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LumydeeChu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mother was a maid and the king’s greatest disgrace, his father had always despised him. The same could be said for his half-siblings.When he turned 15, his father had announced that the city of Baymard would be given to him, and would no longer be under the empire's control. It was a well known fact that Baymard’s lands were barren, and poverty stricken.... For god’s sake, this was banishment.His deadbeat father had indirectly banished him from the empire.Chu Yi woke up in a carriage, on his way to Baymard with a system"So what if my father hates me? So what if I’m banished?.... I will turn my territory into a modern society"...Author here, thank you all for tuning in..... english is my second language... so I promise to try my best.P.S, please dont compare my Novel to others... not all world development novels have to have the same format.

Chapter 936 - Home, Sweet Home.

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Chapter 936 - Home, Sweet Home.

Days went by in a flash, and on October 7th, Landon and the rest finally arrived home.


After the wedding, they spent 5 more days in Carona, 2 & a half days to get to the sh.i.p.s, and 2 & a half more at sea.

And now, they were back just at the very start of the 2nd week of October.


One thing that made Landon happy was that everyone was now using the Baymardian sh.i.p.s.

That's right!

Around the 3rd week of September, people could now move between Arcadina, Terique, Baymard and Carona as they pleased via ship.

It was now the fastest and safest way to travel around the seas.

What pirate dared stop the ship?

Even though it was a cruise ship, it still had its one security hidden within the lower decks.

Plus, with its speed, it could just avoid the pirate ship that relied on men that rowed them.

For William of Arcadina and Micheal of Terique, when coming to Carona, they actually made it here so fast due to the soldiers' help.

One should know that bi-weekly and sometimes once every 3 weeks.... messages between all monarchs got circulated through the Baymardian soldiers, ensuring that the Monarchs communicated with each other.

In fact, if there were any major issue that was too difficult to handle, rather than sending someone on horseback for months, it would just be a matter of weeks, and they would be able to alert everyone else of any in pending dangers.

There was no helping it.

They didn't have phones in their empires.

And, they paid a yearly fee to keep the soldiers going back and forth on such confidential missions.

After all, the letters they wrote were highly confidential and should never fall into the hands of enemies.

Anyway, both William and Micheal tagged along with the last message delivered and got to Carona's shores.

From there, they headed to Santa's estate there just as planned.

And of course, they were escorted alongside their men to the Capital using Santa's horses and carriages.

But before leaving the Coastal city, they immediately booked Ship tickets to their empires for the 5th of September... according to Landon's plans.

So after the wedding, they also spent 5 days in Carona's Capital and followed Landon and his gang back to the Coastal city.

And when they arrived, Landon left the city with his own sh.i.p.s while they spent another night in Santa's estate before finally leaving the next day with their scheduled sh.i.p.s to their respective empires.

They already had their men waiting for them within the Coastal cities in their empires.

So there was no need for them to worry.

Landon was thrilled when he saw several Baymardian sh.i.p.s on the docks setting sail towards the different empires.

It was really good.

Now, he was back in Baymard.

And while Skye and the prisoners were taken away, he had other pressing issues in mind.


"Your majesty! You're back!

It feels like a month since I last saw you."

"Well, it is. Good to see you too, Tim." Landon said with a smile plastered on his face.

It really has been long.

He first left for his mission around the 7th of September... And now he came back on the 7th of October.

It was actually a month!

But who was to blame if not for the stupid system?

Tim was so excited to see him that he briefly hugged him and patted his back.

Between them, even though they were ages apart, they had real friendship.

"Your majesty, you arrived just in time!

Tomorrow is the scheduled day when the Vending machines and Money changing machines will be launched." Time said excitedly.

Hahahahhahaha hah!

He was so happy.

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Finally, everything that they had worked hard to make would all be released sometime this October.

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