Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Leaf Snow, Ye Xue, 葉雪

Chapter 1589 - The Wedding was Approaching

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Chapter 1589: The Wedding was Approaching

“You mean the disfigurement of An Ning?” Mo Liuxi raised his head and pinched Yan Yan’s little face in her arms.

Yan Yan didn’t understand, so she stuck her head out and peeked into the pot.

“You know that it has gone viral? ”

“Yes.” Mo Liuxi nodded. “When I found out, it had gone viral, and it was pointless to stop it. But now, Xiao Si and the others have already informed the industry and asked them to find a few reporters to guide the direction of the public sentiment. ”

Yan Su only heaved a sigh of relief when she heard what he said. “No matter what, we don’t wish for An Lan’s good reputation as a lawyer to be destroyed in an instant. We all know in our hearts whether she is a good lawyer or not.”

Mo Liuxi nodded and patted her head. “Don’t let your imagination run wild. If you have so much time, you might as well think about the renovation of our house. ”

“Whatever I want to think about, you will be there anyway.” Yan Su smiled sweetly.

Mo Liuxi looked at her and sighed. He shook his head. “Who said that dating an elder girl means that you can be taken care of? You are an exception.”

Yan Su stuck out her tongue. She was slightly looking forward to the wedding in December.

In winter, Yan Su’s last concert tour ended in Dalian.

After a whole year of traveling, she had drawn a perfect conclusion for herself at the end of the year. For the next two years, she would focus on producing new albums and brand-new music. Now, she had completely established a foothold in the music industry.

That night, she took a plane to Macau to participate in this year’s Golden Song Award Ceremony. Xiang Wan had already received the news that she would be the female singer of the Year award.

When she arrived at Macau Airport, she sent a video to Mo Liuxi. “What are you doing?”

“Red Packet.” Mo Liuxi used his phone to record the surroundings. He was at Mo Jin’s villa. Beside him, Yan Yan and Xiao Pingguo were playfully grabbing the red packet.

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“Don’t talk nonsense. Be careful not to lose the red packet. I won’t be able to get married.” Mo Liuxi quickly pulled the two little rascals back to his side.

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