I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Jin Yuanbao, 金元宝

Chapter 425 - Now You Know What I Am Capable Of? (1)

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425. Now You Know What I Am Capable Of? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi and others froze there.

Rong Yi dug into his ear, “Did I hear it correctly? Someone trying to challenge me?”

He hadn’t been in the cultivation world for a long time. How could anyone would challenge him?

Is it possible someone knows that he could refine the enchanted runes and aim at him?

“You may just happen to share the same name,” said Yin Jinye.

But this possibility was very small. Rong Yi still thought someone was aiming at him.

Bu Qi and Xiang Lv looked at each other and he said, “Generally, the challenger would be fully prepared.”

Rong Yi nodded, “See how the other side says first.”

Then that guy said, “I have the challenge letter, I want to challenge Rong Yi from the chief’s mansion of Guiling town in Beiba Prefecture.”

Rong Yi sneered, “See? It’s really me.”

Yin Jinye faintly narrowed his eyes, “This guy’s voice is very strange.”

Bu Qi and Xiang Lv also said they had never heard this man’s voice.

“Now that the other party shows the challenge letter, let’s go and see who is challenging me,” said Rong Yi.

They went back near the ring then.

The Changsun family and the Nine Void Sect were still quarrelling with each other, however, because some people wanted to use the ring, they had to move to the side, and now people of the Nine Void Sect were very curious about whether this Rong Yi was the Rong Yi they knew.

When they had left the ring, there was only one person left on the stage, who dressed in a grey gauze robe, with a grey shawl over his face, and fanning himself from time to time with an elegant grey fan.

People who knew Rong Yi ran to the ring to watch, including Qi Lan who was wandering in the street, even Rong Weiyi who had left also turned back, and the chiefs of Beiba Prefecture were curious to come over to watch what the one who could refine enchanted runes was really capable of.

Someone immediately recognized the identity of the other side, “It’s an assassination cultivator!”

Someone asked curiously, “An assassination cultivator? Why would they want to challenge people?”

“Probably trying to kill the invitee.”

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“Judging from his fan, he should be the number assassination cultivator at the Mating Phase of Assassination Sect—Jian Ku! It’s said that this guy could approach without casting a shadow and leave without leaving a trace. No one has ever seen his true face, or knows what kind of spiritual root he owns.”

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