Husband, Be A Gentleman

Su Xing Yue

Chapter 81

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Chapter Eighty-One

Ten years later Pei Khan ruled the Dian Kingdom.

Pei Khan sat on the throne and looked sadly at Pei Jin who was kneeling in front of him.

‘Your majesty, let me deal with the rebellion in Southern Jiang,’ Pei Jin said.

Pei Khan’s eyes stung, he didn’t want Pei Jin and Pei Jin’s family to leave the imperial city. He understood Pei Jin trusted him to rule on his own and that two tigers couldn’t stay on one mountain.

‘Yes,’ Pei Khan said reluctantly.

Later Pei Khan and the court officials farewell Pei Jin and Pei Jin’s family. Some court officials were sad to see Pei Jin leave and some were happy to get rid of the biggest threat to Pei Khan’s rule.

Inside the horse carriage Pei Xiao Niao woke up from his nap. He rubbed his eyes and he was happy to see his imperial uncle.

‘Imperial uncle, I waited a long time to see you,’ Pei Xiao Niao said. ‘Why aren’t you coming inside carriage?’

Pei Khan rubbed his precious nephew’s head. ‘I can’t go with you now. Xiao Niao, you go first. I’ll visit you soon.’

‘Why can’t we go together?’ Pei Xiao Niao asked.

‘Because I need to stay back to be the emperor,’ Pei Khan said.

‘Then why don’t imperial uncle not be the emperor anymore and come with me?’ Pei Xiao Niao asked.

The court officials’ faces paled.

‘That’s a good suggestion,’ Pei Khan said.

The court officials’ faces whitened.

‘But these uncles won’t agree,’ Pei Khan said.

Pei Xiao Niao looked hatefully at the court officials.

‘Imperial uncle, is it amusing being the emperor?’ Pei Xiao Niao asked.

‘Not amusing at all,’ Pei Khan said.

‘Imperial uncle, let’s share our sufferings and blessings,’ Pei Xiao Niao said sternly. ‘I’ll play in Southern Jiang for a while. Then I’ll come back to the imperial city to be the emperor and imperial uncle can go to Southern Jiang to play.’

Pei Khan’s eyes brightened. ‘Um, it’s a promise!’

The court officials wanted to vomit blood. They got rid of Pei Jin but they couldn’t stop Pei Jin’s son from returning and being the emperor.

Pei Xiao Niao waved his small hands until he couldn’t see his imperial uncle anymore and he couldn’t stop crying.

‘Mother, I can’t see imperial uncle anymore,’ Pei Xiao Niao said sadly.

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Pei Wen Rui knocked her older brother’s head. ‘First brother, don’t you know how to be embarrassed? You’re too old to cry.’


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