History's Strongest Senior Brother

August Eagle - Ba Yue Fei Ying - 八月飞鹰

Chapter 1644: Fighting Against the Buddhas

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Chapter 1644: Fighting Against the Buddhas

“It’s a great sin for the son to murder the father. You will be committing a sin if you help the process to happen!” said Mu Zha angrily.

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “It makes sense if you bring this up in the past. But, that logic is just a bunch of c.r.a.p after Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity’s first disaster, let alone his current calamity is due to Li Jing.”

Mu Zha took a deep breath, “I don’t beg you to let me go. I just hope you allow me to face this calamity with my father.”

“Don’t worry. You will have the opportunity after Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity draws first blood on Li Jing.” Yan Zhaoge smiled. Mu Zha was anxious when he heard it.

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva glanced around and sighed, “Li Jing is destined to have this tribulation in his life. We can’t resolve it for him.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Bodhisattva, don’t invert the karma simply to your liking. Li Jing brought the disaster to the Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity during the Great Calamity. He’s just repaying his debt now.”

“There are many twists and turns since the ancient eras to the present. How could we clarify the whole matter in one or two sentences?” Samantabhadra Bodhisattva shook his head.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “You could be right, but Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity doesn’t think so.”

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva sighed, but his expression quickly returned to normal.

With Taiyi Cultivated Deity and the others delaying him, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva stopped and ignored Li Jing.

“Your efforts are indispensable for the success of Three Clear Lineage now. But, it is hard to imagine that you’re a person cultivated by the sect where you came from.” His gaze fell on Yan Zhaoge at this time.

“Although thy sect is called Broad Creed Mountain, we all know that it is just the new name of the Essential Daoism Sect before Great Calamity. On the contrary, with your emergence, this new generation of the Essential Daoism Sect gradually lives up to its name and can live up to the legend,” said Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Yan Zhaoge pointed to the unstoppable Ne Zha, “Bodhisattva should worry about yourself first. Are you sure you don’t want to leave now? Look at those around you. When Tri-Buddhism Platforms Great Divinity is free, I don’t think you stand a chance to flee.”

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva put a thin line of white light on the finger. An Iridescent Cloud spanned several feet high gradually emerged out of the light. It was octagonal with golden lamps, necklaces, and beads on the corners.

This cloud hovered above his head, blocked Taiyi Cultivated Deity’s blow first, and went onslaught toward Taiyi Cultivated Deity.

At the same time, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva released a Tridharma Golden Lotus that overflowed wonderous Truth and confronted the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover, isolating the milky white flames.

After blocking Taiyi Cultivated Deity’s attack, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva lamented, “Namo Amitabha.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge and slowly shook his head, “You’re the anomaly.”

“The tide rises and ebbs. Fellow Daoist Samantabhadra, there’s no need to sigh.” Taiyi Cultivated Deity volleyed a finger. Time and s.p.a.ce seemed to become unpredictable between the launched light streams.

The octagonal Iridescent Cloud manifested by Samantabhadra Bodhisattva suddenly fell below the Taiyi Cultivated Deity’s head.

“Fellow brother, you’re right,” said Bodhisattva. The Buddha Golden Body suddenly emerged.

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva manifested his Golden Body dedicated to combat. It had a face like a rose-tinted sky with an enormous mouth and fangs, appearing vicious.

Immediately after, the red cloud stood atop the head with auspicious rays engulfing his body. The necklace and hanging beads could be seen all over the body. The lotus flower supported the Iridescent Cloud.

At the same time, the Golden Body manifested three heads and six arms, with each holding a sharp weapon. The most prominent weapon was the Demon Subduing Vajra in his hand.

At this moment, the wisdom and awakening condensed within. But, the fierce and violent Vajra devil slaying means were manifested. The huge Demon Subduing Vajra was fierce and indestructible. Yet, it seemed dexterous and untraceable at the same time.

Even Taiyi Cultivated Deity found it hard to fend it off.

He knew in his heart that his former fellow senior brother had converted to Buddhism, allowing him to possess the strength of both Daoism and Buddhism. His senior brother’s means displayed tremendous growth compared to the past.

Compared to his senior brother, his quality seemed much inferior.

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Moreover, he had been diverting his attention to suppress Ne Zha previously, which was draining. Now that he had just released the seal, he felt powerless to face Samantabhadra Bodhisattva again.

He lifted his right hand upwards as if summoning the origin of a world.

With the movement of his flipping palm, the world seemed to be overturned at this moment, just like the sky and the earth turned upside down.

Facing the sky full of Red Lotus Purification Inferno coming from Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha, Yan Zhaoge didn’t evade, raised his hand, and launched his palm head-on!

This palm was imbued with the intricate principles of Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, which encompa.s.sed Origin Heavenly Scripture, Heaven Opening Scripture, and Cyclic Heavenly Scripture.

Primordial Early Heaven Three Scriptures united, deducing the mystery within the primordial gulf, the mystery of the origin of the heavens and the earth, the infinite daos, and the supreme power!

The s.p.a.ce under Yan Zhaoge’s palm seemed to revert into a chaotic scene with no heat, beginning, and end. His mysterious power seemed to have dispersed all energy.

Chaos shattered. Earth, water, fire, and wind ran rampant. Then, they re-settled, revealing the dao of all things. Everything returned to its original appearance, abiding by its law and becoming unstoppable.

Jade Clear Primordial Early Heaven Three Scriptures became one as a whole, Chaos Origin Opening!

Red Lotus Purification Inferno wasn’t a real fire but a false fire directed at people’s hearts.

But at this moment, the chaos and origin contained in Yan Zhaoge’s palm blurred the definition of reality in the fire.

“Jade Clear Lineage’s understanding of Early Heaven Three Scriptures at Grand Heavenly Realm is nothing.” Red Inferno Dhvaja Potentate Buddha was surprised.

Wherever Yan Zhaoge’s palm reached, the area was painted red, with the rain becoming real. Although the rain struck his palm, it hardly hurt him. The fire overflowed and scattered to the side.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm continued to rise, approaching the treasured dhvaja itself.

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