I’m Really a Superstar

Chang Yu, 尝谕

Chapter 1420 - Time for the lottery!

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Chapter 1420: Time for the lottery!

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The next day.

At Old Wu’s parents’ house.

In the courtyard, the sun was shining brightly today. When Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing came over, Li Qinqin pulled her daughter aside to chat while Wu Changhe played Go with Zhang Ye.

Sure enough, the two men started quarreling again.

“Dad, why are you always taking back your moves?”

“I’m trying to let you know about the other possible moves that can be made in this game!”

“Aiyo, come off it already.”

“How can you say that? You’re putting it like I’m playing you seriously.”

“I’m already giving you have a four-stone handicap, and you’re still not playing seriously?”

“You’re speaking like I can’t beat you if I gave you a four-stone handicap as well!”

“Hur hur, you really can’t beat me.”

“Heh, don’t you dare me! Give it a try then!”

“I think it’s better if I gave you a five-stone handicap!”

“No need for that! I’ll give you a ten-stone handicap!”

“I’ll give you twenty!”

“I’ll give you thirty!”

“I’ll give you fifty!”

“I’ll give you a hundred!”

They stopped playing and placed stones down senselessly as they tried to outboast each other.

Li Qinqin and Wu Zeqing were used to this. They laughed and chatted close by as though nothing was happening, not bothered by what was going on between the two of them.

When they got tired of it, the two men finally stopped arguing.

Li Qinqin laughed and said, “Little Ye, do you really have such great strength?”

Zhang Ye said happily, “Of course! With my physique and body, can’t you tell?”

Wu Changhe mocked, “Heh, it really doesn’t show at all.”

Li Qinqin asked, “But that’s bulletproof glass. Even if they said that they took the wrong car, that’s still tempered glass, isn’t it? How could it be shattered with a smash just like that?

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “Aren’t you underestimating me? To put it into context, is a steel plate thick? But I can put a dent in it with a strike of my palm all the same! It’s imbued with martial arts, and not even 30 to 50 people could get close to me. Back then, when there was conflict in the martial arts community, a dozen or so of the large sects were trying to find trouble with me. This bro went knocking on their doors one by one and sent them packing. I smashed their sects’ plaques and beat up their sect leaders, and they ended up avoiding me. They did not even dare make a sound. When I learned that the Huashan Sect’s plaque was made of some pretty solid wood, I took it and made it into beaded bracelets and sold them. They got so angry about it, yet there was nothing they could do to me. How strong would I have to be to do that? So let’s not mention some car’s glass window.”

Martial arts community?

Large sects?

Smashing plaques?

Making them into beaded bracelets?

How good are you at bragging! You might as well say that you’ve ascended into the Heavens!

Wu Changhe smirked at the words, while Li Qinqin covered her mouth in laughter.

Since Zhang Ye had put it to them jokingly, they listened and took it in jest.

However, unbeknownst to them, everything that Zhang Ye had just said was the truth.


After lunch, Wu Changhe went out to play Go. Li Qinqin insisted on having Wu Zeqing rest for a while, so she dragged her back to the house to take a nap. This left Zhang Ye alone with nothing to do, so he went back into the west wing to lie down. He took out his cell phone and started browsing online for news related to himself.

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The current situation was a stalemate.

Zhang Ye could not get into the Japanese and Korean markets, while their artists were becoming anxious with all their worries. Zhang Ye had already sent four of them packing back to their countries. At a time like this, it wasn’t likely that anyone would want to be the next person to stick their necks out. They were all hesitating and waiting to see how things would develop. On the other hand, Zhang Ye was still thriving. Although he was scolded badly and his reputation was tarnished, his popularity on the Asian Celebrity Rankings was still rising steadily. His days were indeed quite beautiful.

However, Zhang Ye was not satisfied with such a situation. This was not a long-term plan. He was going to become a father soon, so his motivation and enthusiasm had increased. He wanted to try to compete for the Asian S-list rankings no matter what. Thus, he set himself a goal. Before his child was born, he would have to become an Asian Heavenly King at the least and make it to the top of the Asian stage before setting his eyes on the world stage. Otherwise, everything else would be for naught.

But where could he make a breach?

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How could he fend off the restrictions that were set upon him by the Japanese and Koreans?


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