Imperial Phoenix Rules

Mo Qianlan

Chapter 303 - The Legendary Idiot 4

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Chapter 303: The Legendary Idiot 4

She would look around from time to time.

She was dressed in plain clothes with a few beads on her hair. She looked completely different from the luxurious princess outfit she wore yesterday.

It was obvious that Nan Gongli had sneaked out.

She wanted to continue looking for the strong person who blasted open the gates yesterday, but Nan Gongjue was afraid that she would cause trouble outside and refused to let her out.

Having no choice, Nan Gongli could only steal a set of clothes from a servant and wear it. She used the fan to cover her face.

Just 10 minutes ago, she heard that someone had beaten up Princess Linglong and thrown her into a smelly ditch.

She had long disliked that unruly and domineering Shui Linglong and had always wanted to beat her up.

Besides Shui Linglong’s annoying personality, her nose was a little crooked. This was also what Nan Gongli disliked very much.

She wanted to give her a good beating before fixing her nose.

Unfortunately, her father always told her not to affect the ties between the two countries and to maintain peace.

Hence, Nangong Li could only tolerate it.

But now, Shui Linglong had been beaten up!

Such a mighty and domineering person was definitely the person who blasted open the gates!

Nan Gongli asked the crowd about the direction that the strongman headed in and immediately chased after him. She wanted to confirm who the strongman was.

Unfortunately, there were too many people on the streets. She couldn’t see them all.

Four to five meters away, Feng Yunyi, Feng Yunying, and Su Zhiyu were also strolling along the street.

This street was famous for its rouge, powder, and women’s clothing. Feng Yunying and Su Zhiyu had come early in the morning because of its reputation.

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The two of them went from one shop to another and sold many girls’ things.

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