Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Leaf Snow, Ye Xue, 葉雪

Chapter 79 - Don’t Say That in Front of Luosang; That Man is Her Father After All

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Chapter 79: Don’t Say That in Front of Luosang; That Man is Her Father After All

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They walked into a private room which had an area of over a hundred square feet. The guests could have meals, play cards, sing karaoke or taste wines in this room. In the room, four people were sitting around a round table; two men and two women. The two men were apparently frequenters of places like this. One of them was potbellied, while the other one was skinny, with an unhealthily dark skin-color which was probably caused by long-term overdrinking. As for the two women, they were clearly here to keep the two men company.

“Eh, why didn’t Mr. Yi come? He’s in Xia City, isn’t he?” The pot bellied-man asked, whiling holding one of the two women in his arms.

“Mr. Yi is busy. He received a call earlier, and headed back to An City. So I’m here alone.” Zhong Yi handed her bag to Luosang while speaking.

Luosang speechlessly took her coat and bag, then pulled the chair out for her. After that, Zhong Yi sat down slowly and elegantly.

Luosang’s series of movements caught the eyes of everyone else in the room. She wasn’t as gorgeously dressed as Zhong Yi, but still, she looked like a beautiful, quietly blooming epiphyllum while standing there quietly.

“Is she a new actor from Xu Pictures?” The skinny man narrowed his eyes, smiled, and said while rubbing his chin, “She’s pretty. Mr. Yi is flattering us by sending her here. Compared with her, the two ladies by our sides are just too average.”

Luosang felt disgusting. Judging by what the skinny man said, Yi Jingxi often sent new actors to escort these people, so he could build rapport with them. No wonder Xu Pictures had been developing so quickly under his management in the last two years.

Her father would never let such things happen.

Yi Jingxi used to be kind and righteous when he was with Luosang, but now, he would do anything to get what he wanted. Luosang couldn’t tell if he had suddenly become like this, or if he had always been such a man.

She was so bad at seeing through people before. For that reason, she brought her father into trouble.

“Stop joking.” Zhong Yi covered her mouth with her hand while chuckling and said, “She’s my assistant, and is also my friend. She’s Xu Luosang from the Xu Group, and you should all know her. Since her father went to prison, she hasn’t been able to find a job, so I hired her to help me.”



Luosang was shocked by how shameless Zhong Yi was.

The sensitive Luosang soon found that the pot bellied man’s look became more meaningful after he heard Zhong Yi’s words.

“Ah, so she’s Xu Zhengxuan’s daughter,” he said.

“Mr. Lin, do you know Principal Xu?” Zhong Yi asked, pretending to be surprised.

“Principal, my ass. He was just fishing for fame and credit. If that man could be a real principal, I’d become a governor,” Mr. Lin laughed scornfully. “When Xu Zhengxuan was still the chairman of Xu Picture, I spent tens of millions to invest in one of his movies, so I could sleep with one of his actresses. But he refused, and gave me my money back. After that, he told the public that he despised people like me. I was wondering how virtuous he was, but it turned out that he’s nothing more than this.”

Every single word he said was like a hammer, hitting heavily on Luosang’s heart.

She really wanted to stand up and pour a glass of water on his face, but she couldn’t do that. She had no choice but to stay silent.

She could be slow-minded sometimes, but she had a feeling that this dinner party wasn’t so simple.

“Mr. Lin, don’t say that in front of Luosang. That man’s her father after all,” said Zhong Yi.

“Zhong Yi, you’re really nice,” Mr. Lin laughed. “If Xu Luosang really treated you as her friend, her powerful dad should have made you a star long ago. But instead, you had to wait for Yi Jingxi to do that for you.”

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“Don’t you try to sow discord between us,” said Zhong Yi with a soft voice.

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