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Chapter 1449 - Secrets Buried by Time (7)

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Chapter 1449: Secrets Buried by Time (7)

Huo Shaoheng looked out of the car window at the highland scenery of the Andes mountains. He thought to himself, it seemed that they had to add an environmental adaptation test to the selection process for field personnel.

The highland reaction was something that could only be known at the Highland.

A healthy and strong man was sometimes more prone to highland reaction than a skinny woman.

However, he didn’t say anything and followed little Cui into Uyuni town in silence.

This place was very rich in natural resources. In addition to the largest natural salt marsh in the world, there were also rich lithium mines under the salt mines.

It was said that the lithium mines here accounted for more than half of the world’s lithium mines.

Little Cui introduced them with familiarity, “Although this is a small country, it pays great attention to protecting its natural resources. You know about lithium mines, right? Lithium mines were the main component of cell phone batteries. In recent years, lithium mines had suddenly become a hot commodity, but the president here did not want to be exploited prematurely. But how could they beat the demands of the royal kingdoms in the Middle East and the big countries in Europe and the United States? It was the he family that came out of nowhere and supported the local government behind the scenes. That was why they were able to carry out small-scale lithium mining development according to their own timetable.”

“Therefore, the main industries here are still tourism and salt.”

Huo Shaoheng was slightly moved. The He family had some foresight after all..

The group of people sat in an SUV and stopped in front of a pure white hotel.

This was the most famous white sand hotel in Uyuni town. It was built entirely from the white salt in the Uyuni salt marshes outside the town.

Little Cui had booked a room for them here before they came.

They went in to chat with the tanned highland girl at the front desk. Little Cui took the key card and led them upstairs to their rooms.

After settling in, the four of them disguised themselves as tourists. They carried backpacks, wore dark sunglasses, and khaki fisherman hats as they walked out of the white sand hotel.

It was their first time here, so of course, they had to pretend to be tourists and visit everywhere.

Huo Shaoheng and the others had been paying attention to the town for a long time, but only found out two years ago that this was also he zhichu’s hometown.

The residents of the town were simple, warm, and very talkative. They still remembered the he family’s situation and had good reviews.

They spoke a local language, but they also spoke Spanish.

Little Cui had been stationed in South America for many years and spoke fluent Spanish, so he acted as their interpreter.

Huo Shaoheng could actually speak Spanish too, but at this time, he only pretended not to understand, like a standard tourist from Asia.


An Indian girl with long braids was selling salted fish made by her own family in front of her house. Her big eyes sparkled, and she said with a smile, “You can ask the he family? They’re very lucky!”


“Yes! The He family used to live in the east end of the town. There were only a few families. They were not in good health and often got sick. According to my grandmother, they moved here from other places.”

The old grandmother wearing a flowery headscarf sold the animals she made to them while saying, “The he family? I know them, but they have passed away.”As she said that, she pouted in a certain direction.

“They’ve all passed away?”Little Cui asked in surprise. “No Way…”

“Oh, not all of them have passed away.”The old grandmother replied nonchalantly, “There was one family. I think there was one with the surname He. They moved away 13 years ago. Later, the son of that family heard that he had made a fortune outside and sent people back to renovate their family’s cemetery.”

Huo Shaoheng and the others looked at each other and asked about the exact time. The old grandmother could not remember clearly.

They could only continue to wander around the town and ask questions.

In order not to attract the attention of others, they didn’t ask about the he family every day.

Instead, they followed other tourists around. When they ran into a local, they asked again.

After a few days, they quietly visited the entire town. They chatted with the superintendent/chief (when addressing him) and the mayor. After eating, they gathered a lot of information about the he family.

It was similar to the information they had gathered in the past.

At night, the four of them gathered in Huo Shaoheng and Yin Shixiong’s room, to sum up the gains they had made over the past few days.

“According to the information from the police station here, the He family came to live here from abroad several decades ago. There aren’t many of them, only three.”Zhao liangze started with the information he had found from the police station’s computer, “But they all use Spanish names here. Other than the surname, you can tell it’s the He family name. It’s very difficult to match all the names.”

Yin shixiong also said, “What we can be sure of is that the he family who moved here has a very average financial situation. They aren’t rich. The He family’s men all have inherited diseases. Most of them died before they reached the age of thirty. “The last he family left here thirteen years ago. It was said that they went to Colombia.”

Xiao cui added, “I think the family that moved away is he zhichu and his father. According to the memories of the neighbors here, Mr. he said that he wanted to treat his son’s illness, but he didn’t expect that he would die at such a young age like the other he family members.”

“After the family left, they never came back. “It wasn’t until seven years ago that a motorcade suddenly arrived and built a luxurious cemetery for the He family here. They also built an ancestral hall and hired local people to offer sacrifices on time every year. “Only then did the people here know that the he family that moved away 13 years ago became rich.”

Little Cui looked at Huo Shaoheng after he finished speaking. “Huo Shao, professor he and the others left here 13 years ago. They returned home with great wealth seven years ago, so it took them six years to become South America’s Underground Godfathers.”

Huo Shaoheng furrowed his brows and rested his chin on his hand. He said lightly, “The family that left here 13 years ago was said to be three people. Mr. He, Mr. He’s son, and a nanny brought him up when he was young.”

He looked out the window. “Where is He Zhichu’s father? And where is this nanny of his?”

Yin Shixiong was puzzled. “Are you so sure that the he family that moved away from here is professor he’s Family?”

“Other than their family, who else’s family is there?”Zhao Liangze asked, “All the other he family members died of illness. Only the family that moved away survived, and they even came back to build the cemetery. This is true. Everyone in town says that the underground godfather of all South America is from Uyuni town.”

Yin Shixiong and Zhao liangze argued with each other, but neither could convince the other.

Huo Shaoheng knocked on their heads and said, “Stop arguing. The investigation is almost done. Let’s go to the cemetery tomorrow.”

Early the next morning, Little Cui brought them to the cemetery in Uyuni.

In the middle of the cemetery, there was a white salt path that divided the entire cemetery into two.

On the left side of the path was the best spot. Behind the mountains, there was a lake. Seven or eight snow-white tombstones stood quietly under the blue sky, at the top of the mountains.

The wind from the plateau blew from afar, carrying the sound of the wind, like the whimpering of the dead.

The tombstones on the right side were more and denser, but their sizes were uneven and they were crooked. They could not be compared to the seven or eight tombstones on the left side of the cemetery.

An old woman wearing a gorgeous plateau dress and a headscarf stood in front of a tombstone, covering her face and crying.

Little Cui pointed at the cemetery on the left side and said in a low voice,”… This is the cemetery of the He family. Seven years ago, professor he’s family sent people back to their hometown to pay respects to their ancestors, and they renovated the cemetery here.”

“No wonder the cemetery here is so new,”Yin Shixiong said in a low voice, putting his palms together and bowing in front of the cemetery.

The tombstone in front of the old woman was updated as if it had just been erected here.

Because the people here did not understand Chinese, when Huo Shaoheng and the others spoke in Chinese, they did not lower their voices.

The old man who was covering his face and crying in front of the tombstone heard them. He paused and turned to look at them.

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Huo Shaoheng’s heart skipped a beat.

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