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Chapter 508 - Tracing The Origins Of The Elves

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Chapter 508 - Tracing The Origins Of The Elves

Everyone knew that Horace was the best at finding the elves.

He was once an elf who believed in the Seven Great Elf Kings and had become an elf G.o.d that protected the elves. With his connections and status, he would definitely be able to find the whereabouts of the ancient book.

Vincent looked at the black fog that was once again seeping out from the ground. He controlled the Cup of Fate to collect the black fog and said to everyone, "There is no time to waste. Let's go find Horace and the whereabouts of the ancient book! The black fog will come again. If we don't leave now, who knows how much time we have left!"

Everyone nodded repeatedly. They did not have time to say anything else and quickly ran out of the city.

When they arrived at the abandoned camp outside the city, the entire Imperial City was once again shrouded in black fog. The black fog was as dense as the sky.

The black fog that blotted out the sky seemed to be challenging Vincent. It represented Ramirez, who was underground.

When Vincent saw the scene, his face was filled with worry. He said in a deep voice, "Don't bother about him first. Retreat!"

Everyone followed Vincent's orders and retreated from the vicinity of Imperial City, all the way back to Serene Spring City.

Melissa, who was previously in seclusion, was standing beside Horace in front of Serene Spring City's gates.

Melissa's hair and skin had turned pure white. She was like a pure white snow lotus, symbolizing the purest energy of light. She had become a true Light Elf.

Melissa ran forward excitedly and said to Vincent, "Master, I succeeded!"

Vincent nodded in satisfaction and asked with a smile, "That's great! What method did you use? You can actually change your faith in such a short period of time?"

Melissa took a deep breath and said softly, "It's an ancient book that Sophia found. It records that the original Elf Race cultivated ascetically to light and other elements in exchange for a chance to have faith. I've been cultivating in seclusion these days, without sleep or rest, without food or water. I've only been praying to the light. Finally, I won the favor of the light and became a Light Elf!"

After hearing this, Vincent knew that Melissa must have suffered a lot. He sighed and said, "Your efforts will always be rewarded. Now, you can choose to immediately accept the divine spark of light, or you can choose to wait until you reach level 40 before I help you fuse with the divine spark! This is because after fusing with the divine spark, it will help you increase by five levels. If you fuse with the divine spark now, you will still have to continue cultivating in the future until you reach level 45. However, no one knows how difficult it will be to increase your level after becoming a G.o.d!"

Melissa thought for a moment and immediately said, "I will wait until I reach level 40 before fusing with the divine spark. This will ensure that I have the qualifications to become a G.o.d!"

Vincent looked at the strong girl in front of him and sighed in relief, "Good, the G.o.d of Light position will always belong to you! With your current achievements and determination, it is unlikely for there to be any elves to be worthy of the position than you!"

Melissa smiled happily after hearing Vincent's approval and praise.

At that moment, Winnie, who was following behind Vincent, took the initiative to speak up. She said, "City Lord Melissa, you mentioned the ancient books just now. I wonder if the ancient books contain information about the G.o.d of the World?"

Vincent and the others could not help but perk up when they heard that. Everyone was focused on Melissa becoming a Light Elf that they had neglected the ancient books that Melissa had mentioned.

So long as it was a book that recorded the ancient secrets of the Elf Race, it was equivalent to the hope that everyone was looking for.

"I don't know… Only Sophia has seen it. But why are you looking for information about the G.o.d of the World?" asked Melissa in confusion.

Melissa and Horace looked at Vincent with confused expressions.

Vincent replied, "Let's sit down first. We'll eat whilst we talk!"

"Alright, I'll go and prepare some food now!"

Melissa nodded and rushed back into the city.

Horace led everyone to the City Lord's mansion.

When everyone arrived at the City Lord's mansion, a table of exquisite food was already prepared. Everyone sat down, however, they were not in a good mood for a banquet. They ate the food in a hurry whilst listening to Vincent explain to Horace and Melissa about what they had seen and heard in Imperial City.

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"That's how it is. It is very likely that Ramirez wants to fuse himself with the elf land. He wants to awaken the G.o.d of the World and replace the G.o.d of the World with his divine personality! The only solution is to find out if there are records regarding the G.o.d of the World contained in other ancient books. Only then can we find out how to defeat Ramirez and the Demon World array!"

Sophia recalled and said, "The ancient book recorded the story of the elves obtaining power step by step because they were afraid of nature. This was during the period when they did not have faith. When the elves started to have faith and learned to obtain power through faith, they wrote stories about the Seven Great Elf Kings and the G.o.d of the World!"

Sophia continued, "However, it was clearly recorded in the book that the legend of the G.o.d of the World was around ever since the elves learned how to communicate. It was said that when the last Origin Divine Tree withered, the elves would be doomed. The Elf World would also collapse, and the G.o.d of the World would wake up once everything was destroyed. As long as there is still one living Origin Divine Tree, this meant that the G.o.d of the World still loves the entire Elf Race. He will continue to protect the elves to continue their legacy!"

Everyone paid full attention to Sophia. However, they suddenly noticed that Sophia had stopped speaking. They could not help but urge her, "What happened after that?"

Sophia shook her head and said, "There's nothing more after that. There's only so much recorded in the book!"

Winnie and Benjamin, who were originally excited, were like deflated rubber b.a.l.l.s. They slumped in their seats, muttered, and sighed, "This news is the same as not saying anything. The ancient books that you saw should belong to the same series as the ancient books that are kept in Mosen City. However, they are not as comprehensive as the ones in Mosen City. They did not get to the main point at all!"

Sophia did not say anything. Instead, she bowed calmly and turned to Melissa. She said, "It seems that I have nothing else to do here. I'll leave first!"

Melissa nodded slightly, and Sophia turned around to leave.

Vincent looked at everyone's disappointed faces. He cleared his throat, smiled, and said, "Everyone, don't be discouraged. The information that Sophia provided is not completely useless. At the very least, it shows the connection between the Origin Divine Tree and the G.o.d of the World. If we can ensure that the Origin Divine Tree is still growing, then the G.o.d of the World will have a hard time being awakened by Ramirez! Moreover, if the ancient books kept by Serene Spring City and Mosen City belong to the same series, then they should be the first and second books of this series. If we can find the third or fourth book, wouldn't there be a higher chance of finding a way to stop Ramirez?"

Everyone could not help but nod in agreement. Vincent's a.n.a.lysis was indeed reasonable, making everyone feel hope once again!

Vincent finally looked at Horace, smiled, and said, "I originally thought that I could find a solution to the problem from Sophia, so I didn't plan to make things difficult for you! But now it seems that I still have to rely on you to find a solution!"

Horace looked at the people around him with an embarra.s.sed look. He could not help but sigh a little awkwardly.

Horace said to everyone with a helpless look, "Everyone, I do know the whereabouts of some ancient books. However, it is useless for me to bring it up as it will only add to everyone's troubles!"

When Winnie heard this, she immediately slammed the table and stood up. She said to Horace with a face full of antic.i.p.ation, "It doesn't matter. Tell us what you know first. If there are any problems, we will help you solve them together!"

Horace hesitated for a moment before saying, "Actually, everyone doesn't know this. Ever since the Demon Race ruled over the Elf Race, the elves who believed in the Seven Great Elf Kings hid in the Tias Mountain Range. They struggled to maintain their beliefs. However, in the later period of time, the elves in the Tias Mountain Range also had a disagreement. A portion of the elves wanted to work hard to cultivate and acc.u.mulate strength. They wanted to take back Elf World from the Demon Race. The other portion of the elves only wanted to be independent of the world, maintain the purest faith, and reproduce the Orthodox Elf Race in the isolated mountain range.. As a result, these two groups of elves no longer spoke to each other. Some were dying of old age but still refused to interact with each other!"

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