I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground, 明月地上霜

Chapter 506 - Please Grant Me Death

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Chapter 506: Please Grant Me Death

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In the center of White Lake.

Jets of water splashed into the air as Zhong Lixing and Kong Ge’s bodies materialized in mid-air.

Night had already fallen, yet there was no moon in the sky. Their surroundings were pitch-black, and only a scarce few stars dotted the night sky.

Zhong Lixing, who was still holding onto the ancient black cauldron, shuddered slightly. The blood and vital energy in his body churned, and he immediately spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Zhong Lixing! Are you okay?!” Seeing the blood, Kong Ge immediately shuffled over and provided him with support.

Zhong Lixing waved his hand and replied, “I’m fine. It’s just that the spell techniques swallowed by the Darkness Engulfing Divine Demon Cauldron were too powerful. The backlash they created was a little too strong…”

There was a look of lingering fear on Kong Ge’s face as she said, “We can’t use the Darkness Engulfing Divine Demon Cauldron for ten days. Our most powerful life-saving treasure has vanished… This being the case, it’s hard to say whether obtaining the one hundred or so white Realm Essence Crystals was worth it…”

Zhong Lixing fell silent upon hearing this. The value of their yield was close to one million spirit stones, and this was already a huge sum. However, they had lost a valuable life-saving treasure in the process of acquiring this wealth. Being in such a dangerous environment, it was indeed hard to say whether such a tradeoff was worth it.

“Let’s go. Regardless of what we think, it has already happened. Let’s head somewhere else and try to avoid them.” After a moment’s thought, Zhong Lixing decided to give up on fighting against An Lin and the others. He planned on searching for other rare opportunities.

Meanwhile, in the mystic realm below the lake.

The towering black pillar started to fracture, and it eventually broke into pieces of large rocks, which thudded into the ground.

An Lin and the others immediately raised their guards and stared at the crumbling pillar intently.

A human-like figure appeared amid the clouds of billowing dust and smoke.

As the dust and smoke settled, An Lin finally saw that figure clearly.

He had a stunningly handsome face, and there was a pair of black dragon horns on his head. His eyes were an intense red, and there was a hint of madness hiding behind them.

“Why… Why am I still alive? Didn’t the Time Obliterating Spell Formation already succeed? Why am I still here…” The Dragon Tribe male wore a blank expression as he scoured his surroundings. Tears of grief started rolling down his cheeks.

An Lin: “…”

“An Lin, what’s that male saying?” Liu Chuchu didn’t understand Ancient Man Language 1 , so she turned toward An Lin quizzically.

Hong Dou and Ling Ying also glanced over at An Lin. This matter clearly piqued their interests as well.

“He seems to be unhappy about the fact that he hasn’t died yet,” An Lin explained. “He’s crying due to frustration.”

Liu Chuchu: “…”

Everyone: “…”

The Dragon Tribe male looked toward the expanse of land before him. As if realizing something, his body suddenly shuddered.

“So that’s how it is… The Realm Essence Crystals have all disappeared. This must be the reason…”

He shifted his gaze toward An Lin and the others, and a terrifying killing intent swept toward them. “You people dare to ruin my great suicide plan?! Die!” His voice was a deep rumble.

An Lin and the others all felt a crushing power bearing down upon them. This power instilled a feeling of helplessness inside of them. It was as though the Dragon Tribe male could annihilate them with a simple wave of his hand.

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“Stop right there! This has got nothing to do with us!” Seeing the male’s torrential rage, An Lin immediately shook his head guilelessly. “A short while ago, two true demons came and snatched away all the Realm Essence Crystals that were growing around the black pillar. We had tailed them here, yet we were still a step to slow. In the end, they used a mystic technique and fled from here!”

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The Dragon Tribe male faltered slightly upon hearing this explanation, and his fierce and violent aura shrank back significantly. However, his gaze remained transfixed on An Lin. It was as though he was ready to strike at any time.


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