I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Morning Star LL, 晨星LL

Chapter 767 - Just in case?

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Chapter 767: Just in case?

Translator: _Min_  Editor: Caron_

Turning open the page, an old, dry scent blew in his face. Jiang Chen called out artificial intelligence Jean to the watch as looked at the line on the title page, then asked her to translate German into Chinese. Sure enough, it read the Fuhrer’s name.

Like the host of the auction said, densely packed characters filled the yellowed paper as he turned to the second page.

But when he thought about it, the famous MI6 spent half a century trying to decipher it without fruition; it wouldn’t be any different with the effort of an individual.

Jiang Chen sighed. Just as he was about to close the book, Jean suddenly said, “The Neumann password, invented in 2059, belongs to the disordered large-quantity password that is organized by the quantum algorithm in the early days and can only be restored through a specific algorithm formula. Theoretically, if there is no codebook, considering the cryptography of the quantum algorithm, this piece of information has no solution using contemporary decryption technology.”

When Jiang Chen heard Jean’s words, he took a moment to process the information and immediately looked at Jean in excitement.

“Wait. You mean you know how to decipher this?”

Jean turned her head and told Jiang Chen what she could do with her actions.

Through the pupils in the hologram, a stream of green data flowed. After about half a minute, this secret that troubled MI6 for half a century was translated on the holographic screen.

36,000 characters were crushed into large pieces of text and graphics in accordance with a special algorithm. Like spells, they were arranged in layers under Jean’s command.

When all the information was extracted, Jiang Chen discovered in the bottom right corner of the holographic screen that the data released by the 36,000 characters was 2.7 gigabyte in size!

[How could anyone decipher this?!]

“… ummm, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake?” Jiang Chen looked at the image on the holographic panel in disbelief and asked Jean.

“During deciphering, I used 4.7% of the computing resources on the quantum computer,” Jean replied in an indifferent voice.

Without the computational power of a quantum computer, without knowing the translation formula, it would be almost impossible to crack the information in the codebook. Or to put it another way, even if you knew the translation formula of the codebook, if you wanted to release more than 36,000 characters into a 2.7 gigabyte file, it would be extremely difficult to do purely by hand.

Jiang Chen couldn’t understand the mathematical formula, but he could recognize the graphs.

V2 rockets, jet engines, Me163 comet interceptors, BV246 gliding missiles, Ho-229 experimental battle suits, atomic bomb design plans… and some strange things that even the reserve search engines couldn’t find. Obviously, Germany didn’t complete the translation of the codebook even at the last moment.

Even if they controlled the formula.

“Unbelievable, these incredible technologies of the Third Reich were actually recorded in 36,000 characters.”

Jiang Chen looked at the holographic screen for a long time and finally sighed.

Who would’ve thought the fate of the entire empire was in such a booklet? Unfortunately, this booklet didn’t save the fate of the empire.

“The Golden Apple, code book…” His finger tapped on the arm of the chair gently. Jiang Chen recalled the issue he discussed with Lin Lin about the space colonization ship. They sent signals to this dimension of Earth through Klein particle waves.

Lin Lin once told him the amount of information the Golden Apple is able to receive is limited. In this case, the purpose of the codebook was evident.

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The Golden Apple’s “small water pipe” obviously wasn’t enough to transfer a 2.7 gigabyte file, so the space colonization ship entered the void of the colonial ship first passed the 36,000 characters through the Golden Apple to the Fuhrer and passed on the codebook to translate the characters.

It was equivalent to compressing the 2.7 gigabyte file then tossing in the decompression tool together with the compressed file.

Although the reason why the people on the colonization ship chose Germany as their spokesperson was unknown, but it was certain that their plans fell short. Even with these incredible technologies, the Third Reich still perished in the steel floods of the two superpowers.

These technologies were obviously all based on the technology of the 40s. They could no longer be considered incredible. Any rocket engine could easily defeat the old V2 rocket.

Jiang Chen was a bit disappointed when he realized this.

He previously thought he could learn some interesting stuff in this notebooklike the technology from the void. However, survivors who were lost in the void seemed to have considered that over-advanced technology would not only have a benign impact on the Third Reich, but it would lead them to infuse a large amount of scientific research resources into meaningless projects. It was like throwing Einstein a set of nuclear fusion equations; he couldn’t have made the hydrogen bomb before making the atomic bomb.

But even without the technology, at least he now possessed the treasures of the Third Reich! Although Jiang Chen didn’t lack money, searching for a treasure not known to the world has always been a boy’s romance!

His fingers scrolled through the holographic screen, bored, and the technology that had already been outdated passed by in front of him.

However, when he yawned and turned to the last picture, he suddenly stopped.

On the holographic screen was a fortress among the glacial snow mountains. The Remnants of the Void not only presented weapons from the Fuhrer of the Third Reich, but also offered him a design map …of a castle.

Detailed instructions for carrying out the construction were already recorded in the drawing, and even the construction site was clearly written on it.

Jiang Chen’s eyes scanned the last two lines of the image and captured three key words.

Fallout Shelter, Antarctica, just in case.

[Just in case?]

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows.

“What are you looking at?”

The door of the room was pushed open. In a loose white towel, Ayesha walked to Jiang Chen’s side with a cup of coffee. She just showered, and her white neck was covered with pearls of water droplets. Her soft skin was as tender as tofu.

Pushing the holographic screen to the side, Jiang Chen turned the chair and took a sip of the coffee from her.

The sweet bitterness diffused in his taste buds, soothing his hard-wired nerves and his tightened eyebrows.

Putting the coffee down, Jiang Chen smiled and looked at the well-behaved Ayesha. He whispered, “Thank you.”

Ayesha grinned, leaned over him with her petite and graceful body and kissed him softly on his forehead.

“Go to bed early, my dear.”

The love in the kiss awakened a particular string in his heart. Jiang Chen’s heart gradually began to burn in a passionate fire.

“Mhmm, I’ll head to bed soon.” Gently patting Ayesha’s back, Jiang Chen got up and leaned closer to her ear. “Wait for me.”

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