The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!

Xiangnuan An

Chapter 482 - Trust Her Taste

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Chapter 482: Trust Her Taste

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No one expected that instead of directing their questions elsewhere or throwing the question back, Shi Sui would just admit it so openly!”

Not only did the live stream cause a stir, the topic #Shi SuiConfessed quickly made it to the hot search list and various forums.

It would be no exaggeration to say that it a hot topic on the entire Internet!

Ling Ye was stunned for a moment, not expecting such an answer from Shi Sui.

He adjusted his mood and said with a smile, “After all, who wouldn’t want to be near someone as warm as sister?”

Shi Sui glanced at him indifferently.

For no apparent reason, Ling Ye felt a dangerous aura on the other side.

He had transmigrated through a few worlds and had met various powerful and authoritative figures but none of them could make him as scrupulous as the man in front of him.

‘This guy…’

‘What kind of existence is he?’

Ling Ye was suddenly unsure.

He tilted his head and asked with a harmless smile, “Mr. Shi, are you afraid that I will steal Sister Xiang Yi away?”

His features were exquisite and his hair was slightly curly. He was truly an angelic young man.

It was still debatable whether Satan lives in his heart or not.

Shi Sui said, “You can’t s.n.a.t.c.h her away.”

Ling Ye asked curiously, “Are you that confident?”

The mature and reserved man looked down and chuckled. “Because I believe in her taste. She will definitely choose the best one.”


Xiao Naofu, which was stealthily following behind the two, felt an urge to spit out the hairball as its face scrunched up.


It had never seen such a shameless person!

Ling Ye initially still though that Shi Sui was a gentleman who was modest and well-mannered but the system’s voice suddenly rang in his mind.

“According to my speculation, there is a 90% probability, he and Miss Xiang Yi are dating.”


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“…” KAM!

On the other hand, Shi Sui had caught numerous fishes as all the fishes kept taking the bait.

Tian Zhi also caught a lot.

Tian Zhi said,”I think it’s about time, let’s pack up and go back.”

Shi Sui a.s.sented and threw the small fishes that he had caught, back into the pond.

The release of small fishes was considered an old tradition of anglers. Tian Zhi asked, “Do you go fishing often? What is your highest record?”

While people would normally answer the number of fish caught or the rare species that they had caught, Shi Sui smiled and said, “Those who were willing, took the bait.”

‘I caught a mermaid, Xiang Yi.’


Tian Zhi had a lot of experience in life so he instantly understood Shi Sui’s words. He squinted and smiled without saying anything.

In the next second…

The cat’s meowing drew the attention of the crowd.

The soft and fluffy Xiao Naofu who had white-colored fur, stopped in front of Ling Ye and meowed ferociously, though it sounded gentle.

“Meow meow meow!!!”

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