Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成

Chapter 556 - The Cross-Border Cooperation Among a Monster, a Taoist, and a Buddha

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Chapter 556 The Cross-Border Cooperation Among a Monster, a Taoist, and a Buddha

Marking the primordial spirit with Buddhism secret ability and going to a lower world to possess and cultivate to be a Buddha—

For such kind of behavior, Mu Tiannan and Lin Luoran both think it is really scary. What kind of Buddha he is? What the rat monster does today is totally a demonized trick. He must eavesdrop the secrets of Buddhism—and knows the Tao proved by gods and Buddhas is closely related to the power of faith. Messages from the eavesdropping are always incomplete. If one can become a Buddha by fooling people to get the power of faith, then gods and Buddhas really mean nothing.

Lin Luoran apotheosized herself. At that time, she had good timing, geographical convenience, and good human relations. Without the gold ware and the gold stamp from heaven, she can never deify herself.

Gods and Buddhas are not equal to “immortals”. If cultivators are enlightened by the Tao of nature, they can naturally become immortals. However, gods and Buddhas have to hold positions. The positions of gods have to be canonized by heaven, while “buddhas” have to be recognized by the guiding light of the spirit mountain.

Besides this rat monster, Lin Luoran has met more than one monster that wants to snatch her godhead. Hundreds of years ago, Yamata no Orochi of Nihon also did a similar thing.

At that time, her personal ability was low, and Yamata no Orochi chose to perish together with her. It was the remaining soul of the goddess of Nihon “Konohananosakuyahime” who dissipated all her power of faith and then defeated it. But now, although the rat monster was born in the spiritual world, he could only maintain his primordial spirit and then possess an unborn child. In contrast, Lin Luoran now has the personal ability of Divinization, while Mu Tiannan and Zhixiu can help her. If they still can’t defeat this rat monster, won’t their personal ability of centuries be like a joke?

However, Zhixiu “woke up” from a hazy state. It is said that he has been in that situation for more than 70 years. With his ability, he still couldn’t handle the rat monster… or maybe he had other considerations during that period?

After learning Lin Luoran’s doubts, the young Buddhist monk feels more embarrassed.

“Buddhism holy spells are mainly for enlightening all beings. Except for Buddhist cultivators’ natural ability to restrain monsters, we don’t have much offensive power. This rat monster gathers wishes and hides his primordial spirit deeply. The holy spell of Buddhism can’t deal with him. More importantly, he has been on this star for many years. This cult is so good at deceiving—“old institutions die hard.” If I can’t uproot it all at once, Hasa Mi Sect’s revenge power is enough to turn the entire continent into a real hell.”

Lin Luoran understands his explanation immediately. Zhixiu is modest. He can deal with the rat monster, but he can’t handle the subsequent incident without others’ help.

“This bodhi tree is a rare species of a thousand years. The rat monster uses demons as a nutrient to raise the bodhi tree and turns its Buddha nature into monsterous Reiki. The tree’s roots intertwine deep underground and it’s hard to destroy it with a blow. It is so closely connected to the rat monster that they have to be killed together.”

Lin Luoran points to the ground, “Master, you must also feel it difficult to deal with thousands of demons trapped under the tree.”

“Lay Buddhist is right. The moment that rat is killed and the tree is destroyed, the magic circle trapping the demons under the tree will also be gone. At that moment, demons will flee all around. It will plunge the people of this star into misery and suffering which is totally against the rule of nature.”

What a solid triangle relationship! The rat monster in human skin, the bodhi tree, and demons are all linked together. Even if there is a powerful Buddhist who occasionally visits this star, he has to “spare the rat to save the dishes (a Huaxia’s idiom which means to hold back from taking action against an evildoer for fear of involving good people)”. For innocent creatures, everyone has to keep back.

After so much consideration, it’s inevitable that the local bully rat monster will always stay one step ahead.

Mu Tiannan, an innocent person getting dragged into it, finally has a chance to speak, “Now there are three of us. Won’t it be perfect to deal with the rat monster, destroy the tree, and suppress the demons?”

Lin Luoran thinks for a while and nods, “That monster has a human body with a monster soul, so the holy spell of Buddhism can’t be effective on it. It can also use Buddhism methods to deal with Brother Mu… It seems that only I can deal with it. Then Brother Mu will be responsible for destroying the tree. Master, your task is more difficult. Can you handle thousands of demons under the tree?”

Monsters are not good at saving people, and Brother Mu is very good at destroying things. No matter how strong the bodhi tree roots are, he can simply cooperate with Lin Luoran to extract all the vitality in the tree. Even though it is a natural spiritual plant, it still cannot survive.

Zhixiu is very satisfied with Lin Luoran’s proposal. The three discuss it in detail. Then Zhixiu divides the white light circle around them into three. He sends Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan out of the bodhi tree space, and he goes back to the bottom of the tree where the demons gather.

The sky is dark, and the air is filled with the smell of burning candles and sandalwood.

The white light circles that Zhixiu allocates to them are some kind of mysterious Buddhism trick. Two living people leave the tree one after the other. Outside the bodhi tree, dozens of monks surround the tree trunk, and the fire in front of the temple illuminates the whole place. However, no monk discovers them.

Being together for a hundred years, Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan have been in a tacit understanding. They look at each other and nod. Lin Luoran sneaks into the temple. In the meantime, Mu Tiannan stays in place and turns around to put his hands on the old bodhi tree. He quietly closes his eyes to feel the majestic vitality of the thousand-year-old tree.

The bodhi tree feeds on monster means, and the monster power of Brother Mu also comes from the same source. He slowly penetrates it. For a while, it does not alert the rat monster that is closely connected with the bodhi tree.

The young Buddhist monk Zhixiu stays in the underground tree space. He looks at the painful and angry tens of thousands of demons. He sighs, and the scriptures he recites turn into white lotus which jumps out of his soul. Buddhism light shines in every corner of this place. Compared with the “compassion and fascination” appearance of the rat monster, he is less majestic. However, Zhixiu has the real peace of Buddha.

Lin Luoran has already sneaked into the temple.

The mountain is high and the temple is big. Summer wind passes through the golden temple made of stone, and candlelight is dancing. The sacred temple of this country is surrounded by a grisly atmosphere.

Monks in the temple gather in the main hall for evening classes. Lin Luoran stands outside the door and listens to it quietly for a while. In terms of piety, it is no worse than the sutra of Buddhist schools she has heard on the Earth. The fluctuations of the power of faith on these monks also show that they have a strong strength.

It’s a pity that they keep reciting the wrong sutra. They can’t find the right way to Buddhism even after a thousand years of cultivation.

With a little sympathy, Lin Luoran makes a cloud of white light on her palm. She lowers her head and blows her palm. The white light expands like bubbles until it completely surrounds the hall.

Some monks have discovered that something is wrong, so they stop reciting the sutra. The white light shrinks until the air around the monks is frozen. They are unable to move and keep in their original posture. Lin Luoran finally shows a satisfied expression.

Such a big killer is definitely not a “Mini World”, but the theurgy she learned during the one-hundred-year reconstruction of the earth, “Circle Prison”.

It’s really easy to use such a trick on enemies whose personal ability is far lower than hers. It has the dominating feeling of immortals teasing mortals. Of course, to deal with opponents like the rat monster who is not inferior to Lin Luoran in strength, “Circle Prison” can only trap but can’t attack them. It will be a waste of Meta.

Theurgy doesn’t cause much noise, but the rat monster sitting on the futon in the back hall still notices the abnormality.

Spells, arts of nature, and theurgy have distinct differences in level. Theurgy is rare in the spiritual world, let alone the world of cultivation. Lin Luoran is really lucky and she is deeply blessed by heaven. If ordinary cultivators can study some incomplete theurgy inheritance, they will be considered as fortune’s favorite. Lin Luoran really shocks the rat monster with this blow.

Red light flashes in the rat monster’s eyes. He realizes that he was too careless.

A group of a monk, a monster and a Taoist… he was wrong—he should never expect that the bodhi tree can completely trap them.

Lin Luoran follows the rat monster’s breath and goes to the back hall of the temple. With a wave of her sleeves, the door is opened. The candlelight is extinguished in an instant, and only the remaining smoke is running around. The rat monster is no longer there.

Lin Luoran becomes vigilant immediately. A bloody wind comes behind her. Because of this fierce blow, the white light circle given by Zhixiu is shattered. Lin Luoran groans and falls to the ground.

The rat monster’s figure appears in the air. Without any hesitation, he flips his hand and attacks again. A big Buddhism hand gesture covers the entire back hall. The hall is soon crushed. Stone is broken and sawdust is everywhere. Everything is destroyed and turns into dust. The magnificent back hall now is only a deep hole.

Not only dozens of monks sitting under the bodhi tree, but also many believers who have not yet left at the foot of the mountain are shocked to see the golden light of hand gesture falling from the sky.

Dozens of monks under the bodhi tree are still considering whether to stay by the tree or return to the temple. Unarmed Hasa people under the mountain are terrified, standing in place and reciting the sutra silently. They actually bring a lot of help to the rat monster.

The power of faith light groups fly up to the top of the mountain and gather in the golden temple. The rat monster shows a refreshed look and smiles. Lin Luoran flies out of the big hole embarrassingly, sighing that every dog has its day—after leaving the earth, she is no longer the leading role but a villain!

Hasa Mi Sect is a cult, but Ramoye is indeed the “Taoist field” that the rat monster has run for thousands of years. The current situation is just like Mortal Heart Fairy bringing her believers to fight against starships of the Alpha Alliance in Dongting City. The rat monster is very difficult to deal with since he has united so many people—she actually plays the role of the Alpha Alliance!

No… if it delays, it will alarm more people in this country. She will be an enemy of hundreds of millions of people in the whole country. That will be really “funny”…

The one who confronts the power of faith is the most stupid!

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Lin Luoran has already fought against the rat monster for many rounds as she thinks about it. The rat monster has a favorable geographical position. Compared with it, Lin Luoran only has the advantage of a solid godhead. After all, this is the Taoist field of the Hasa Mi Sect. The monster’s power is not less than hers. At the same time, his tricks of the monster and Buddha are very mysterious.

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