Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse


Chapter 1253 - Let Loose And Go Wild! II

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Chapter 1253 - Let Loose And Go Wild! II

Noah's resounding proclamation reverberated across the Novus Universe as the Armors of Cessation on the bodies of the 15 clones shone with glory.

Among the 15 clones, there were 3 leading ones that had already begun to circulate the mana in the way required to summon the Universal Lich Lord, with Noah planning on putting these three clones furthest from each other as a Necrotic Ring of Death would bloom at three different spots in the Primordial Sea!

Just like his three main bodies could each summon the maximum cap of 5 clones from the Blood Lord skill tree, each of the bodies of their clones could also call forth the Universal Lich Lord. This meant that he could call out a maximum of three Universal Lich Lords from the clones of Noah, Alexander, and the Universal Body.

Everything was accounted for. Now...he wanted to experience just how terrifying the terror of a Cosmic Primordial Beast would be.

"Let's go!"

Brilliance shone as his clones flashed away!

At the same time, his main body didn't want to be anywhere when everything went down as he had already pulled away by billions of light years, silently teleporting himself back into his Infinite Cosmos that was countless light years away.

The tides of destiny churned as an irrevocable decision was taken. The events to occur hereafter occurred in the span of mere seconds, but due to the strength and power of existences involved…to them, it was akin to something stretched out in minutes!

Time was perceived much differently for existences at this level!

Noah himself could compute countless millions of thoughts per second, and he could take many actions within this same second as with his hundreds of millions of percentages in Cast and Attack Speed, he knew that his clones would call forth the Universal Lich Lords and all other prepared skills before even a fraction of a millisecond.

That was one thousandth of a second!


His main body successfully returned to the Infinite Cosmos as he breathed a sigh of relief, his mind fully connected to all of his clones as at this moment…the time to let loose and spam countless amounts of skills had come.

The enemy was strong. Noah knew he had no chance of even scratching it! He had seen Aegon as he knew how he would face against him, and he had seen the Draconic-Elephant Primordial Beast that was most definitely a Cosmic Primordial Beast as the feeling this creature gave him...was even more oppressive than the very Champion of this Reality!

The 15 Clones moved in unison.


There were waves of essence undulating over their armors of Cessation ever so slightly, Noah's immense consciousness moving his clones expertly as he instantly teleported them to 15 different locations across the Primordial Sea that were thousands of billions of light years apart from each other.

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Uniquely when one looked at his clones, they would see them holding the demeanor and face of someone profound- his figure being that closely marching the image of a certain Great Conqueror!

The size of the summoned creature alone spanned a few thousand light years in size, its body being adorned in an obsidian robe as the head was revealed to be a devilish skeleton enthroned with a crown of pristine white bones that held burning crimson flames at the very top.

Its eye sockets blazed with crimson flames of Cessation as within its hands, a bone staff made purely of the essence of Nomological Edict could be seen.

The appearance of such a creature played out three times in separate locations that were thousands of billions of light years apart, but their voices resonated the same as the moment when the vast array of Primordial Beasts felt the change around them and their intrusion was noticed, three voices overlapped across the Primordial Sea!

"Universal Undead Legion!"


A shocking collection of essence raged out, the endless mana reserves of a certain being gus.h.i.+ng out countless units of mana and exchanging them for the Nomological Edict of Cessation as all of the countless summoned Undead that would be called to form a Legion- a Legion that would instantly activate the swirling pa.s.sive of death that was the Unstable Necrotic Ring of Death...all of them would have Cessation as their fuel as all the damage they dealt would be from this Edict!


In the Novus Universe of the Infinite Cosmos, Noah's main bodies watched these scenes in slow motion as in the Origin of the Universal Body that had reached over 10,000 Universes...100 of them began to burn.

Killing was about to begin, but no killing would be done without the activation of the Cosmic Dao of Loot!

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