Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Leaf Snow, Ye Xue, 葉雪

Chapter 108 - Mr. Nian, There’s A Generation Gap Between Us

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Chapter 108: Mr. Nian, There’s A Generation Gap Between Us

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“Alright, Luo, stop talking, we all know what you want. After all, Mr. Nian is so handsome and rich. I want to pretend to fall into his arms too,” Tang Ning dragged her sleeve and said to her with a low voice that only the two of them could hear.

Luosang even wanted to vomit blood. She was tripped by someone but couldn’t take revenge, and ended up being seen as a lustful girl.

That was awful.

She turned to Yan Su, saw the latter nodding at her.

She sighed with relief, as at least one person knew about her real situation.

“You should leave when the movie ended,” Nian Junting said abruptly in a bossy manner, “Since you like me, you should keep a distance from other men. You’re not allowed to talk so happily with other men either.”

Luosang even felt like sitting in a fire. “Mr. Nian, I think we should make it clear. I don’t like you,” she said.

Nian Junting smiled and responded with, “You don’t like me? Then who told me that she worried she might lose herself in her love to me? And, didn’t you tell me that you couldn’t work in my company as a translator, because you love me so much that you couldn’t even stand to live in the same city with me? I remember everything you said and when and where.”

Luosang rubbed her forehead again, regretting saying those words only to make him feel better. By now, she guessed that she couldn’t possibly find an explanation for what she had told him.


“Mr. Nian,” she said, “That was long ago. You see, we haven’t seen each other for over eight month. My feelings to you are gone.”

She paused, then added something strong, “I was inexperienced before. Now I’m in college, and I found that my school is full of young and handsome boys. They’re all at my age, not like you. Mr. Nian, you’re six or seven years older than me, so there’s a generation gap between you and me. You see, I can talk with them about the most popular films, stars, study, our friends, and our favorite books and food, but what can you and I possibly talk about? Stocks? Politics? Investments? I know nothing about all those.”

Hearing her, Nian Junting suddenly felt that one breath had been stuck in his chest, couldn’t come out or go down. “You’re saying that I’m too old, aren’t you?”

He believed that she was revenging on him. He couldn’t think of another reason apart from that. He felt that she was such a narrow-minded woman.

“I can see that you’re trying to find excuses,” he quickly calmed back down and continued, “After knowing a man like me, you’ll find that school boys are all childish and hotheaded; you’ll also find them not generous enough, career-less, and that they can’t give you enough sense of security. As for your common topics, those need to be based on financial abilities. Otherwise, no matter how much you talk, your words would all be meaningless. Oh well, forget it. I’m done talking to you. You said all that because you’re angry at me for not letting you attend the party, right? I get it. You can go to the party. After all, you’re an art student, and you need to know some directors.”

As he suddenly made a long speech, Luosang was stunned a little, didn’t know which part of his words to argue against.

“Then…” she wanted to say something.

“Alright, stop talking, the movie is beginning,” while speaking, he grabbed some popcorns from her hands. After tasting the popcorns, he knitted his brows and took the bucket of popcorns away from her hands, then threw it into the trash bin and said, “It’s soft, tastes awful. Stop eating it. It’s bad for health. Eat the pudding.”

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Luosang didn’t know how to respond.

‘I didn’t ask you to eat my popcorns. I’m really having enough of this,’ she thought, ‘Bad for health? Why don’t you say that it’ll cause incurable diseases?’

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