Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Bao Zhuang Cheng, 宝妆成

Chapter 555 - Talking About the Cause and Effect in Bodhi Tree (II)

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Chapter 555 Talking About the Cause and Effect in Bodhi Tree (II)

A beam of faint red light suddenly appears in the dark place ahead. Everyone feels disgusted immediately.

Lin Luoran goes down the direction of the red light and controls the disgusting feeling in her heart. This time, they pass through the black fog quickly. Zhixiu stretches out his right palm, and a great force pulls in the three people inside the white light circle.

When the light circle reappears, they can’t directly look at the dazzling red light. Lin Luoran tries her best to open her eyes. She finds that they are suspending in the air surrounded by the white circle.

They are now standing on the source of red light. Fire is blazing, and there are countless twisting and groaning phantoms in the flames. With a closer check, they realize that the phantoms are beautiful young women.

They look extremely painful, but they only shout and struggle in silence. The fire is burning without a sound. The scene is scarier than the scene of wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves.

“They are……”

Lin Luoran has guessed it, but she doesn’t dare to confirm it.

Zhixiu always looks peaceful, but now he is angry. After calming down, he says slowly, “Lay Buddhist Lin must have known it. These demons are human sacrifices in Hasa.”

Mu Tiannan frowns when he hears those words. Offering sacrifice with living people is very stupid and ignorant. Looking at the countless female demons in the fire below them, they realize it’s not just sacrifice of living people.

Conflagration is nothing related to reincarnation. The sacrificed young women have been suffering from the fire for thousands of days and nights. Compassion on Zhixiu’s face is noticeable. Lin Luoran doesn’t say anything. After a long time, she says in a low voice, “The interstellar transmission circle is under these demons, right?”

Her tone is very solemn, and it is actually not a questioning tone.

Zhixiu nods. The three of them are protected by the holy spell of Buddhism in the air. However, the demons below are still very aggressive, which totally shows how powerful they are.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know all the background of the young Buddhist monk Zhixiu, but she notices that he has changed at all for four hundred years. From this point, he must be a person with great Buddhist power even though he is just a Buddhist monk. He must have the ability to leave this star through the interstellar transmission circle by force. However, he chooses to stay here.

“I have sneaked in this place several times in the past seventy years. Every time I tried to help the demon transcend, I realized I might alert the Buddha Lord outside who would do something bad to the innocent people of this country. Therefore, I bear and forbear to make a perfect plan.”

It’s really strange to chat above countless demon heads. The three of them then go back to the darkness, and Zhixiu finally tells them his story—

More than four hundred years ago, the Earth was defeated by the Alpha Alliance. Cultivators of all nations and races temporarily cast aside their prejudices and united together. They cooperated and launched the last defense of the Earth: The Shelter of Gods.

Once the Shelter of Gods was launched, the participants must be transported away.

There were five cultivators with single Taoist root who opened the Tower of Babel: Lin Luodong with one single Taoist root of the Earth, Cui Wanlu with one single Taoist root of the Water, Wen Guanjing with one single Taoist root of the Fire, An with one single Taoist root of the Wood, and Li Xi’er with one single Taoist root of the Gold. Two of them were the Lins. As for the remaining three people, Wen Guanjing and Li Xi’er were Lin Luoran’s friends. The entire Lins family could definitely get the chance to enter the Tower of Babel.

Not only Huaxia cultivators, but also the Euroe Blood Line and some monsters hiding in the peaceful time could also be transported away.

But without jade stairs as “star atlas”, they didn’t have any coordinate when they left through the Tower of Babel. Therefore, stars they arrived in the second-rate spiritual world were mostly different.

Taking Zhixiu as an example, he was really unlucky.

He was separated from the Buddhist monks. Besides, he and Xin Yuanping also arrived in “Tiankui Star” where Lin Luoran and others were used to live.

Xin Yuanping had stayed away from the earthly world with the old Taoist Hui Zhu for many years, and her hostility was much more peaceful. In addition, the disaster of the earth had united the world of personal ability in Huaxia. Therefore, Zhixiu had no defense against the old female demon because of his compassionate character. When they first arrived in the second-rate spiritual world, they should have worked together to find their old friends. However, Xin Yuanping plotted against him.

They also had a history. Lin Luoran visited famous mountains in the past years, seeking to invite Buddhas to purify the evil spirits of Jinling blood pool underground palace. As a result, Xin Yuanping’s demonization failed, and she was defeated by Lin Luoran. Xin Yuanping lost an arm and escaped. She had to destroy her devil skills and learn the right way of magic figures from Hui Zhu.

For other people, it was a great opportunity to turn from evil to righteousness. But for Xin Yuanping, she had survived the pain of demons biting her bones in blood pool underground palace. In fact, she was more stubborn than Lin Luoran. Zhixiu led the Buddhas to purify resentment of the blood pool, which destroyed her possibility of demonization. Zhixiu was the top three people Xin Yuanping hated most.

Devil Xin had an “enemy list” in her mind. Zhixiu was innocent but he still occupied the third position on the list. Her biological father Hui Zhu had abandoned her. No matter how much he compensated her, he would always be her second biggest enemy. As for Lin Luoran, she was undoubtedly the top one.

Zhixiu and Xin Yuanping had stayed in Tiankui Star for more than half a year. They just knew the general situation of the star and planned to go to a planet where cultivation was prosperous. At that time, Xin Yuanping plotted against Zhixiu. Her personal ability was not extraordinary, so she joined in Yinshan School which supported Tiankui Star. She told the school that Zhixiu had an incredible treasure, which attracted Yinshan School to chase him.

It was nothing new that Zhixiu had Buddhist treasures, because he had high position in Buddhist schools. Tiankui Star was under control by Yinshan School. Suddenly, an unknown Buddhist master appeared in its territory, Yinshan School would definitely take precautions against him. Together with Devil Xin’s provocation, Zhixiu was chased by Yinshan School all the way. He could hardly survive, not to mention looking for the Buddhist monks who also came to this place by the teleportation. Finally, this star saved him.

Hasa star had been marked as a dangerous star on star atlas in the world of cultivation for almost a thousand years. Cultivators who accidentally entered this star had never returned. In short, no one had ever left this place. There were also some famous schools which thought there were something precious on Hasa. They organized a group of apprentices to explore. The whole army was wiped out, and they even lost two Gathering Vitality cultivators. Second-rate spiritual world had tons of stars, and there were so many unexplored new stars. These schools had proved that the input on Hasa star was not proportional to the output. From their failure, other schools had never tried it again.

As soon as Zhixiu entered Hasa, the people of Yinshan School gave up chasing him. He was seriously injured, but finally he survived.

Zhixiu’s situation was somewhat special. There was a saying in Tibetan Tantra that spirit boys would go through reincarnation. Zhixiu always looked like a young Buddhist monk, and it was not that he pretended to be that on purpose. He had re-cultivated for several generations, but he had not yet really embarked on the real path of Buddhism.

After hearing those words, Lin Luoran thinks that Zhixiu turns out to be a person who cultivates to be a Buddha. However, gods and Buddhas have left the earth. No matter how long he has cultivated on the earth, he may never see the light of Buddhas.

because of such a special situation and the weird environment of Hasa, young Buddhist monk was seriously injured and then he fell into a muddle-headed status. His soul was in danger.

Ordinarily, with his mind and strength of reincarnating for several generations, he only needed to find a place to settle down and then cultivated slowly. After a few decades, his injury would be healed.

Unfortunately, doctrines of the Hasa Mi Sect promoted by “Buddha Lord” were prevalent in the entire Hasa continent. Everyone here studied the distorted Buddhism doctrines, no matter noble or ordinary people. Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan could know that those doctrines were questionable. Therefore, they soon became vigilant.

However, Zhixiu was seriously injured at that time. He was rarely sober and couldn’t tell right from wrong. The doctrines of Hasa Mi Sect were originated from orthodox Buddhism. Zhixiu gradually forgot his own history and turned to study Hasa Mi Sect. He was a very talented Buddhist cultivator. If Hasa Mi Sect wanted to control the entire continent, it couldn’t only rely on “Buddha Lord”. There were many monks. The temple in Buddhism city “Ramoye” worshiping the golden body of Hasa Mi Buddha was the place that monks all over the world were eager to go. Zhixiu studied the doctrines of Hasa Mi Buddha, and he soon made a great achievement. After many recommendations and selections, Zhixiu luckily entered the Ramoye golden body temple where Buddha Lord was.

If it was a real Buddhism sacred place, it would definitely cherish a genius like Zhixiu. However, what Buddha Lord did was just to fulfill his own personal benefit. He preached on the planet to gather faith, and he recruited monks as “muscles”. Zhixiu was only interested in the twisted patchwork doctrines. In less than two years after he entered Ramoye golden body temple, Buddha Lord totally forgot him.

Zhixiu lived a low-key and simple life in the temple.

His personal ability was not high, but his appearance remained unchanged after many decades. He was scared and afraid that others might regard him as a monster. Therefore, he dodged everything, hoping that all monks in the temple could ignore him.

Such idea in his mind was also a kind of “wish”. He didn’t wish for something big. He just hoped that people would never pay attention to him and his small tricks. After a few years, he found that no one paid attention to him, so he stayed at ease in the golden body temple.

In a large temple with hundreds of monks, one person would not draw much attention. In morning classes, evening classes, or meals, Zhixiu had always sat in the last row. He never spoke much. When he met other monks, he walked away quickly. The personnel of monks in the golden body temple had also changed a lot. Time flied quickly. No one paid any extra attention to a young Buddhist monk who often did odds and ends with a shy smile.

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On the one hand, Hasa Mi Sect took advantage of his soul. On the other hand, he had the wisdom of generations by reincarnation. Orthodox Buddhism doctrines sometimes came to his mind, which was contrary to the scriptures he read every morning and evening. The young Buddhist monk was terrified. He was so scared, trembling for his ungodliness to the Buddha.

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