Heaven’s Devourer

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Chapter 1651: Avenge the Destruction

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Chapter 1651: Avenge the Destruction

Finally, he could again see the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha...... A heroic figure, standing against the tides, and defending himself as best he could. Still, he was gradually losing.

There were too many opponents. It was hundreds against one!

The other three shadowy figures were starting to become clear as well. They too were taking on hundreds of opponents. No matter how incredible their Mystiques were, there was no chance against such odds.

One was a pig demon, exuding a fearsome aura. He wielded a nine-toothed harrow. It was the treasure of Full Moon of Nanshan - the Supreme Gold Harrow!

The wild boar demon did not have the Great Sage’s golden eyes, but he killed with equal ferocity, and perhaps even a little more. A swing of his Supreme Gold Harrow rent the very air itself. His opponents screamed as they were sucked into the voids that the slashes created. They were dead without doubt. Perhaps not even their corpses would be left behind.

"Marshal Tian Peng."

Full Moon of Nanshan stammered, watching the wild boar demon as a rush of fire flooded to his eyes.

He had been joking about who had been more handsome. But now face to face with his benefactor, Full Moon of Nanshan was completely gripped by his savage battle technique.

The wild boar demon had the same bloodline as he did, although he was now an elite immortal emperor. He twirled the Supreme Gold Harrow with preternatural skill, plowing the entire space between heaven and earth with a savage bloodlust.

"And the Curtain Lifting General."

Ye Xixi’s eyes were stars as she watched another figure.

This was a ghostly immortal emperor, black mist swirling around him. His foreboding aura was all too prominent, and his powerful frame rose and fell within their murky depths!

Within the gloom, two dark eyes shone with black light. He tore into his opponents, parts of their bodies flying out from behind him.

In his hands was the Demon Subduing True Scepter, that Ye Xixi had obtained. With each swing he called forth black sand, that grew into a majestic and meandering river. It continued to flow faster and faster around him, sweeping up his enemies until they perished within.

Besides them was another huge figure, a snow-white mystical dragon.

The white mystical dragon even resembled Luo Pin a little. It vanished and reappeared out of the void, thundering forth with its Eight Division Pagodas Mystique!

Eight Division Pagodas bracing it, the dragon charged its attackers, trampling them to bits.

The white mystical dragon seemed to be the most elegant of them all, and yet its killing power matched that of its comrades. Its dragon eyes were also filled with a cold murderous fury, that grew with each opponent it faced.

"What is happening?"

Luo Pin was entranced by the white mystical dragon for a long time. By the time she regained her senses, she realized that the four were losing the fight.

Each fo these four looked nigh invincible individually. They were without question among the strongest beings ever to exist.

Even so, they were losing this battle. The space that they had been hemmed into offered no escape. More and more bodies piled onto them, swamping them with fatal numbers.

Each of these fighters were at least immortal emperors. And every move of theirs was enough to kill Wu Yu hundreds of times over!

Even so, the four were unable to stand the tidal wave of attackers.

As they continued to fall, the stele’s visions continued to grow clearer.

The shadowy attackers soon became clear as well. Wu Yu was paralyzed with shock. Them?

On the field, millions of immortals from the sky palaces, countless ghostly immortals from the hells - all of them were attacking those four!

Before, in Eternal Emperor Tomb, he had seen heaven and hell join forces to destroy the demons.

Wu Yu had not expected to see the same group of people now fighting the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal and his comrades. Without question, the Great Sage and the others were among the strongest ever to walk the sky palaces. And yet these indomitable figures were being crushed by sheer numbers. The entire world was against them. The might of heaven and hell together - only then could these four be stopped.

This was the same force that had crushed the entire Demon Immortal Realm.

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How could the four of them stand a chance?

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