I’m Really a Superstar

Chang Yu, 尝谕

Chapter 1489 - The world's most dangerous hacker in a hundred years!

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Chapter 1489: The world’s most dangerous hacker in a hundred years!

Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

The global atmosphere was changing!

People were panicking!

On this day, the entire world was shrouded in the shadow of the CIH virus.

Subsequently, cybersecurity experts from around the world urgently formed a computer virus research group and began trying to crack the virus’s code. However, they made extremely slow progress on it and were unable to come up with an ad hoc solution.

“It’s not working!”

“Pete, how is it going?”

“Another machine has been scrapped!”


“This virus is too dangerous!”

“The creator must be a lunatic!”

“Has it started to spread?”

“Fortunately, not for the time being.”

“Yeah, due to the virus creator’s rules in the coding, there hasn’t been any widespread transmission of the virus yet. But that doesn’t mean that we can relax. We have to find out if the creator explicitly limited the spread of the virus, not that he couldn’t achieve the effect. This virus is like a ticking time bomb!”

“Who could it be?”

“It definitely originated from China!”


The citizens also broke down.

“Our hackers have been totally wiped out?”

“All of them got infected by a computer virus?”

“There’s no one left at all?”

“How the hell did that happen!”

“Such a dangerous hacker still exists in China?”


“Is it a Chinese person?”

“It has to be.”

“The many, multinational hackers attacking the Chinese Internet were inexplicably infected with a virus and wiped out while the Chinese hackers remained unaffected. It would be a wonder if it weren’t them!”

“China really is full of hidden talent.”

“There are too many dangerous people in China!”

“Yeah. There was 2 previously, and now, another one has popped out?”


“Holy shit! Damn!”

“Is it really our people?”

“This is so cool!”

“Motherfucker, I’m getting so heated!”

“Good job! Well done getting them!”

“They’ve been hacking us for so many days, but they’ve finally been annihilated!”

“Wiped out in a single exchange? God! That’s so impressive!”

“We have an ace among us! A true talent among the people!”

“Don’t you guys find this to be very similar to the approach that the legendary hacker, 2, employed back then?”

“Ah? It does feel like that, it really does!”

“But 2 has already been taken into custody, no?”

“What do you guys mean by that? Are you saying—?”


Chinese cybersecurity experts had gathered.

Li Weidong, who had led a team to fight back against the multinational hackers this time, was also present.

“Who was the person that helped us?”

“I don’t know!”

“He appeared so suddenly, we weren’t even expecting it.”

“Old Chen, is it one of your people?”

“No. How could the people under me have such advanced programming skills?”

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“No one knows anything at all? If it were one of our own, how could there not be any news of who it is?”

“Old Li, what do you make of this?”

Li Weidong had not spoken yet. He kept quiet for a very long time before looking up and saying in a heavy tone, “This kind of programming technique, this style of doing things, this kind of efficiency, why do I keep thinking that it feels like someone?”

A cybersecurity expert who was in his 30s said in a startled manner, “Who?”

Li Weidong said, “—2.”

“But that’s impossible!”

“FAN has already been placed under the custody of the Internet Surveillance Bureau!”

“Yeah, 2’s identity has already been exposed.”

But at this moment, a youth came running in.

The youth pushed open the door and shouted, “Go and look at the Korean government’s website!”

Li Weidong asked, “What happened?”

The youth said, “Go and take a look, quick!”


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