I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Jin Yuanbao, 金元宝

Chapter 234 - I’m gonna Kill Her (2)

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Chapter 234: I’m gonna Kill Her (2)

“Senior Xiu Zhuo, the lord’s surname is Yin, he should shoulder the responsibility of the Family.” Of course Xinghe knew what Xiu Zhuo was calculating in his heart. Once Yin Jinye inherited the position as the master of Yin Family, Xiu Zhuo and other ghost cultivators could no longer stay by Yin Jinye’s side and the sect they had built up would also be gone, or they may even set up a new sect against Yin Jinye. That was what Xiu Zhuo and Yin Yan didn’t want to see.

“Fuck his responsibility!” Xiu Zhuo said with disdain, “Since the lord has turned to ghost cultivation, he was only half a Yin member. Believe it or not, once those old men find someone more suitable, they would immediately abandon our lord, or ever kill him for the insult he has brought to the family.”

Xinghe, “…”

He is telling the truth.

Yan Qiushuang hurriedly interrupted them, “It’s not the time for quarreling here. We should figure out how to save Yi’er now.”

Xiu Zhuo said to Yin Jinye, “My lord, if it is really those elders behind this, we should just break in to save him, meanwhile, also to give those elders a blow and let them know that you are no longer that pushover they could bully as they want. Even if it’s not them behind this, we should at least let Nine Void Sect know the young master has his back!”

Yan Qiushuang said approvingly, “Yes, let’s do this! I’m gonna disfigure that bitch Shao Yinrong!”

Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes, “We’d do as what you said. Before sunset, call up all our people in Beiba Prefecture.”

Xinghe wanted to persuade them but finally dropped that idea.

Xiu Zhuo curled his lips, “Yes.”

He suddenly felt that it was not bad that the lord had married Rong Yi. The more Yin Family hated Rong Yi, they more they liked him. This way, the lord would be further and further away from Yin Family.

Yin Sensen, who was being held by Wen Chuan in the hall, was rolling his eyes fast. He looked at his father and others outside first, and then looked up to Jiang Mu flying in the air, waving his little short hands excitedly.

“Little master Hui, why do you look so happy?” Wen Chuan asked smilingly while holding him.

Yin Tao said, “My little brother should have gotten something fun. Little brother, you have to share it with me.”

Yin Sensen nodded while babbling at Jiang Mu.

Jiang Mu then giggled.

Wen Chuan, “…”

He was really curious how Jiang Mu interpreted Yin Sensen’s words.

After nightfall, the atmosphere of Nine Void Sect was as quiet as usual. Except for the patrolling disciples, others were all meditating in their rooms or courtyards. Inside and outside the mountain was total quiet, no one knew a storm was coming their way.

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By about eight pm, it was time the patroling team changed their shifts.


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