Great Doctor Ling Ran

Village Of Ambitious Birds, 志鸟村

Chapter 528 - Not Satisfied Yet

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Chapter 528: Not Satisfied Yet

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A surgery that took more than three hours was completed by Wang Haiyang in one go, and he felt as if he was not satisfied fully just yet.

He raised his head, looked at his watch, and he could not help but feel shocked. For him, who was going to retire, this sort of performance was extremely rare. It was just like asking him to sleep with his wife without taking any drugs at his age, which was just as rare. He needed the right time, right place, and right people before he could do this.

Wang Haiyang was so satisfied that he almost wanted to shout out loud.

“Chief Physician Wang, do you want to sit and rest for a while?” Guan Fei had just left the operating theater for a while before she immediately recovered from being scolded. At this time, she took the opportunity to enter, and she was ready to repair her image before Chief Physician Wang.

In the hospital, every chief physician was a treasure of authority that needed to be protected. This was especially so for the interns. If they could obtain the full support from any department director or even a chief physician, it was something very rare and valuable.

Guan Fei had reapplied light makeup and put on thin scrubs, which allowed her to now be a seven-point girl. She smiled so sweetly that she made a few young doctors dazed.

However, Chief Physician Wang Haiyang was not very happy. When he looked at her again, he realized that it was just Guan Fei again. Then, he could not help but frown and said, “I was sitting just now, and I have sat for three hours, so why should I sit again?!”

When Guan Fei saw this, she instantly guessed that she might have rubbed him the wrong way again.

Su Jiafu, who was by the side, did not feel happy, too. He stood up and said, “Doctor Guan, do you want me to give a seat for you to rest?”

“No need, no need…” Guan Fei suddenly felt guilty.

Su Jiafu snorted and sat back, while his temper gradually became shorter.

The target of today’s surgery was a child, and there were many doctors who came to the operating theater. Regardless of whether they understood it or not, they would still give their comments when they looked at the monitor. Su Jiafu felt that he was going to suffer through a breakdown. At this time, when he heard there was someone who wanted to grab his stool, he was totally pissed off.

Guan Fei actually felt mad too. Ever since her breasts started to develop, it was very rare for her to be treated rudely like this when she talked to a man.

This was especially so after she went to university and knew how to put on makeup. If she wanted to, she could always have supporters and people who will provide her free labor. If she decided to praise somebody, he or she would usually reply with smiles.

Before this, the impression that Wang Haiyang gave to Guan Fei was a leader who always smiling. He was not very cordial and amiable, but he still showed her some degree of respect.

However, Chief Physician Wang Haiyang seemed intent to disgrace Guan Fei today.

There were many young and beautiful nurses who joined or left the hospital nonstop. Chief Physician Wang Haiyang usually liked to watch beautiful and young nurses helping in the operating theater because it would make him happy. He particularly liked the new young nurses as he could tell them the old jokes he told in the past and make them laugh happily, unlike those old nurses. He needed to be more creative in order to make them laugh. That was too tiring and totally not worthy!

However, as compared to the pretty young lady, today’s surgery made Chief Physician Wang Haiyang even happier. “It was more than three hours. I have to say, this speed is pretty good, right?”

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“It’s totally awesome.” The doctor beside him who had switched to his department kept buttering him up.

“The normal speed should be more than four hours, right?”

“Forget four or five hours, other doctors will feel very happy if they can even complete this surgery.”

The other doctors were slightly slower to the party. Therefore, they could only first understand the structure of time for the surgery and the surgery itself before they thought of ways to praise Wang Haiyang.

Wang Haiyang’s laughter was continuously heard.

When Guan Fei heard his laughter, she could not help but think, ‘What would be the fun part of the surgery when he treated a woman with rude words while he was operating?’


Wang Haiyang continued performing the surgery until the end. He even did the suture on his own before he let everyone leave.

He could tell that some doctors were not willing to have themselves be held back like this, but who would care about that? Wang Haiyang had been a doctor for decades. He knew that in a few hours, the story of ectopic implantation on a ten-year-old child would soon circulate in the hospital. Those doctors who had been held back would still add more information to this story.

Otherwise, these doctors will lose even more time on top of the time they lost.

Ling Ran and Chief Physician Wang Haiyang interacted for a while before he pondered about this on the way back to the waiting room.

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It would take a lot of time to develop a skill from the beginning, particularly a skill like ectopic transplantation, in which the patients were few, the demand was even lesser, thus, chances where he would get hands-on experience would also be lesser. In order to master this skill, he could not behave as he had with cholecystectomy, where he searched for chances to perform surgery. Instead, he had to focus on comprehension and read up on evidence-based researches from the past. The rare surgery chances would be more suitable to verify those theories.


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