I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Morning Star LL, 晨星LL

Chapter 1423 - Send Them To Pick Garbage

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Chapter 1423: Send Them To Pick Garbage

Originally, Sean planned to sink into the depth of the Pacific Ocean with the USS Obama, but the moment when that cargo ship was tossed against the deck of the aircraft carrier by the howling hurricane, fear ultimately prevailed.

People were afraid of death after all.

If he asked himself about the dream of reviving the United States, his desire for power still outweighed his pure belief.

After the desperate attempt by the Presidential Guards, Sean narrowly evacuated to the bottom of the cabin. Before the USS Obama sunk, he got into the submersible and evacuated with several Congress members of the same party.

Curled up in the submersible, he carefully calculated his future.

Panama was definitely not a place where he could go. The USN fleet was destroyed by the weather weapons. The next stop of NAC had to be the concentration camp in Panama.

Originally, he planned to go to Boston, the “Sacred Place of Revolution for the Thirteen Colonies” on the East Coast. He could gather like-minded allies to look for opportunities for a comeback. However, their submersible had not traveled for dozens of nautical miles before it was captured halfway by Beluga Station’s submarine.

There was not much to say about what happened next.

It didn’t take long for him to be sent to Outpost Town by a Beluga Station cargo ship, together with other captives rescued along the way.

Sean, who stood among the prisoners of war, looked at the man in his early twenties as his face turned into a ghostly white. He felt a chill down his spine.

Although it was the first time he saw the fabled NAC General, he had long heard of his tales. Until two days ago, he was still dismissive of these rumors as he thought the so-called General was just a wannabe of the old world.

As for now…

His insignificant conceit had long since sunk into the trenches under the Pacific Ocean with the USS Obama.

Just as Sean looked at Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen also examined him with interest.

After Jiang Chen retrieved the image records stored in Zhou Guoping’s chip. He had already met the legendary American president on the computer. To talk about the difference between the real person and the holographic image, it was that in the eyes that were avoiding his eye contact, the pride and arrogance had disappeared, only panic and fear were left behind.

“Mr. President?”

Sean swallowed down the dry lump in his throat, then tried to squeeze out a smile that was no better than crying with his tense muscles, he stuttered, “No, no, not at all…”

“I heard that you are going to hang me on the mast of the USS Obama?” Jiang Chen joked as he looked at the panicking Sean.

He heard this sentence from Zhou Guoping in a speech to voters.

Mr. President seemed to make similar rhetoric frequently. Jiang Chen just picked one and repeated it. He didn’t expect to directly scare the president even more; he was even afraid to breath out loudly.

“Those…” Sean swallowed down another dry lump and started to tremble. However, he had still put on a flattering smile, “Those are all misinformation, absolutely nothing like that happened… Your subordinates must have heard it wrong.”

Jiang Chen glanced at him with a mischievous smile, then finally looked at the Beluga Station captain, and pointed at the group of slaves.

“Give me a price for these people.”

Since the NAC General was negotiating, the captain was afraid to provide the previously quoted price of fifty credits per person. After he hesitated for a moment, he took a middle number and cautiously said, “Thirty credits per person.”

Thirty credits, slightly higher than the expected price, but not much higher.

“Two hundred and seventy-eight people, eight thousand and one hundred credits,” Jiang Chen nodded and looked at the port worker next to him. “Pay him. Find a few containers for these salves. Panama’s battle should be over soon. Once Li Wang brings our colonists home, we’ll send them there.”

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After Jiang Chen finished this sentence, he left the Americans with grim expressions and exited the area.

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