Hello, Mr. Major General

Han Wuji, 寒武记

Chapter 864 - You Are Biased Against Me

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Chapter 864: You Are Biased Against Me

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Gu Nianzhi’s thoughts drifted for a while, but it wasn’t for long.

 It wasn’t her time to pursue her background right now; it was the time for Gu Yanran to perform. She could not allow herself to snatch her spotlight away.

 Gu Nianzhi collected her thoughts and listened quietly to Ye Xuan while he finished his sentence before nodding and saying, “Thank you very much.”

 Immediately after that, she concluded with the words that Ye Xuan had just said: “…Mr. Ye Xuan had just said that the person who had chatted anonymously with him was actually another person, but Gu Yanran had pretended to be that person after that. Am I correct?”

 Ye Xuan replied, “…Yes.”

 Why did it sound so weird?

 Ye Xuan added, “…The person who had chatted anonymously with me that time was Miss Gu Nianzhi. I know that you had lost your memories after the accident and had no recollections of what had happened in the past. However, at that time, it was indeed you.”

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 Gu Nianzhi squinted, her bright eyes showing that she was deep in thought. She turned around, stood in front of Gu Yanran, and lowered her voice, saying, “Defendant Gu Yanran, why did you pretend to be me and chat with Ye Xuan? Why did you lie and pretend that you were the person who saw Ye Xuan immediately when you were at the orphanage?!”

 Gu Yanran felt a shiver running down her spine when she heard that question from Gu Nianzhi.

 She had thought that she would be able to stop Ye Xuan from testifying in court, but she did not expect that she would fail in doing so.

 How could she handle the things that Ye Xuan had divulged?

 Gu Yanran looked at the screen with eyes full of hatred and remained silent, looking solemn.

 Gu Nianzhi turned to look at Jin Wanyi, who was looking triumphant as she sat beside Gu Yanran, then said, “Lawyer Jin, your client isn’t talking. Shouldn’t you be talking now?”

 Jin Wanyi looked at Gu Yanran and whispered to her, “…Yanran, are you going to answer, or should I answer on your behalf? I don’t know anything about your childhood…”

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 “Must I answer?” Gu Yanran’s brows furrowed. “What has this got to do with the inheritance lawsuit?”

 “It has all the relevance there can be.” Jin Wanyi could not even stop the things that were happening anymore. “Gu Nianzhi is trying to prove that you have all the intentions to lie. Therefore…”

 “Lie?!” Gu Yanran clenched her fists instinctively and her arms jerked. “I did not lie! Why on earth should I lie?!”

 Right at that moment, she remembered Gu Xiangwen, who was still unconscious in the hospital in the headquarters of the special forces. She calmed down.

 She looked up at Gu Nianzhi and said coldly, “Gu Nianzhi, have you chatted with Ye Xuan anonymously before? Show your evidence. As for me, I have all the evidence that I was the one who had chatted with him anonymously. On top of that, I was indeed seven when I saw Ye Xuan in the orphanage for the first time.”

 She allowed her memories to drift back to more than a decade ago when the waves crashed on the shore of Barbados.

 Trees had fallen all over the place because of the strong typhoon. There were also houses that had been destroyed by the flood. Roads were damaged, and street lamps were also broken. They fell across the roads and blocked the way.

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 The plane she was on was the first one that was allowed to land after the typhoon.

 Mother held onto her tiny hands and descended from the tall steps from the plane. Looking over at the destroyed surroundings, she mumbled, “Yanran, Mother is going to bring you to see someone.”

 She was seven years old that year.


 Gu Yanran closed her eyes and took a deep breath to suppress all her overwhelming emotions before opening her eyes again and looking at Ye Xuan, who was on the screen. She then said coldly, “Ye Xuan, when I first met you, I was indeed seven years old. You were only four years old then. You definitely do not remember that anymore, but I remember that it was raining cats and dogs that day, with strong winds. The winds were so strong that many roofs were being blown off from the houses. I saw you first amongst all the other orphans. However, you did not respond to anyone at that time, and sat at a corner of the wall, hugging onto a teddy bear.

 Ye Xuan was taken aback.

 “…Do you still remember that when you were four years old, there was a Sister Ranran whom you played pretend with?” Gu Yanran’s voice turned gentle. “Our fate traces back further than where you remember we started…”

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 “Sister Ranran?!” Ye Xuan forgot about all his mannerisms and stood up abruptly. He almost ran to the front of the camera and breathed heavily. He sounded anxious as he asked, “You are really Sister Ranran?! How did you know about Sister Ranran?! Why didn’t you ever mention that you were Sister Ranran?!”

 The Sister Ranran who was small in size was Gu Yanran?!

 She really did not look like she was seven years old at that time!

 Gu Yanran smiled sadly. “I thought you had already known…”

 Ye Xuan was losing himself due to shock.

 What on earth had he done?!

 Who exactly was the one he should be eternally grateful for and protect all his life?!

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 Ye Xuan’s eyes traveled from Gu Nianzhi to Gu Yanran, then back to Gu Nianzhi again. They darted to and fro, showing that he was extremely confused. It felt like his brain was buzzing with swarms of bees, and it made him frustrated. He couldn’t think straight.


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