Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成

Chapter 557 - “Awareness of Others” After Seven Generations of Cultivation

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Chapter 557 “Awareness of Others” After Seven Generations of Cultivation

Mu Tiannan pinches the red light ball with disgust. When he speaks, he even squeezes it hard. The rat monster really wants to vomit a mouthful of blood again.

When the rat monster is distracted, Lin Luoran finally seizes the chance. She uses her fingers as a pen and catches the pulse of “fire” swiftly—a golden word figure has been written. The fire is ignited everywhere, and then it forms a cocoon. The rat monster is trapped.

In fact, “Thunder” is the best to deal with monsters. However, Lin Luoran herself is a person with Divinization personal ability but has not yet passed the doom. She doesn’t dare to summon purple lightning—maybe before it smashes the rat monster, she has to go through the “Divinization Doom”.

Golden word figures are derived from the Great Truths, which is the most orthodox inheritance of the man in the robe. Every time she studies them carefully, she always gets enlightened.

The word “fire” written by Lin Luoran with her Divinization personal ability is quite different from the word she wrote when she first learned it during the interstellar wandering.

In the past, traces of the “fire” can be seen. However, now the fire is burning without a source and it seems nothing can extinguish it.

Mu Tiannan cultivates to be a monster with a human body. He avoids the fire cocoon instinctively when it traps the rat monster. No one knows what the feeling of the rat monster in the fire cocoon is.

“Can it kill him?”

Mu Tiannan moves forward, pinching the small red light ball. Lin Luoran looks inside the fire cocoon—Buddhism light is protecting the rat monster. Unless he is completely disconnected with his power of faith from Hasa, Lin Luoran also doesn’t know how long this will last.

However, no one knows which place can cut off the connection between the rat monster and his followers in Hasa.

The power of faith is a connection that cannot be separated even by boundary of worlds. Lin Luoran herself is a typical example. She left the earth through the Tower of Babel and came to this world. However, there are still many threads invisible to the naked eye. Her believers on the earth are still sending faith light balls to her.

“Lay Buddhist Lin!”

Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan hear Zhixiu’s voice so they fall to the ground and head to the soil pit where the bodhi tree was uprooted.

From the pit, they can see the huge underground area is just below the golden temple. The soil on the edge of the pit is falling down constantly. Young Buddhist monk Zhixiu sits cross-legged among demons. Seeing they showing up, he smiles bitterly.

“These demons were terribly tortured when they were alive, so their grievances have lingered for many years after their death. They hate the rat monster most. They are the best to pollute wishes of so many people.”

Zhixiu’s tone is bitter. He recites scriptures and demons are trapped around him. It’s obvious that their pain has been relieved. However, once these thousands of demons see the rat monster, they will definitely rage again.

It is almost dawn. Lin Luoran faintly knows what Zhixiu worries about. However, the current situation does not leave her extra options. She has to lead the fire cocoon into the circle of demons.

Two different flames meet. The former tortures demons while the latter purifies evil. An open space appears in the circle of demons and Zhixiu flies up in the air. Demons detect the breath of the rat monster, and all Zhixiu’s appeasing work becomes useless. They surround the cocoon like flying moths darting into the fire. Their filthy power suppresses the most devout power.

Lin Luoran can see that the rising light balls of faith under the mountain cannot get close to the pit of the demons. The rat monster now doesn’t have any support!

The rat monster in the fire cocoon finally notices something is wrong. In the beginning, he curses. At dawn, he begs them desperately.

He resorts to both mild and stern measures. However, he can’t touch the three hearts that become ruthless as gold and iron because of the misery of thousands of demons. The daylight is a problem for demons. At daybreak, Mu Tiannan even spreads his wings to cover the pit of the demons tightly.

It is clear. Once the rat monster’s reserve force is cut off, the fire cocoon will burn its defenses and then burn its body, exposing his primordial spirit that has been hidden very well.

At that time, believers and monks of Hasa will realize who is the real evil abomination!

After dawn, monks of the Hasa Mi Sect take action. Hasa Mi Sect has existed for many years. Naturally, it has a special internal contact method. The Buddha’s birthday was just celebrated, so believers and monks from all over the country are in Ramoye. At dawn, Lin Luoran finds that many people are rushing up the mountain.

Fanatic believers are not afraid of death at all. In their opinion, evil abominations are doing evil deeds and the true Buddha is in trouble. In order to save the Buddha, the sacrifice of their worthless mortal body will be recognized by the Buddha and then they can enter the Pure Land of Nirvana.

Lin Luoran is moved by their spirit, but she does not approve of their behavior.

Thinking it over, she casts an art of nature and projects the scene under the pit of demons on the sky.

The distorted shadows of thousands of young women are highlighted, and some people are shocked.

Lin Luoran snorts, “These demons are the victims of your Buddha Lord. No one can stop me from killing such a devil!”

Zhixiu chants and bows his head to recite sutra. He closes his eyes as clear as spring, and there is water flashing in his eyes. His heart is extremely soft because of his wisdom of the past life in reincarnation.

The fire keeps burning for totally three days. Lin Luoran’s Meta has been almost consumed. Thousands of demons are crying, and it totally affects the state of the rat monster in the fire cocoon. In other cases, this fake Buddha can stay calm. However, now he is surrounded by thousands of creatures that he once hurt. A loophole appears so the majestic Buddhism light of compassion and fascination fades like water. He is soon defeated. No matter how powerful the human body he possesses is, it cannot withstand the continuously burning of fire.

During these three days, fanatical monks and believers have been trying to climb the mountain, but they are all slapped away by Mu Tiannan with his wings. On the fourth day, the sun jumps out of the top of the mountain full of broken stones. Sunshine illustrates Hasa Mi Buddha golden body temple which was glorious and sacred. A howl rings all over Buddhism city Ramoye. The rat monster’s primordial spirit turns into a group of mist and tries to escape. However, thousands of demons work together to pull it back.

A giant white rat flashes in the sky above the Buddhism City, and the rich fragrance in Luoye River is still there. The scene contrasts with the crying believers who seem to be crazy, which is really ironic.

“He fooled civilians and murdered innocent women—killing him is definitely righteous… “Lin Luoran hasn’t thought of killing someone for a long time. She didn’t even have such an idea when she met Xin Yuanping again. However, the only thing in her mind now is to destroy the rat monster’s soul and his chance in reincarnation!

Zhixiu sighs for many times, “Lay Buddhist Mu, could you please throw the essence of the bodhi tree into the fire?”

Mu Tiannan has been holding the small red light ball for three days. It is a pity to throw it away, but he can’t eat it. Hearing Zhixiu’s words, he throws it into the fire.

The bodhi tree is ignorant and it is not intelligent. Its life essence is definitely not as strong as the primordial spirit of the rat monster. It is burned the moment it touches the fire. The rat monster screams again. It is really in great pain.

At noon, the primordial spirit of the rat monster has become very weak. Lin Luoran estimates his remaining power and removes the fire cocoon.

She stops it for two reasons. Firstly, the Meta in her body has been exhausted. Secondly, sometimes people can be less resentful if they take revenge in person.

At first, the demons can’t believe the fire cocoon has disappeared. After realizing it’s true, they rush up. These demons tear and eat the weak primordial spirit of the rat monster!

This white rat eating the Buddha lamp oil was enlightened by Buddhism light and became intelligent. If it was diligent in personal ability enhancement, it might achieve a great success in the good environment of the spiritual world. However, rats are always cunning and sly. It wanted to gather wishes to become a Buddha. Now its body and soul are both gone. It is totally destroyed and it cannot be alive.

As the rat monster’s primordial spirit disappears, the power of faith he has gathered loses the leader and runs around. Believers and monks are sad and at a loss. Thinking about their future, they are all at a loss because they don’t know what to do.

The whole Buddhism city Ramoye is crying. Even the king of Hasa sheds tears on the throne when he hears the news.

The crying will be heard across the continent in the next few days. Lin Luoran looks down at the civilians on the banks of the Luoye River who are bleeding because of kowtow. She tries her best to stay calm.

In addition to black and white areas, there are gray zones in this world. Many things can’t simply be defined as right or wrong.

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The rat monster established Hasa Mi Sect to fool people. He distorts doctrines, but it is his own Tao… If Lin Luoran had not seen thousands of demons, her original intention would be to leave this star through the interstellar transmission circle. She would not want to kill the rat monster.

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