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Light Dance

Chapter 826 - Did I... Did I Say Something Wrong?

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Chapter 826: Did I… Did I Say Something Wrong?

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His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as he looked at Qiao Ruhai.

In any case, at this moment, his expression was complex.

His expression changed several times in a short period of time.

Qiao Ruhai didn’t expect such a reaction from him.

He was a little shocked.

He didn’t know if what he said was good or bad.

He looked into Gong Zeli’s eyes and asked nervously, “Young Master Gong, did I say something wrong?”

“You said that you saw Qiao Mianmian drenched at the birthday party?”


“Did she tell you why she was wet?”

“T-This… she didn’t say,” Qiao Ruhai said cautiously. “I asked her about it, but she didn’t say anything. She said that it was because the lights in the backyard were a little dim and she wasn’t familiar with the road, so she accidentally fell into the water.”

“She’d been to the backyard?” Gong Zeli felt his heart rate increase to 150. His fingers were trembling more and more, and his chest was also shaking.

The answer he wanted to know seemed to be getting closer and closer to him.

“Yes,” Qiao Ruhai replied honestly.

“So, she got wet after going to the backyard? Do you remember the time?”

“I can’t remember.”

It was good enough that he could remember what happened 10 years ago.

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He couldn’t remember the time exactly.

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