Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

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Chapter 503 - It's Freaking Him Again!

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Chapter 503: It’s Freaking Him Again!

“I…” Li Beinian wanted to speak. She grabbed his hand, but at once, she was overwhelmed by anger. Her voice shook. “I…”

“Is Nian Nian injured?” Bo Chengcheng walked into the room with the first aid kit. When she saw Li Beinian’s sparsely covered naked body, she seemed a little embarrassed, and said, “I’ll leave the first aid kit here, then.”

Li Beinian leaned into Mu Xichen, as though trying to shield her own nakedness.

Only, this made Bo Chengcheng feel even more awkward and out of place.

She stood there, unable to hold back her curiosity. “What happened to Nian Nian?”

“Nothing,” Mu Xichen answered indifferently as he drew the blanket up to cover Li Beinian. “Bring me the first aid kit.”

Not protesting, Bo Chengcheng picked up the first aid kit and walked over to them. She glanced at Li Beinian’s neck.

Before she could make anything out of it, Mu Xichen had covered it.

Taking the first aid kit from her, he said flatly, “You may go now.”

Bo Chengcheng laughed. “Throwing me away now that you have no more use for me?”

As she spoke, she looked at the girl buried in Mu Xichen’s embrace and said with helplessness, “Nian Nian, I’ve been alive a few more years than you. You can talk to me.”

There was truth in it.

She was a few years older and, admittedly, had a lot more experience.

Bo Chengcheng had indeed earned her stripes as a deserving senior in many matters.

Li Beinian sobbed and looked up at her.

Only then did Bo Chengcheng realize how red and swollen the girl’s eyes were.

God knew for how long she had been shut up in the bathroom crying by herself!

“It’s okay.” Mu Xichen’s expression was cold. “When she gets better, she’ll tell you if she wants to. But for now, just leave.”

Mu Xichen had a bad temper. Bo Chengcheng knew this.

Seeing that he wanted her to leave, she shrugged and said, “Alright. I’ll leave now.”

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“Sister Bo…” Li Beinian finally called out. At the same time, she appeared more restrained.

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