Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Moon Like Fire, Yuè Rú Huǒ, 月如火

Chapter 2193 Raw 2300 : Departure

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Chapter 2193 Raw 2300 : Departure

Immortal and Martial dual cultivation, righteous and demonic in one body—this was Xiao Chen’s Martial Dao.

Xiao Chen sat down, crossed-legged, and closed his eyes. Then, he used the Ten Thousand Dragons Art to drive that Divine Energy Sea. Ripples immediately spread out on the sea surface.

If it were an ordinary Cultivation Technique, even Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, refining Divine Energy would be beyond him.

Ten Thousand Dragons Art, soaring dragons dancing in the air, playing in the sea, and flying in the clouds. Hiding, or flying, or waiting…embracing ten thousand dragons in the world. With ten thousand dragons soaring in the sky, seeking a reversion and forming an Ancestor Dragon’s lineage!

Xiao Chen recited the Ten Thousand Dragons Art’s incantation in his heart, slowly circulating his energy. Ripples appeared on the Divine Energy Sea, and waves slowly soared up.


Four hours passed, and a dragon image formed by Divine Energy broke out of the sea. Its roar rang out and echoed in the surroundings.

Immediately, light and shadow flickered on Xiao Chen’s body. The Dragon Might that spread out appeared substantial.

This was the first time Xiao Chen formed a dragon image with Divine Energy. Now that his Dragon Might gained a divine nature, there was a tremendous difference in his dragon image compared to the past—as different as clouds and mud.

Xiao Chen calmed his emotions, unhurriedly driving this Ten Thousand Dragons Art.

This Ten Thousand Dragons Art was not easy to cultivate. Previously, he only needed to give a Cultivation Technique a quick read or two before he could freely circulate his energy and cultivate it, controlling it as he desired.

After four hours cultivating the Ten Thousand Dragons Art, he only managed to form one dragon image. His progress was indeed somewhat slow.

According to what Xiao Chen comprehended, he would be truly initiated only after he materialized a Ten Thousand Dragons Picture above his Divine Energy Sea.


Time slowly passed. At some point in time, an extremely soft, cold snort rang out in the vast mountain range.

A resplendent saber light flashed above Fiend Cloud Hall. This saber light disappeared in a flash. It moved too fast for even an ordinary Sovereign Emperor to see clearly. Anyone slightly weaker would not see anything.

A figure flew out, but a terrifying aura froze the space-time here.

A miserable cry rang out five hundred thousand kilometers outside Fiend Cloud Hall.

A golden dragon image shattered. In the next moment, the bones of that person shattered, and scarlet light shot out in all directions.

“Humph!” A handsome and fiendishly pretty youth holding a saber appeared.

A saber light appeared, and faint ripples spread out in the air, radiating five million kilometers out in an instant. Space became like a surging wave. Saber intent filled every single corner.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Miserable shrieks that came from the soul rang out. The fluctuations devastated the scarlet light trying to flee.

“Senior Fiendish Saber, spare me!”

The remaining scarlet light coalesced into a golden dragon image. However, the golden light coming from the golden dragon image appeared incredibly faint, looking extremely miserable.

It turned out that this handsome and fiendishly beautiful youth was Fiendish Saber Xi Mu. He said coldly, “You have continuously wandered around my Fiend Cloud Peak for the past five years. I just pretended that you did not exist. Did you really think that I did not see you?”



Fiendish Saber Xi Mu did not give this person a chance to explain at all. He merely let out a cold shout and sheathed his saber. The waves scattered, and space returned to normal. Feeling greatly relieved, that dragon image fled.

When that dragon image scattered, Fiendish Saber Xi Mu quickly aged, reverting to an old man.


Sometime later, Lu Benwei suddenly appeared. Then, he reported softly, “It is as Master guessed. A Faux God received him. It was a Golden Dragon Race expert with horrifying strength.”

Xi Mu barked, “They are truly seeking death. If they tried to do this in the past, I would have charged over to their Martial God Palace to seek justice!”

Going to a Faux God’s place and hiding was too disrespectful. Any Faux God would get angry about that.

“It looks like Little Brother Xiao Chen offended some incredible people in the Dragon Race. However, Master making a move this time showed Master’s stance on this. At the very least, no one will seek trouble for Xiao Chen for a while.”

Xi Mu smiled coldly and said, “How is this seeking trouble for him? They are trying to kill him. This fellow is about to go out. Those people must be very anxious. If I just close an eye and let them be, they would definitely take a risk and try.

“Although Xiao Chen is not my disciple, he did stay at Fiend Cloud Hall for five years, after all. Benwei, I have something for you to do.”

Lu Benwei nodded. After listening, he nodded again.


“Thump! Thump!”

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Xiao Chen’s heart pounded heavily as he arrived at his residence after rushing all the way. He could not suppress his agitation.

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