I’m Really a Superstar

Chang Yu, 尝谕

Chapter 202: Extreme Boldness!

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Chapter 202: Extreme Boldness!

The crickets were chirping outside.

From the apartment came a scream.

This was a moonless night.

“Aiyo! Let go, let go! It’s really painful!”

“A rascal like you is getting bolder and bolder now?”

“Not at all, no. I am leaving soon. Tonight is the last night, so I will definitely miss this place. You rented me the place when I graduated and even took care of my meals. The care you showed me fills my heart with gratitude. There is no way for me to return it. So I want to chat with you throughout the night. I have no idea when I’ll be back. Why do you twist my arm while we chat!?”

“You just wanted to chat?”

“Of course, just a chat.”

“Then say it now. Your Sister Rao is listening.”

“Let go of me first, how can I talk in this position!”

Rao Aimin took off her knee from his body and her hands loosened its grip from his elbow.

Zhang Ye actually wanted to try her hand, but he was unable to use his Taiji Fist. His Taekwondo skills were insufficient, so he ended up being restrained by the landlady with his face to the sofa. His arm nearly broke. This Old Rao was ruthless!

“Talk now.” Rao Aimin stared at him.

Zhang Ye nodded but he did not know what to say.

Finally, Rao Aimin ignored him and headed to the second floor. She was probably going to take a shower.

Zhang Ye looked at Rao Aimin who was climbing up the stairs. He blinked and said, “Then I will be staying for the night.”

Rao Aimin’s footsteps disappeared up the stairs and a bang sounded off upstairs. It sounded like the bathroom door.

Zhang Ye felt he had a shot so his heart began to thump heavily. The last time and the previous time before the last, he had sneakily attacked the landlady while sleeping. He had succeeded twice, but the landlady did not mention the matter again. It was as if it had never happened. This made Zhang Ye’s boldness to do evil increase even more. It fanned his flames which resulted in him daring to insist on staying behind. It was probably because he had fully understood Rao Aimin’s character. Her mouth was venomous and her actions were ruthless, but her heart was soft. It seemed like she did not detest him in any way.

It was the final night, so he had to grab the opportunity. At least, he had to take some advantage of her, or else, once he went to Shanghai, he would no longer be able to take any advantage temporarily.

Zhang Ye had worked up a sweat while packing his luggage. So he got up and went to the first level’s bathroom. He took off his clothes in preparation to take a shower. When he threw his clothes, Zhang Ye noticed that Rao Aimin’s dirty clothes were piled up in the washing machine. Pantyhoses were lying at the top. There was a slight tear in the middle of the pantyhose. There were two panties beneath. They were white and nude in color. Further below was a long dress and a pair of sweatpants.


Zhang Ye took a couple of glances before he took a shower.

Hua Hua Hua. He washed his hair, lathered up body soap and washed himself clean.

As a male, he naturally showered very quickly. After drying himself, Zhang Ye did not wear any outerwear. He just wore his autumn pants before opening the bathroom’s door. He looked up and gingerly went up the stairs. The second level’s lights had been switched off. However, the bathroom light was still lit. The fragrance of bathing foam could be smelled. There was also the sound of flowing water. Clearly, Rao Aimin was not done showering; however, she was probably almost done.

Zhang Ye acted as if this was his own house. He impolitely pulled open the blanket and slipped in. After all, he had slept in there several times.

One minute…

Five minutes…

The sound of flowing water finally stopped.

With a creak, the door opened. Rao Aimin walked out the bathroom.

Zhang Ye quickly closed his eyes. He also did not know what to say, so he pretended to be asleep.

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The sounds of footsteps could be heard, and was probably coming from the other side of the bed. “Creak”. The sound of the wardrobe opening could be heard. Then it was the ruffling noises of clothes being rummaged through. The landlady was likely to be searching for something to wear. A few seconds after the wardrobe’s door was closed, a faint sound of something dropping on the bed could be heard. It was as if she had taken off a piece of clothing. From the weight and feel, it seemed like a bra dropping on the bed.

Soon after, the bed creaked. Clearly, a person was sitting on it.

Then, the blanket on Zhang Ye moved as a fragrant body entered.

He only heard the landlady saying, “Didn’t you say you wanted to chat before you leave? Say it, what do you want to chat about?”

“Well,” Zhang Ye could no longer pretend to be sleeping. He turned around and faced Rao Aimin. He first looked at her body. She was dressed in a white bathrobe. Although the lights were off, he could still use the moonlight to see a deep ravine. One had to know that Rao Aimin was lying flat. No matter how big a woman’s breasts were, they would “shrink” when lying flat. The flesh would sink as if they were being “eaten” by the body unless one wore a support bra. However, it was clear that the landlady was not wearing a bra underneath the bathroom. Even after lying down, the cleavage was still so deep. It could not be said that Rao Aimin’s breasts were much bigger than others, but it was definitely more tight and full than others. In Northern speak, it was particularly substantial.

“Say it?” Rao Aimin yawned with her eyes closed, “If there’s nothing to say, then scram. I’m tired after a long day and I have to fetch Chenchen early in the morning tomorrow.”

Zhang Ye opened his mouth and asked, “Are you not married?”

“You’ve stayed here for a few months already and you still don’t know if I’m married or not?” Rao Aimin replied.

“You were not married before?”

“Never have I been married before nor have I been divorced.”

“Why did you not find someone to spend your days with?”

“I’ve already said it before, don’t poke your nose into my affairs. Take care of yourself and don’t ask me so much. Is your nickname ‘100,000 Whys‘?”


“Man, isn’t that what chatting is all about?”

Zhang Ye’s chats with Rao Aimin rarely went beyond three sentences on a topic. Either it was Zhang Ye who choked up, or it was Zhang Ye choking. There was no way to carry on chatting. The landlady’s mouth was born to rebut others. If she didn’t do it, her mouth wouldn’t feel right.

After chatting a little, they went quiet again.

“This trip to Shanghai, my future will be uncertain. But I have to go anyway, I need a place where I can develop and train.” Not hearing a response, Zhang Ye turned his head and said, “Landlady auntie? Landlady auntie?”

Rao Aimin lay flat asleep.

Zhang Ye blinked but did not act rashly.

After about 10 minutes, when he was sure that Rao Aimin was deep asleep, Zhang Ye slowly nudged his way over and daringly stretched his hand over. The previous time, he had only went for the landlady’s thighs and belly areas as he had not dared to go for other parts.

Rao Aimin’s bathrobe had been twisted by the blanket causing it to be ruffled. Zhang Ye touched her thigh and found it smooth. Without the bathrobe blocking him, he could directly touch her bare skin.

Rao Aimin made a sound and moved her legs but still remained asleep.

Zhang Ye looked at her with guilt, but felt it was safe, so he continued to touch her thighs all over.

From the top to the bottom, from the bottom back to the top. Zhang Ye was mesmerized by the sensation of the touch. Suddenly, when he was planning on placing his fingers into the side of Rao Aimin’s panties, Rao Aimin was awakened.

She opened her eyes, “Are you letting me sleep?”

Zhang Ye was extremely embarrassed, “Cough, letting.”

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“Sleep, you may not be tired, but I am.” Rao Aimin pulled the blanket and closed her eyes again.

However, Zhang Ye did not remove his hand. After stopping for a few seconds, he gently pinched her buttocks. The tight flesh made him reluctant to move his hand away.

Rao Aimin ignored him. Anyway, there was no movement.

After satisfying his craving, Zhang Ye became even more dishonest. Today, without Chenchen at home, he became even more unbridled. He stuck close to Rao Aimin and squeezed her. Then he slowly pulled the blanket that was covering her chest bit by bit, pulling it down to the landlady’s waist.

It reached the critical spot!

Zhang Ye was a bit nervous, but also a bit excited!

Touch! If he didn’t take grab the opportunity, then who knew when it would come again!

Zhang Ye emboldened himself and threw the value of his life out of his head. He would not regret even if he was thrown over the shoulder onto the wall. Then, he took a deep breath as he lifted his hand from her thigh. He brought it forward, and slowly, inch by inch, his hand approached the landlady. With his four fingers contracted together, he carefully squeezed it into Rao Aimin’s bathrobe’s opening.


The feeling of flesh!

At that instant, Zhang Ye felt as if he was going to break through space. It felt great. He had finally attacked this region of the landlady!

But at the same time, Rao Aimin also moved!

Zhang Ye felt a pain in his arm. His wrist joints had been pinched by Rao Aimin. His body was pulled forward and his head was pushed onto the bed, “Ah!

“You started to become forceful when I ignored you!?” Rao Aimin looked at him.

Zhang Ye was sweating from the pain. Sex and danger were just two sides of the same coin!

Rao Aimin took a glance and released. “Now, you know pain?” Saying that, she pursed her lips as she looked at Zhang Ye pant and sweat. She helped him massage his bones. “Was it twisted?”

“I don’t know. Painful!” Zhang Ye cried in pain.

Rao Aimin touched his arm again and probably found the reason. “Don’t move.” Just as she said that, she suddenly used her force, resulting in a sound coming from Zhang Ye’s arm!

“Aiyah!” Zhang Ye shouted.

“Alright. It was just twisted.” Rao Aimin said softly, “Sleep.”

Zhang Ye moved his arm again and it was really much better. He looked towards Rao Aimin and saw that Old Rao had once again gone back to sleep.

Zhang Ye hated it. Why were you so ruthless? You really twisted my arm? He was already a wasted force. Since he had already been twisted once, twice would also be the same. Zhang Ye went all out, refusing to have his beliefs shaken. Once his hand wasn’t in pain anymore, he once again tucked his hand into Rao Aimin’s bathrobe’s opening.

A similar scene!

With a sneer, Rao Aimin grabbed Zhang Ye’s wrist again. However, it was unknown if she was afraid to dislocate or fracture his arm again, so she did not use any strength in the end.

Zhang Ye tried pinching on her clothes.

Rao Aimin’s hand was draped over his wrists. This time she did not move. After a while, she said, “…Just this once.”

“Hey!” Zhang Ye was feeling good.

Rao Aimin gently removed her hand.

With Zhang Ye receiving the imperial edict, he did not hesitate anymore, and rubbed inside her clothes!


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