Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Leaf Snow, Ye Xue, 葉雪

Chapter 1523 - Return Alive

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Chapter 1523: Return Alive

Back during the drills in the Police Academy, Nian Xi had trouble when she was locked up in an airtight carriage for only four hours. As a result, she could hardly imagine how Jiang Yuning had managed to make it through those ten days.

Probably because the memory of that period was too painful, Jiang Yuning’s hands trembled as he held onto Nian Xi’s. “I passed out from hunger every single time. Whenever I woke up, I could only see the pitch-black surroundings, and I felt like I would rather die. But when I mulled over it seriously, I realized that I couldn’t bear to die. On the seventh day, many of the rescue teams left, and they only found me on the tenth day. I could only hear the numerous sounds around me at that time, as the light had stung my eyes and I could barely open them. When I woke up, my father was beside me. He said that he had only regained consciousness two days ago, and the moment he woke up, he immediately asked the rescue team to look for me again. My mother only knew that something had happened to me on the 20th day,” Jiang Yuning recounted.

Nian Xi’s lips quivered in anger as she said, “Your parents are too much…”

They should never have neglected their son even if it was for the sake of work. This was especially so for Jiang Yuning’s mother, who had been uncontactable for so many days.

“I don’t blame them. They’ve been immersed in their research ever since I was a child,” Jiang Yuning said softly. “When I was a child, I also yearned for their company, and I acted like a spoiled kid in front of them. Later on, I gradually grew up and realized that they also had their sense of purpose in life. But I was afraid. At that time, I wondered why nobody could remember me. I thought that perhaps a person like me was destined to be forgotten by others. I didn’t want to talk or interact with others. I didn’t want to…”

“Say no more,” Nian Xi interrupted him. She could not bear to listen anymore, and she pulled him towards her before hugging and burying her face in his waist.

At that moment, she wished that she could have known him earlier so that she could bring more warmth into his life.

“See, Xixi? I could even make it through ten days and ten nights, so I’m not that weak,” Jiang Yuning continued as he looked down at her and bent over to caress the back of her head. “Although I had no responsibilities to bear back then when I was buried underground, I couldn’t bear to die. Now that I have to be responsible for you, I can’t bear to bring you with me.”

“I get it,” Nian Xi replied as she shut her eyes heavily and nodded her head. “Go ahead then, but I have one condition. You have to return alive.”

It was alright even if he returned as a disabled person. She was willing to take care of him for the rest of his life.

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