moment. However, Brother Mu is cold. They feel the pressure from him, so they are hesitating at this moment.

Having lived for hundreds of years, these two people have seen everything. To understand the local situation as soon as possible, Mu Tiannan suggests that they can go to a restaurant.

Seeing the two entering the nearest restaurant together, some people who have been eager are very upset.

A figure paper hawker blames an elixir hawker for his cowardice. The elixir hawker feels wronged and murmurs, “No one knows they are rich men or senior cultivators with a strange temperament. Zhu Qi, you are brave. Why don’t you go to the restaurant and figure it out?”

The figure paper hawker snorts twice. He tidies up his robe and returns to his stall. He continues to sell a bunch of messy magic figures.

This fair is big and there are a lot of hawker cultivators. It’s really difficult to run a business here. Zhu Qi looks up and sees Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan sitting next to the window on the third floor. They don’t hide from people, and he will never invade their privacy. Maybe he can really have a try.

After a moment, his cultivator competitors all give up. Zhu Qi’s eyes roll twice, and he bows to Mu Tiannan.

“Senior cultivators must be bored of the interstellar journey. Would you like to hear me talking about new things about the Lanhu Star?”

Of course, Mu Tiannan and Lin Luoran have noticed that this little cultivator downstairs has been paying attention to them. They chose the position by the window not for tasting the local food. Mu Tiannan can know that this hawker is smart. Besides, he is not always staring at Lin Luoran so he is kind of well-behaved. He nods at him and motions him to come up.

Zhu Qi is a smart person who has been in the market for a long time. If he gets a chance to talk, maybe he will make some big deals. Mu Tiannan agrees, so he closes his stall, packs his things, and runs to the restaurant swiftly.

Cultivators who wanted to win the business see it and feel very regretful. Zhu Qi is going to strike it rich this time.

Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan have ordered spirit wine on the table. The smell can make a person in endless aftertaste. In fact, its Reiki is not as good as that of the fruit wine Lin Luoran brewed. With their personal ability, they don’t think a variety of popular spirit wines, fruit, and vegetables in the restaurant are something special. However, Zhu Qi totally doesn’t think so.

The mellow taste of wine and the delicate scent of spirit fruit on the table linger on the tip of his nose. Zhu Qi enters the private room on the third floor and he soon feels refreshing.

Zhu Qi has a flattering smile on his face. He is not a Buddhist cultivator nor a Taoist. He looks like an individual cultivator in his thirties who makes a living in the market. In fact, Mu Tiannan has asked the restaurant waiters about the general situation of the Lanhu Star earlier. They also occupied a high position with a panoramic view of the city to collect information. It was Lin Luoran who said that the middle-aged man downstairs had been peeking at them. Cultivators are different in ranks. However, to make a living, streetwise people probably know more about this planet.

Zhu Qi greets them again, and Mu Tiannan motions him to sit down and talk in detail.

The restaurant waiter adds a glass of wine for Zhu Qi and then leaves wisely. There are now only three people in the room. Lin Luoran looks at him, and the knowledgeable Zhu Qi suddenly can’t help being nervous.

Lin Luoran says with a gentle tone, “We have just arrived here, and we don’t know much about this Lanhu Star. You can just tell us some local customs. There is no need to be nervous.”

Zhu Qi smiles awkwardly. Lin and Mu came out of the transmission circle and they didn’t seem to belong to any school. Cultivators who were eager to sell things to them thought they were Gathering Vitality senior cultivators who could travel among stars by themselves. Therefore, they dare not offend them. But looking closely at them, Zhu Qi doesn’t think these two people are arrogant high-rank cultivators. Zhu Qi thinks maybe they are two apprentices of a famous school who don’t want to reveal their identities—if cultivators with personal ability below the Gathering Vitality period want to travel among stars, they must have magic weapons and spirit stones. The cost of spirit stones in the interstellar transmission circle is amazing. Even unimportant apprentices of famous schools in the Lanhu Star can’t afford it, not to mention some local individual cultivators. The transmission circle shines, and spirit stones are gone!

“I don’t know what information two senior cultivators want to know. I will definitely tell you everything I know.” Zhu Qi sits on the chair and it’s not comfortable. The attitude of the two people on the opposite is very nice, but Zhu Qi thinks he is wrong this time. He may misjudge two high-rank cultivators as rich “suckers” protected by famous schools to travel across stars.

“For example, what schools does the Lanhu Star have?” Mu Tiannan’s slender fingers knock on the table gently. He looks elegant and cozy, which makes Zhu Qi breathe a sigh of relief deeply. He sorts out what he knows in his mind, and he only talks about things he is sure about.

The “Lanhu Star” is adjacent to the Hasa Star, which is actually a famous planet in the second-rate spiritual world.

Approximately, 75% of this star is land. The terrain is strategically situated and difficult to access. Therefore, it is difficult for mortals to live here. Besides, the environment of barren hills and turbulent rivers is the best for all kinds of monsters to hide. Although monsters are a big problem, they also stand for “fortune” in the eyes of cultivators. Thousands of years ago, the Lanhu Star was marked by the star atlas of the world of cultivation for the first time. Then its mainland was soon occupied by some famous schools.

The transmission circle was built on such a fair full of weak cultivators. It was because famous schools did not trust each other. They deliberately chose such a desolate place in the mortal world of the Lanhu Star. The interstellar transmission circle was built, and it was the consensus that no school could meddle with the transmission circle. The Lanhu Star was a star full of monsters, which was also a special resource for cultivation. Refining weapons, making boluses, and drawing figure paper… many things about cultivation were closely connected with the material from monsters. Since the transmission circle was built in the Lanhu Star, many cultivators came to this star. It had been prosperous for some years. The interstellar transmission circle was built in a barren place, but individual cultivators gradually gathered there. Gradually, it became a big city.

“Some senior cultivators said that the Lanhu Star was famous in the entire world of cultivation. However, there are not so many monsters now. After thousands of years, a large number of monsters were almost killed. Now, there are only some low-rank monsters that famous schools look down on or some powerful monsters that even these schools can’t conquer.”

Monsters are not vegetables, so they can’t grow back again. The Lanhu Star has no other mineral deposits. It doesn’t keep being prosperous for a long time.

However, the influence of the world of cultivation on this star does not stop. This planet has already seen the wonder of personal ability enhancement. It will never return to the state of ignorance. Local individual cultivators like Zhu Qi dream of being enrolled by famous schools. They want to leave the Lanhu Star whose environment is getting tougher and tougher.

In other words, the Lanhu Star and the Tiankui star are both half-abandoned planets by the standard of the world of cultivation.

Should they continue to go west to the next star?

After thinking for a while, Lin Luoran doesn’t just give up. She asks, “Do you know the territories of different schools on the Lanhu Star in detail?”

The territories of schools in the Lanhu Star are never a secret. Zhu Qi divides the continent into the south, east, north, and west part. He sorts out the schools that have branches on the Lanhu Star at present. Lin and Mu have little understanding of the world of cultivation. They only know the Yinshan School. The school names Zhu Qi is talking about are extremely unfamiliar to them.

Zhu Qi is indeed a good guide. He speaks clearly, so Lin Luoran can notice a missing point quickly as soon as he finishes speaking.

“How about the west? Is the west completely unoccupied?”

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Zhu Qi is stunned, and then he smiles, “Senior cultivator, you may not know this. Rivers of the Lanhu Star converge to the west. The extreme west is the sea area that occupies a very large area of the Lanhu Star.”

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